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Vid Yo 4th August 2018 03:03 PM

Web Design Leads--Businesses With "Ugly" Websites
Web Designers,

Tired of spending $25 a pop on web design leads that might yield a 5% conversion if you're decent?

What if you could achieve he same conversions with the same number of conversations with business owners for MUCH less?

Googling small businesses and blindly calling might get you 1 sale per 100 cold calls or 100 cold emails, IF you're lucky. Buying leads from Sales Genie or Info USA is expensive for a measly 1% conversion.

How about reaching out to businesses who need you, who have actually thought about the perils of their non-performing website in the past few weeks, who already know their websites are depressing and are only hurting their brand?

That is how you get that coveted 3% - 5% conversion that superstar salespeople achieve with cold-emailing and cold-calling. By contacting business who know they need your help!

And guess what...you don't need to be a superstar. You can suck at selling, it's ok. You just need to contact business owners who have been losing sleep at night. Owners who are dying for a web designer to come rescue them--To simply offer to redesign their site.

What you need are business owners with a glaring need that THEY are already painfully aware of.

WHAT I DO: Visit business websites to identify unattractive, poorly-designed, outdated, and non-performing ones. That's what I send to you.

WHY MY LEADS INSTEAD OF THE ONES FOR $0.25: Unfortunately, these are not "Web Design" leads...they're general business leads. I am a human being providing a labor-intensive service--gathering leads of business owners with "ugly" websites. I visit the website pages of each business before delivering the info to you. You'll receive the company name, URL, phone number, email address and contact name (yes!...a contact name and email address also).

WHY MY LEADS INSTEAD OF THE ONES FOR $25: My leads are a fraction of that but will probably yield the same number of sales for you.

WHY YOU SHOULD TRUST ME: Well, I have 2 eyes and know a bad-looking site when I see it, just like all consumers. But more importantly, I have some web design experience and can also identify a site that simply isn't converting for the business or is severely outdated or poorly designed, perhaps with broken links. Further, I've been a WF member here for nearly a decade.

DELIVERY TIME: None of us like those age old scarcity tactics, but just to keep down disappointment, here goes: Order quickly because I can only take a couple of orders daily. You can expect delivery in 24-48 hours. Please contact me via skype before ordering to get an idea of my current work load and I'll let you know if it will be a bit longer. I'm quick but also quite thorough.

HOW MUCH: I have introductory pricing right now and expect the price to go up in the future (there's that darn tactic again :) For each lead, your investment will be around $1. This does depend heavily on the industry/city you choose, as some industries are known to pay closer attention to their online presence.

WHAT YOU WILL GET: I will provided a list of businesses with bad websites from YOUR chosen industry and city, by actually clicking on their business website and looking through the pages.

First, you'll simply tell me what city you want to start with and/or which industry you serve.

Second, I will then scour the world wide web and deliver them to you with the following:

1. Company name
2. URL of the bad website
3. Phone number
4. Contact name!
5. Email address!

--These leads ARE NOT purchased
--These leads ARE NOT from companies like InfoUSA or Sales Genie
--These leads ARE NOT scraped
--These leads ARE NOT $25 per, therefore, they're also NOT contacted by me. Therefore, their interest is NOT verified by phone nor email. They're delivered to you for you to reach out to and offer your amazing web design or web development service!

--These leads ARE found by a human using google, yellowpages, etc.
--These leads DO have a website that I've looked through to make sure it's either outdated, unattractive, poorly designed or not likely to convert for the business.

I look forward to being of service to ya!

Skype: Site Queen
Email: truebizlead@gmail.com

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