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CrispinC 31st October 2018 06:15 AM

Copy Rewrites by PROVEN Copywriter - Over 25 Years of Experience - Save Money, Boost Conversions!


This is a NEW WF POST/THREAD! To see all of the solid reviews on my legacy post/thread, please go here as well as my legacy post/thread for original copywriting services!

These rates are based on your providing existing copy in .doc, .docx, or .html format at the time of ordering and payment. Any projects requiring research, material review, interviewing, etc for quotes are charged on a different rate scale.

To view more reviews and for new/original copy, please visit my other thread!, you can contact me or request a quote. Or feel free to PM me here on WF!

Some commonly asked questions:

1. What is your guarantee?

Simple. If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. If you don’t see at least a better response rate from what you were getting before you hired me, then let me know. We’ll figure out what's going on. I'll do what I can to get it working right for you, and/or let you know what you need to fix on your site.

2. Do you have/provide work samples?

I only provide work samples when discussing projects for original copy at higher-level budgets, thanks for understanding. To keep my rewriting rates reasonably low and viable, I have to keep the time spent on each rewrite project extremely lean and efficient.

That means I can’t “interview/audition” for work at these rates. Doing so takes significant time and back-and-forth dialogue, which increases my time requirements and therefore the project costs and budget requirements.

My solid reviews and testimonials (find more here) should convince you that I will deliver quality work.

Understand one thing, I know my rates for rewrites are ridiculously low for the caliber of work that I deliver. I am a highly experienced copywriter with a proven track record.

While I have no problem charging more standard hourly rates and back-end royalties for original copywriting projects, I insist on offering viable rewriting services at these lower rates anyway. As long as I have the existing copy and don't need to spend any time on research or interviewing the client, these rates apply.

Why? Because I believe that anybody should have access to professional copywriting, regardless of what budget they have to work with.

See, I live, eat, and breathe “paying it forward”. I walk the walk.

Besides, I much prefer spending time improving people's bad copy and creating value, than interviewing for work at higher rates, which I seem to get anyway. It's just how I roll. :)

3. How many revisions do I get?

You’ll get one round of basic revisions/edits. To keep costs low, I have to limit the amount of revisions on a project. I can assure you that the copy you get from me will be better than your original, and should give you better results.

That said, I often tweak/review copy on my own if I think I can make it better. In which case, you'll get a new revised version within a few days of your final version. If I think I can improve it after I'm done with your rewrite, and I have the time, I will definitely try!

Note: If you want different versions of your original copy to do A/B split-testing, etc. please ask me for a quote for multiple rewrite versions. I’ll work with you best I can.

4. Will you do the HTML formatting and/or graphics too?

I will provide your copy with recommended formatting in .doc file format. Which can easily be converted to HTML if desired, with minimal tweaking. If you want to add enhanced graphics and design elements to your copy, you will need to get the services of a designer or do it yourself (not recommended unless you're GOOD).

I focus on what I do best, writing winning copy!

Be aware that I have a couple of outstanding designers on my team that can handle your design work needs at a competitive cost. If you would like a quote, just contact me.

5. What is your turnaround time?

I typically complete jobs within 14-21 days of receipt of your paid order, and as long as all the needed information/material are included. I keep deadlines about 99% of the time. I will let you know my current turnaround time when you submit your order.

Note: If my workload is high and I need more time to complete your rewrite, I will notify you when I receive your order. If you approve of the time-frame, we will proceed. Otherwise you will have the option to cancel.

Have other questions? Feel free to PM me, or contact me via my site! You'll get a prompt response!

All the best!
Tony aka "CrispinC"

Mouhamadou Diouf 5th November 2018 07:10 PM

Re: Copy Rewrites by PROVEN Copywriter - Over 25 Years of Experience - Save Money, Boost Conversions
Why are you so cheap if you have 25+ years of experience???

CrispinC 6th November 2018 07:39 PM

Re: Copy Rewrites by PROVEN Copywriter - Over 25 Years of Experience - Save Money, Boost Conversions
Read the FAQ. It explains how and why I price my rewriting service the way I do. :)

alfredaq 28th November 2018 12:32 PM

Re: Copy Rewrites by PROVEN Copywriter - Over 25 Years of Experience - Save Money, Boost Conversions

Hi, CrispinC!
Your post is the best example of nowadays marketing. It's a good selling text for writing jobs. There are many things to writing a powerful selling text. But, if this text would actually grow sales....
I have a simple but important question. Is your knowledges more powerfull in comparison with [writingcreek.com? I contacted it two years ago. I had boosted myself by copywriting courses and earned good money as the result. So since then I've been as a highway without even small stops (tasks, deadlines, A/B testing, and etc).
Please, write me personally, if it possible.

sekhar203 7th December 2018 04:38 PM

Re: Copy Rewrites by PROVEN Copywriter - Over 25 Years of Experience - Save Money, Boost Conversions
Will you pm me samples?

CrispinC 9th December 2018 04:35 PM

Re: Copy Rewrites by PROVEN Copywriter - Over 25 Years of Experience - Save Money, Boost Conversions

Originally Posted by sekhar203 (Post 11459752)
Will you pm me samples?

Hi! Please review the FAQ, it covers this question. If you want to view my online portfolio, you can do so by going to


You can also check out review on my older WF thread here:


and... here:


Cheers and look forward to being of service! :)


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