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DarqueLadyL 1st July 2016 05:27 PM


“Very talented writer - one of the best writers that I've hired in the romance genre. Highly recommend!”

“Lindsey was a great person to work with! I will certainly rehire her again for future assignments! The quality of work she delivers is fantastic! Definitely recommend for anyone looking for a great writer :)”

“Lindsey is a talented author and a joy to work with. Her conscientious work ethic, timeliness, and creativity are awesome. I am so thankful for her work on this project. I'll be asking her to help me on others soon.”

“A great freelancer. Thorough, professional and more than competent, she delivered excellent product to specification and on time. I look forward to working with her again.”

Greetings, prospective publishers and fellow Warriors. You have entered into one of the most profitable and fastest growing industries on the market. You’ve dotted all your Is and crossed all your Ts, and now that it’s come down to the wire, you’re on the hunt for the best possible material to sell on multiple eBook platforms. You could, of course, write your material yourself. Take the hours and hours of composition, proofreading and perfecting that are required to come up with a single finished product, and then, have no guarantee that product will sell. OR, you could hire an amazing, talented, experienced ghostwriter to take guessing out of the equation!

Romance and Erotica are two of the top selling genres across all eBook platforms – and with the number of Kindle, Nook, and other reading app users growing daily, the market will only continue to explode. An amazing piece of prose, however, can make or break your profits, and I am here to offer you work of amazing quality and unparalleled professionalism.

I have over a decade of experience including four years of working with publishing companies, and won several literary contests in my youth. After being encouraged by my significant other to try and turn a profit for my writing, I ventured into the world of ghostwriting and found my niche. As an avid lover of both romantic and erotic titles, I enjoy both reading and composing material in these genres and their many sub genres. I have experience writing in both long and short form prose, and have ghostwritten titles that have become among the top ranked on Amazon, GoodReads, and other platforms. Within a year of beginning my ghostwriting career, I was doing well enough to make it my full-time job and have been doing so ever since. Every story I take on is a labor of love and, as I genuinely enjoy what I do, the fruits of that labor reflect in the quality of my work.

Though romance and erotica are two separate genres (though they can often overlap), there are many subgenres among the titles. I personally have experience writing with the following subgenres/fetishes:

Alpha Male
Shifter (Humans that can turn into bears/werewolves/other animals)
Bondage (BDSM)
Pregnancy/ Hidden pregnancy
Paranormal Encounters (Experiences with vampires/werewolves/ witches/ect.)
Alien Erotic Encounters (humanoid aliens)
First Time Encounters
Friends to Lovers
Fantasy (Fae/elves/fantastic creatures)
Ménage (3 person romance)
Army Romance (Navy SEALs/ Army/ Special Forces)
One Night Stands
Happily Ever Afters
Step Siblings
Period Pieces (Victorian/ Wild West/ Medieval)
And many more!
If there is a genre that isn’t listed here, please feel free to contact me to inquire.

While I have personally written in many romance/erotica subgenres, it is my belief that specializing in a genre is the best way to write a story. Of course, when it comes to picking and choosing your niches, the longer the story, the more subgenres you man comfortably be able to fit into your story. For example, it is extremely hard to write an 8K short story that is ménage/military/secret pregnancy/step siblings. There simply isn’t enough space to do justice to all of the niches. A 30-40K piece, however, could easily fit many niches. With that said, depending upon the length of the piece, I cannot work with more than one or two niches at a time. Any more than that and the story becomes muddled and indefinite. I can do more justice to multiple subgenres/niches in longer-form prose.

When it comes to plots, I work equally as well with plots provided to me as I do with plots of my own making. If you have your own plot, feel free to submit it. If not, I’ll be happy to design one for you during the preliminary process. As my plots are free of charge, however, they are not intricate outlines with pages and pages of detail. One page outlines give a definitive idea of the storyline.

About grammar and syntax: Though I will personally proofread and check over my work to the best of my ability, the best way to ensure that the work is COMPLETELY error free is to employ a professional proofreader. I also cannot ensure that my work will personally take your preferred tone. I can modify my style to a certain degree based on the parameters of your story, but please review the sample of my prose provided to ensure that it exemplifies the style you are trying to achieve.

NOTE: Because of the specialized nature of each request for pieces, I do not offer refunds. I will sign nondisclosure agreements offered by you, the client, if you choose to issue them, to ensure privacy, and will ask permission to use project or excerpts thereof for sample purposes in the future (if applicable). You are perfectly within your rights to decline. If you are unhappy with the product you receive, you can give me notes and I will do everything in my power to edit/revise the content to provide a story that meets your standards. I simply can’t give refunds because of the many hours and energy I put into the work. But fear not! I will give you AMPLE opportunity before starting a piece to ensure that I have an accurate idea of the piece you are looking to have written. :D

Here are two samples of my writing:

His teeth scraped over the tender flesh of my breast again and again, coming closer and closer to the spot where I needed him the most, but denying me that ultimate pleasure. Keening softly, I lifted my hands to his head in an attempt to guide him to a taut nipple, only to have him harshly pin them on either side of my head. He nipped my ribs sharply – a reprimand – and I stifled a surprised cry before he went on with his torture.

After what seemed like an eternity, his teeth finally latched onto a rigid peak, tugging at the over sensitized nub as I thrashed back and forth, panting in need. He flicked at the flesh between his teeth with his tongue, driving me absolutely out of my mind as he pressed his rising erection against my inner thigh brusquely.

And what an erection it was.

Thick, hard, and pulsing – the heat alone was enough to make me light-headed. I wondered, vaguely, if I would scream the moment he pushed into me. As things were, I barely had the breath to whimper – and within the space of a minute, even that was stolen from me.

He was back.

How long had it been? Five years? Six? In that moment, she couldn’t seem to remember the indeterminable days that had passed since he’d gone, but the day he left? That day would be forever be seared into her consciousness.

Bella had begged. Pleaded. She’d embarrassed herself in the way she clung to him, on the cusp of collapse. Back then, Ben was her everything. The father of her child, the breadwinner, the sole proprietor of every inch of her heart.

Right up until he’d broken it.

All this time, she’d told herself that when she saw him again, she would feel nothing. That she had buried her feelings so far inside that she’d never allow herself to be vulnerable again. In that instant, the truth was glaring and cruel:

She was wrong.

A flat fee of only 4 cents per word.
MINIMUM ORDER: 1500 words
50% paid up front, 50% paid upon completion
Example: If you wanted 1500 words, the price would be $60 and the deposit would be $30. If you wanted 5000 words, the price would be $200 and the deposit would be $100.
Simply multiply your desired word count by 4 cents to get your total cost.

WARRIOR SPECIAL: For my fellow Warriors, I have an AMAZING offer. FIRST TIME clients will receive the first 1K (words) of any 5K+ (words) project FREE! This is a $40 discount! For any 10K (words) project, I will give a $50 discount. For 20K (words), I will give a $70 discount! This is an AWESOME new client offer I’m extending to ONLY Warriors, so claim it fast!

Please sent an e-mail with the following information to dmcontent2589@gmail.com to start your project:

Genre (Romance, Erotica or both)
Any subgenres, niches or fetishes you wish to include
The plot outline (if you have one)
The desired length of your piece

From there, we will discuss the timeline of your piece and the estimated completion date, along with PayPal information. Completion dates are based entirely on my schedule at the time of your request. With a normal workload, I can usually a lot 10-12K per client, per week. So, for example, if you desire a 50K piece, please allow at least 5 weeks for completion (which could be negotiated, again, depending upon heavy or light work load). If your piece is under 5K, I can usually have it done within 3 to 4 days! I ONLY accept payment via PayPal. Once the terms of your piece are agreed upon and your deposit received, I will begin your project. For the duration of your project, I will be available via e-mail, Skype and PHONE for check-ins. This information will be provided upon discussing your project parameters.

1)Your purchase includes ALL rights associated with the content created for you. This means you can publish the book on any platform you deem fit, including print publishing. You receive all rights and royalties, exactly as if you had written the piece yourself.

2)I cannot guarantee the results, positive or negative, of the content you purchase. While I can attest to having many of my projects do well in the past, I have no control over how clients chose to advertise or promote on whatever platform they publish on, nor am I privy to what marketing research they employ to push sales. These two factors, among many others, are crucial to navigating the world of ePublishing/ print publishing, and as the material passes out of my hands once sold to you, it is hard to determine how profitable a book will be based on content alone.

3)Length matters. The length of the content you order is important. The 1500 word minimum is enough for a very basic character introduction and a single sexual encounter, or a single romantic scene. The average story I write is usually anywhere between 3 - 10 thousand words for short stories, and 15 – 40 thousand for novels/novellas. Though costs are important, the more word count a writer has to work with, the better the chances for a truly mind-blowing piece of work.

4)You don’t have to use all of the purchased content in one story. You can purchase 10K words of content, and break it up however you please. Two 5K stories, Five 2K stories – it’s completely up to you (as long as each story is at least 1500 words long).

5)Turnaround time is dependent upon scheduling. As I stated before, how quickly I can deliver your piece depends upon a variety of factors. There is my current workload, how many clients I have, how many edits you would like, ect. With a NORMAL work load I can write up to 12K per client per week. I will fully inform you of what my schedule looks like when we are discussing your project so you will be completely aware of the time frame. If I will be late, I will inform you at least five days in advance of the agreed due date.

6)If English isn’t your first language, my services are perfect for you! Don’t let fear of daunting grammar and syntax worry you. I’ll create all your content in a snap. :o

7)There are a few erotic/romance genres I WILL NOT accept. Overall, my writing is designed for a client that plans to publish on a platform meant for mass distribution. That said, there are a few niches/fetishes that are BANNED by most eBook publishing and print platforms that I will not entertain, for any price. These include: Incest, Minor, Bestiality and a few others. If you need to inquire about a subject you believe might be taboo, feel free to do so and I’ll let you know my opinion.

AGAIN, here is the e-mail at which you can contact me for all your romantic ghostwriting needs: DMcontent2589@gmail.com

And that’s all there is!

Read over my offer, send me a message and get your spot secured! I will say that I answer e-mails on a first come, first served basis, and the moment I secure your deposit, your spot is set in stone. Due to the time and effort involved in creating content, I can only accept 6-7 clients at a time. My client roster can fill in under a week. Please e-mail me as soon as possible to secure your slot!

I truly look forward to creating a piece that will dazzle the mind and tantalize the senses. In my humble opinion, if prose doesn’t move the reader (either upstairs or downstairs ;)), it’s not worth creating. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – Order my services to offer your readers the best prose available and ensure they keep coming back for more.

All the Best,

pascalklein 4th July 2016 07:38 AM

I Wrote You an e Mail. :)


DarqueLadyL 4th July 2016 03:22 PM

I've answered your e-mail! Thanks so much for your inquiry!

princetotem 5th July 2016 02:54 AM

Interested in this, I will send you an email.

DarqueLadyL 5th July 2016 02:01 PM

Sure thing! I'll check my inbox. :)

lenkablog 27th October 2016 03:46 AM

Hello but you have no reviews ? Also you are new how to rely completely on you ?

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