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[Copywriter] Get 'HOT' Copy That Brings You A Flood Of New Leads, Sales & Customers...
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FACT: Without a professional copywriter, it is 97% likely your online business is currently losing money… even if you’re making a profit! Here’s..

How You Can Boost Your Business Revenues, Significantly Increase Your Bottomline, And Cause Your Customers To Consistently Buy From You Like Clockwork !!!

Let Me Do Your Next Campaign Of Ads, Sales Letters, Or Email Series Sets That Will Grab Your Readers By the "Eyeballs", Double Your Conversions, Increase Your Client Base And Add To Your Bottom Line, Whilst Ethically Almost Ripping The Money Out Of Your Prospects' Wallets And Into Your Bank Account!

Dear Savvy Business Owner

Look, I’m going to put it to you straight…

If your ads, sales letters, or web marketing pieces are not producing the results you’re REALLY after, then your web business or business process simply isn’t profitable enough.

I don’t care how great looking your product is, how “nicely” done your art work designs are, what type of list you’re planning to use, or how unique any other aspect of your marketing might be.

The crux of the matter is this:

If you’re not doing a stellar job in motivating your prospects to take immediate action…

If you bore them even for a second... leave them confused… or are not closing them strong enough to grab their attention into your desired direction of action…

You’re Leaving Loads Of Money On The
Table That Should’ve Been In Your Pocket!

Let me ask you an important question.

Are you making the BIG common mistake of spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your website and product development, but then want to write the product sales letter yourself?
Or it could be that you know your business better than anyone else out there (which could actually be true) and you think you can write your own sales letter better than anyone else.

But just because you know your products and services better than everyone in your sphere, it doesn’t mean that you know how to sell your products & services better than anyone.

Think about it.

If you own a BMW M6 turbo german car and you have been driving it for many years, chances are you know it really well.

You could know how to drive and use it better than your resident car dealer mechanic.
But you’d be foolish to think you know how to repair your car better than your mechanic.
And more so, (and this is a PARADOX) we tend to be too close to our businesses, to the point that we can’t see the ‘tree from the forest’.

All it takes is someone who can see from the outside in and effectively diagnose your business to powerfully ‘suck-in’ more bang for your buck.

I’m talking about a carefully choreographed sales message for your products and services that doesn’t only draw more readers in by the ‘eye-balls’, but also evokes strong emotions within your reader to buy from you.

You see, because effective sales copy is one of the most important yet commonly overlooked component within your business success, you’ll want to pay really close attention here.

All it takes is just a sentence to double or even triple your response!

In fact, there are only 3 components of powerful copy you must have in order to produce high conversions and response rate…

(1)Pull In Your Readers Attention - People never read anything at first. So grab your prospect’s attention through your headline, headers, your story, your use of white space – these are all critical here.

(2)Prove Your Case – People never believe anything at first. This is where you show them your credibility, your proof through screenshots or testimonials, your offer, guarantee, value build-up, all these are vital.

(3)Push Them To Act – People will never do anything at first. So you need to give them compelling reasons to act. Ask for the order. Don’t be shy or wimpy about it. Give them pain-of-disconnect. Give them reasons to act NOW.

To put it plain and simple, without these three steps secretly implanted within your sales message, your ‘pulling’ rate is almost certain to fail.

In fact, if your sales message fails at any of these 3 steps, it would be less painful for you to take your hard-earned advertising money and flush it right down the toilet!

If You’re A Business Owner, You Fall Into One
Of The Following Categories, And You
Probably Don’t Even Know It Yet!

If you are reading this right now, chances are you’re a savvy web or business owner that falls into one of the following 3 categories:

(1)You are experiencing Stagnant growth – your business is stuck and seems to be having slow growth, or even is frustratingly ‘dead-in-it’s-tracks’.

It might feel like your sales results are going nowhere, moving dreadfully slow or even declining backwards worse than a Michael Jackson moonwalk sliding backwards at a Homecoming Picnic show!

(2)Uncertainty Regarding Which Steps To Take – You know your craft really well, well enough to sell your services to the public, but you’re not quite sure which strategy you need to take specifically to increase your sales & profits.

Sure, you have a plan in place to boost revenues, but is this strategy the most effective you using?

You know you need step-by-step, ‘power-pulling’ marketing pieces that virtually ‘suck’ money chock-full into your bank account, your struggling to really nail down what methods to you use.. specifically for your business.

(3)Unsatisfying Results – you are unhappy with current sales and profit outcomes. (Eg Chances are you’re getting "ok" results from your current salesletter or your ads aren’t converting well and pulling cash like you know they should – or you’re pulling in sales but you know your sales letter can do way better. want not selling).

You might also be unhappy with the alternatives you’ve tried and had unsuccessful attempts to solve your problem.

" Okay, But Who Are You
And Why Should I Even Listen
To You? "

My name is Guy and I am a specialist in writing words that bring in profits for my clients.

I’ve got a combined 10 years in internet marketing and copywriting experience under my belt.

I have also worked selling cellular phone sim cards face-to-face to customers on the street and have experience working at promotions companies such as TTC Commons, as a brand promoter, doing in-door and outdoor selling and endorsing goods to prospective customers.

Have you ever tried selling impulse products to customers on the street?...

Have you tried selling face-to-face to customers who don’t even know you??

Let me tell you something… it ain’t easy!

But the skills you learn from doing it are priceless.

Basically, this crucial, real face-to-face, selling experience supplied me with deep & important insights in producing compelling sales copy.

How you may ask?

Because after learning through trial and error the sales nuggets that work in selling products to consumers “in-your-face”, it became very easy to transfer those secrets of sales in print.

You see, writing a very persuasive and emotion-evoking sales letter is all about having a conversion one-on-one with a customer, kinda like what I’m doing with you now, and then transferring those benefits that they want in a way which arouses interest and desire.

Except this time you have complete control.
Imagine that!

But there’s more..

I have also once started a business as a blog which taught individuals how to play the piano.

Within weeks I was getting thousands of views per month on my website and videos which I was posting on youtube.

In college, I started a business with two friends, selling foam fingers and moving from car-window-to-car-window on the road, trying to sell them. I also sold glowsticks and supporters merchandise for football fans to buy and use whilst watching their team play at the stadium.

I have also, at the time of print, written well in excess of tens of thousands of words in copy for myself and clients of mine.

I have studied some of the greatest copywriters of our time such as Gary Halbert, Claude Hopkins, Eugene Schwartz, and Joe Karbo.

I basically live, eat, sleep and dream copy!
So this isn’t some fly-by-night ‘cheapo’ you’re talking to here.

I have over the years, learnt the psychology of persuasion and sales techniques – through selling some of my own products or writing and selling for my clients.

Which means that you’re going to be receiving copy that is filled with psychology & sales techniques that have been tested in the trenches!

Look, starting my own businesses in the past taught me how to look at products and services strategically so as to market them in a more attractive way to customers.

And the truth is, I have made many mistakes in the past – enough so to teach me what doesn’t work!
It’s true, you often times learn more from your failures than you do from your successes.

But the best part of this is that when crafting powerful sales letters, I know exactly which mistakes to avoid! Which translates to more profits overall for my clients.

Look, the bottom line is that I've crafted sales letters and email autoresponder series’ that over the years are worth their “weight” in gold.

Here are some samples of some of my work I’ve done in the past

How My Many Failures Can Calculate
Into Significant Profits For You!

If you’re looking for professionally written, clear and compelling sales copy, a ‘hard-hitting’ well written email campaign, or highly-targeted converting sales message for your product or service, then this is where I can be of service to you.

How do I know my copywriting experience and knowledge will work for you?

Because I have successfully written copy for multiple clients who are website owners and business owners… these are people just like you.. with businesses like yours.

I will deliver top-notch, high quality sales letters for your next product/service launch or existing product.

I will give you top client service with all my attention and skill to be used to the greatest benefit of your business.

I will deliver world class ads or sales letters, that will leave your readers, prospects, and customers wanting more – this is my bold promise to you!!!

If you want marketing pieces that ‘kick down doors and take in names’, emails that burn holes through your monitor, and sales letters that magnetically rip money out of your customer’s wallets and ethically ‘stuffs’ it down your bank account’s throat, then look no further – you are at the right place.

Of course, you could just learn to write your own copy.

You could spend countless hours, spend sleepless nights, trying to study how to write words that evoke strong emotions.

Heck, you could even buy those ‘dime-a-dollar’ sales letter fill-in-the-blanks templates that promise you the world but give you nothing but a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

My point here is that it doesn’t take a flimsy 15 page ebook to write compelling copy – it takes a specialist who has been down in the trenches, doing it for years, to write copy that sells!
Stop guessing and changing your website and guessing again.

You don’t have to risk spending needless time, money and wasted hours trying to figure it out all by yourself. You have better things to do with your time, like taking care of your customers and counting your money ‘bills’.

Let me worry about creating emotion-carrying, powerful copy your customers can’t resist. It’s the sensible thing to do (If you’re serious about your business that is.)


In fact, I have two reasons:
Reason #1: I have a deep-seated passion for marketing and copywriting.
I write and study copy every single day of my life. I even left my full time paying job at a reputable financial institution (name of the bank is Standard Bank) in order to pursue this line of work full-time.
And yes, I am good at what I do.
Do you think I will mess up my reputation by giving you sloppy work?
No! Look, I’ve learnt from my mistakes and undertake to give you copy that literally pulls readers in by the eye-balls and helps them see the benefits of using products & services they know they want.

Reason #2: I am as genuine as can be.
I know that it is hard to believe that there still are people out there who actually care about their clients and give them real results.
With so many 3-click ‘push button’ formulae and instant money promises all over the net, regular sleeze-balls are everywhere trying to sucker their next victims by scamming them with crappy products.
I have made it a point that I want to give my clients real and quality service and results that will make a difference.
I’m an earnest believer in giving value first in order to build an honest business relationship and I know you do too.
That’s why I’m confident that by partnering with me towards your business success, it will be a win-win situation for the both of us.

Here’s What You Get When You Hire Me
To Write Your Sales Copy..

  • A Professionally written, clear, compelling sales letter that doesn’t just look good, but that actually converts & brings in sales.
  • If you currently have a sales letter that isn’t performing or converting like it should, I can rewrite or critique it for you so that it starts pulling multiple times more powerfully and brings you in more sales. (A good option if you are on a tight-budget)
  • 3 website reviews after I have delivered your final product. I will continue to tweak your letter and website up to 3 times so that it gets the maximum bang for your bucks. I will partner with you to get you more success.
  • Straight upfront costs. You will know everything from the get go so that you can properly budget your advertising money. No hidden fees or unwanted surprises. You will know well before hand what the full fee, all-inclusive, is.
  • A partner that has been in the sales trenches. I have been in the face-to-face selling space and I will translate all that I’ve learnt into an order-pulling, mouth-watering sales message that ‘stuffs’ more profits into your bank account.
  • You have the option of getting me to write your email autoresponder series, squeeze page copy, thank you page message, JV/Affiliates promotional pieces – all with the one purpose of increasing your bottom line as fast as humanly possible.
  • A special covert marketing report, specifically customized & tailor-made for your business needs. In it I will include your customer avatar, a clear description of who your ideal client is, their irrational fears, frustrations and desires, and how you can exploit this data to continuously create more products & services in the future that they are chomping-at-the-bit to buy, year after year.
  • An increase in your conversion rate and bottom line, guaranteed or I give you FREE consultations until you do! It’s as simple as that. I won’t just leave you with a sales letter then say “Good Bye.” I will be your partner all the way, ensuring that you obtain more success every step of the way.
  • Professional & quality service, at a reasonable fee that any small business owner can afford. If you can’t afford me before I write your sales message, you’ll be able to afford me after I write your sales copy.
The bottom line is that all my clients that I work with want one thing… more profits. I make it a point that I deliver on that promise and give your project the attention that it needs.

You can rest assured and have peace of mind that your marketing sales message is sitting with a trained sales professional who will ‘knock out all the stops’ to ensure it pulls-in more revenue for you and your business.

And on top of that, My copywriting service package comes with a no-questions, no-quibbles, 90 Day ‘gentleman’s handshake’ guarantee.

If for any reason, you find that my copywriting service isn’t perfect for you, I will work with you and get it so that you make significant profit, for up to 90 days. This will be a Free consultation service where we will evaluate all components of your marketing funnel and make sure you get a boosted cashflow and profit – and that your sales letter delivers real results. It’s as simple as that.

************************************************** *****************************************
" I believe it is great!..
Thanks , great job overall! "

Dr Calin V. Pop
M. D. Medical Practitioner, Author, Speaker
************************************************** ****************************************

Please note A Few Things Before
You Contact Me..

Please understand that I reserve the right to not write for certain markets.

I don’t write sales copy for certain industries such as the adult industry, gambling, ‘sketchy’ pharmaceuticals, psychic industry or products that go against my core values.


Because it’s hard to write persuasive copy for things that I don’t believe in. So taking the effort in it would not be beneficial to either you or me.

Understand that my job is one thing and one thing only… to make my clients more profit.

What you give is what you get and the seeds you sow determine the type of tree you produce. If you plan on bargaining on my prices or short-cutting my fees then you are really compromising on my high standards.

“In what way?” you may ask.

Well, it’s hard to give you Lambourghini work at Kia prices. Ever heard of the saying: “It’s difficult to write great copy on an empty stomach!”.

So please don’t starve the goose that gives the golden egg.
Also remember that you are the expert in your business, your products & services and I am the expert in greatly selling your products & services.
If you have a problem with this relationship then rather not contact me.

Reason being I really don’t have time for people who judge my every marketing strategy or ask me one thousand and one questions that they already have the answers to.

I am highly selective about who I choose to work with, so if you know yourself - that you’re a person who’s hard to get along with, then perhaps this won’t be a good fit for you. (Sorry for being so blatantly blunt, but this is the truth!)
Truth of the matter is, I am really an upfront, well-grounded and enthusiastic guy who is just looking for an honest business relationship.
I’m all about over-delivering and giving my clients results that will pay off all the way to their bank account, and beyond!

If you are still interested (as I am!) in working with me, then let’s move forward…


If you are interested in partnering with me towards your next successful sales letter or email marketing campaign, then send me an email at, with the subject line reading "I'm Interested", and send me the following details

1)Tell Me a little bit about yourself – Your name, email address and website address (if you have one)

2)Tell what your needs are – do you want a salesletter written from scratch for a new product or a rewrite? Do you need a salesletter critique, email promotion sets, What is your budget for this project?

3)Tell me about your project – Give me a detailed description of what your project is and what you will need.

Once you have sent me an email or message with this information then I will revert back to you with your Free Quote for the project.

You then revert back to me with a confirmation of the settled upfront payment of quote. (Payments settled via Paypal.)

I'll then immediately start with your project – I’ll fit you into my schedule and give you a tentative completion date --- normally 4 to 8 weeks depending on the scope of the project and my present workload.

If you need a rush job of 2-4 weeks turn around then you must add a 50% surcharge to your total payment. This bumps you up toward the top of my schedule.

Finally, you are paying for my services whether you hire me or not.


In needless mistakes and frustrations, depleted time lost and wasted money on “good bargains” that don’t work.

Isn’t it time to take the next step and bring in a specialist that will bring you Real results?

So ask yourself this question: “When will ‘Now’ be the right time to finally take my sales and profits to the next level?”

If you know that the answer is today, don’t waste another minute – get started RIGHT now – your bank account will thank you for your decision!

Here’s To Your Success
Guy Mogale

Specialist Copywriter, Author, Online Marketer

P.S. Remember, I'm giving you my entire copywriting service, your premium, professionally written sales letter, revisions, and my full ‘Better-Than-Money’ Gentleman’s Handshake Guarantee - all at premium copywriter quality but at a price you'd have to be crazy to refuse. Send me an email now. Slots are limited.

P.P.S Only one small change on your sales letter could mean the difference between a miniscule sale to a complete profit windfall for you and your business! Let me write you words that profit and sell your products in a way your customers cannot resist but to buy.
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