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Mk Akan
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Here's A BAD ASS IM Copywriter You Can HIRE
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For Online Business Owners, Product Creators And Service Providers …

“If You Want A Copywriter To Craft You A High Converting Sales Letter, Squeeze Page or Email Autoresponder Series That Generates Sales And Doubles YOUR PROFIT,

I’ll Do All The Hard Work While You Sit Back, Relax And Count Your Sales And Money.

Dear friend,

Do you want a high converting squeeze page, sales letter or email series written to sell your product or service?

Are you looking to hire a copywriter to improve or rewrite a squeeze page, sales letter, email series or VSL?

Do you want to generate more sales and money in your business?

Do you want a copywriter to work with you on your team or on your new project so you are armed with the best marketing HOOKS?

Which will ultimately help you build a quality product or service guaranteed to ATTRACT customers like bees to honey?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place.

First, A Little Story About How I Helped A Client Explode Sales In His Business

Everything started when I got an email in 2012.

Someone was promoting a freelance blogging course.

So I clicked the link and landed on the sales page.

As I read it, I shook my head like a disappointed mum who just stumbled on a playboy mag in her son's bag.
The Sales Page Was A MESS.
  • Weak headline
  • Weak copy
  • Boring bullets

The copy had so many “money-leaking” holes.

Just then an idea popped into my head.

"Why don't I rework this sales letter and get paid for it?"

I thought it over for a minute then grabbed a pen and note pad.

Few Minutes Later, I Scribbled A Headline Hook And An Idea For The Overall Theme Of Copy.

I opened my laptop and got to work.

Halfway through typing the copy, I decided to mail the draft and make the guy an offer.

His name is Tom.

2 days after, no reply.

I wasn't going to let my efforts go to waste so I tracked him down on Twitter and sent him a DM.

“I sent you an email with something that can double your sales overnight".

Minutes later he replied.

"I am on vac. Will mail you ASAP"

He checked his email later that day and sent me a reply.

We struck a deal and I jump neck deep into crafting the new sales letter.

After 5 days of back and forth emails, he got the final work.

His reaction?
He was not sure he will use it.

He said he hated my writing style.
I was like “just test it ".

Later on, he decided to run a split test with his own copy.
Guess what the result was?

“4.51% Conversion”


My sales letter beat his blue-black. His sales letter was converting at less than 1 %. ( can’t remember the exact figure)

See what the guy said about my copy and what I can do for you.

Now I know. That conversion rate may not be anything to brag about.
True that.

But that sales letter went on to generate a lot of money for Tom. A lot more than his other sales letter ever made.

And This Is Exactly What I’ll Do For You

My name is Mk Akan.
And I am an entrepreneur and a copywriter.

I help businesses and individuals generate more money from their businesses by crafting persuasive copy that converts visitors to subscribers, and prospects to happy paying customers.

Here Are They Different Assets I Can Generate For YOU?

1. Sales letters
2. Squeeze pages
3. Emails broadcasts /autoresponders emails
4. Presell pages and materials
5. Video Sales Letters
Wanna See Some Samples?

Well, just see sales letters for my own offers here.

The Lazy Affiliate Marketing Method [LAMM]
List Building Messiah
And more here.

So How Much Do I Charge For My Services?
First, I don’t work that way.
It would be a disservice to you to discuss money without even knowing what you want or what your project is about.

Truth is, sometimes a client may want something but after discussing the project, we realize they may need something else.

Sometimes my little suggestion makes the project more profitable and successful.

So before we discuss fees, we need to talk.

And before we even discuss fees, let me first answer a question that may be burning in your mind.

There’s Are Many Copywriters, Why Should You Work With Me?

Great question.

Here’s why you should with work with me and not just anyone.

Reason 1

I am not just a copywriter. I am an entrepreneur. I have my own products and services. I sell information products, so I understand traffic and marketing.

I understand customer care and the little (but ignored) nitty-gritty of running a business.
I understand that there are many other things needed to make a business work, not just copy.

And because of that, I’ll consider everything when writing your copy or working on your project.

Most copywriters don’t have their own products. So may not really know some of these things.

They may know it theoretically, but not practically because they are not really in the trenches.

Some only offer copywriting services, so don’t really understand what’s involved.

Go take a look. Most of the most creative and successful copywriters have their own businesses and offers. (Only a few are an exception).

Reason 2

I work FAST.
You can get your sale letter or any other sales material in 1 week to 1 month. This depends on the size and scope of the project.

But I’ll do my best to deliver as fast as possible.

Reason 3

I understand LISTS. List here refers to “target marketed” or “targeted groups of people”.
Here’s the thing.

Most people don’t know that the most important part of sales is the people who talk to. The people you send the message to.

The people who read the COPY, not the copy itself.

The best sales letter sent to the wrong set of people will not convert.
But a sucky sales letter sent to the “right set of people” will perform wonders.


This is completely true and has been proven over and over in all niches.

So A Big Part Of Writing Super Successful Copy Is IDENTIFYING The Right Set Of People To Write For And To Write The Sales Letter To Target Them Exclusively.

That’s how I work and exactly what you’ll get from me.
When we discuss, and after my research, you’ll discover the different segment of people the sales letter should target.

(And if you’re sure you already know your SPECIFIC target market already, please feel free share and discuss it with me).

Unfortunately, sadly many amateur copywriters just think it about the copy. Well, it’s not. Don’t hire the wrong guy.

Here’s How I Work

Step 1

First, you’ll send me an email with details of your project.
I’ll take a look at it and get back to you ASAP. This is usually between 1- 24 hours (depending on the day and my schedule).

Step 2

I’ll jump on Skype or any other convenient platform to discuss your project. (You know, the more I know about your project, the better we can work).

We’ll discuss the scope of work, results you expect and every little detail about your project.
I’ll also send you a questionnaire so I can learn more about your project and so I can give you the best result possible.

Step 3

We’ll now discuss my fees and any other expenses you’ll incur.

Step 4

You’ll make a deposit of 50% of the agreed sum of the project. After payment, I’ll start your project and communicate with you throughout the project.

You’ll be sent the first draft. After you make inputs, the second draft will be sent to you.

Step 5

After all corrections, the final copy will be delivered to you after the remaining 50% is paid.

You can now go ahead and test the copy and start making money.

What Niches Do You Work In?

My specialty is in the internet marketing, opportunity niches. (I sell my own offers and services in this niche, so I know them like the back of my hand).

But I do work in other niches too.

So even if your niche is different, I can still generate sales for you.

NOTE: Here Are The Kind Of People I Don’t Work With

1. Scammers and thieves who sell bad or worthless products and services. Sorry, I won’t help you, scam people.

2. “Drama kings” or “drama queens” who don’t know the value of a copywriter. If you plan to get copy written for you without making payment, then please don’t contact me.

3. Know It All Business People- there are a few people who think they know better than anyone else. They don’t take advice. They don’t listen to other pros.

Please if you have an ego problem and can’t learn or can’t try new stuff, please don’t contact me.

One time I wrote copy for a client who went back to edit the copy and deleted some of what I had written. And used her new copy.

It did not convert very well. And I was angry like a raging storm.

It’s funny how people hire an expert to do something, then go ahead to do the work of the expert.

Please if you have this kind of tendency, please don’t contact me. I can’t work with clients that LOVE to sabotage their business or efforts.

Finally, I look forward to working with you to make your project a great success.
Just contact me, immediately.

Thank you.

Mk Akan
Got a question?

Contact me directly.


PS- But you need to HURRY and CONTACT me NOW because this page is READ by lots of people.

And since I can only work on a project per time, the earlier you contact me, the earlier I can generate your sales letter. (or anything you want)

So even if you will need my services LATER (or in a few weeks), Send the email NOW and book your spot.

Thank you.


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