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girlwonder 20th February 2018 11:11 PM

Feeling stalled and frustrated? Try this.
Do you want to reach more prospects and customers online but don't know what's next? Do you know you have an amazing product but feel like it’s invisible? Wondering how to attract the right kind of attention without compromising your standards?

You’ve seen the explosive growth of other e-commerce companies, but so far and after a ton of work and hours spent you haven’t experienced the growth you were hoping for.

If you’re feeling frustrated and wondering what you’re missing, and you’re ready to unlock the true potential of your products, reach out for help. I help business owners create a powerful content strategy that will cause exactly the right people to find and fall in love with your product.

My diagnostic tool can quickly analyze your "content gap" and show you how to fill it with the information your customers crave. You can build an audience that incorporates your brand into its daily life and converts.

Schedule a free diagnostic here and tell me about your current challenges.

I'm Libby, a writer and content strategist who works daily with venture-backed startups on developing and executing content that aligns with their higher mission and values. Companies I've worked with include those in the skincare, sleep, and SaaS industries.

My book, Content Design Playbook for E-commerce comes out in May with advanced reader copies available in April. PM me to reserve a free AR copy.

girlwonder 22nd February 2018 10:57 AM

Re: Feeling stalled and frustrated? Try this.
Hi there! If you've pm'd me about the ARC, thanks! I'm on it.

I didn't realize since I'm new to WF that I can't pm back right now. So I will respond asa possible.

You can also email me at libby@manifestcompany.com

Thanks again.


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