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Unread 26th Nov 2018, 06:51 PM   #1
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[SALES COPY] *40,000 in a week!* Smash 2019 With 2 HUNGRY Copy Cubs
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The Cubs Are Out And Looking For Blood!

How You Can Take Advantage Of Copy Cubs Who Are Being Chiefed By Some Of The Strongest Underground Names In The Biz For Stupid Low Rates... GUARANTEED!

(Want results like this?)

I’ll be honest here, these copy cubs are getting really good at selling from the written word.

So I told them to become dirty, shameless prostitutes and work the dark alleys of the internet.

Mainly so they can get a taste of blood.

As a product owner or service provider, you might think it’s wrong to try some wet-behind-the-ears writer with only a couple of years of experience selling persuasively.

Let me tell you why that’d be a horrible decision.

These two badasses are hungry. They write copy like a starving father trying to feed his family - with the passion of the most romantic Shakespearean play and the strength of a woman high on adrenaline trying to save her baby from under a car.

Just a week ago, one asked…

“How can I get really good at writing copy?”

I told him, “writers write - every single day. And not only only fluff pieces, but hard-hitting, emotional, direct response copy.”

Then I asked if he was willing to sharpen his salesmanship sword and work hard to help real clients make money.

He blindly replied:

“You told me the key to getting everything i want is to help others get what they want, so heck yeah!”

So here’s what they’re offering and why you should let these cubs take a whack at your (current or) next promotion:

Pig-headed determination. I’ve never met such confident, stubborn human beings, eager to use their skills to help others. Their good vibes are contagious.

Chiefed by the top guns. My colleagues write for Agora, Money Map Press, and some of the underground direct marketing powerhouses. We all get together in a secret area and help younger writers get every part of their copy up to spec. It’s like they can’t lose.

Straight-up Hunger. Les Brown Said - “You gotta be hungry”. He was right. These two underappreciated up-and-comers want it bad. They want to quit their horrible jobs, provide a great life for their families and live a different life then they’re used to. (Maybe you can relate?)

They’re starving for knowledge. They can’t help but learn new things and implement them as they go. In fact, they’re currently being mentored by not one, but two scary-looking and little-known badass copy coaches. (Which means your final draft will be up-to-par to what these two veterans of the written word decide will get the highest conversions).

OCD-level attention detail. These cubs DON’T take last minute, forced promos. (Sorry - not sorry fellas). They know to get the best results possible, they need time to come up with a winner. Don’t fret though. It’s still shorter than other copywriters who’ll make you wait for weeks on end… even months!

‘Can’t-get-rid-of-them’ continuous communication. These balding young-uns will stick to you like glue to extract right out of your brain as much information as possible. Unlike other copywriters who vanish, try getting rid of these cubs, they won’t leave you alone.

Online AND offline experience. These Cubs have cut their teeth in the marketing biz in their short years (see below) - and managed to bring over businesses to work with them by print letters and electronic emails alike.

Hardened by past failures - AND successes. They have dipped their little toes in the direct response pool and have come out salivating for more results (They have proof and testimonials. Don’t be shy to ask them for it).

And ya know what… they won’t stop unless you tell them to.

As a matter of fact, my guarantee is…

They will work with you to make sure you get an ROI for 90 Frikkin Days

Under the supervision of this underground group, they have resources to help you find out why a promotion doesn’t convert. How to put more emotional punch into headlines. What your audience should hear instead of what they would turn a blind eye to.

You see, this copywriting thing is not some “one and done deal.” It’s a dynamic relationship between the owner and the creative copywriter.

So you can’t expect the entire campaign to be a blockbuster without a collaboration between both. This is why you should take this offer to…

...Work with the pig-headed passionate determine copy cubs on your next promotion

The crazy thing about them is how fast they’re learning. I mean they understand how to pick apart your brain and uncover the most titillating stories of why your product appeals to their secret desires.

For example, they found out how a simple countdown timer appealed to the deep desire of lust for their significant others. And of course greed to make more money than anyone they know.

If you have a product waiting for a great and unique angle, these guys will find it and work with you to make the words on the paper pop out like the cherry blossoms in spring.

So here’s what I propose to a smart product owner like yourself:

Try these two bearded and ferocious up-and-comers for a ridiculous investment - (it’s pretty much laughable at how sad and low their fee is right now).

I’m talking about a fresh, just-out-of-the-oven full funnel, for only Nine Hundred and eighty four dollars.

They will give you a shiny sales letter, opt-in page, JV page, and 3 emails, that’ll bring a tear to your eye, and dollars into your wallet.

And they will work with you until you’re satisfied and your copy is selling like Justin Beiber concert tickets at my little niece’s high school.

They not only have the underground group of copy freaks behind them…

...but also, the ugly but money-making mentors helping them along the way...

...and best of all, they bring their stubborn determination to craft hot copy that converts and persuades your clients into begging you to take their money.

As you can see, you ain’t got nothing to lose - and lots to gain.

YOU KNOW a thousand dollar funnel should be trash (by industry standards) - but remember, they’re dirty prostitutes looking to rise UP…

...and don’t mind doin’ somethin’ strange for a little piece of change.

With that said, I’d rather not completely send these cubs out to get massacred so there are a couple of housekeeping rules they need to work under.

As a product owner you’ve got to…

-Have a product that’s darn good. You know good copy can polish a turd, but if they believe the turd is really bad, they’ll just say no.

-Be willing to test a couple of leads and headlines. Yes, they are so stubborn, they know that data is key and will try and write more than one angle and lead for you to split test and create a control.

-Send traffic. Yes, you’ve gotta be able to test the darn thing. So the ability to send a ton of eyeballs will be essential.

-Massive Proof. They need to gain trust and improve believability, so no shysters or hucksters allowed. Proof is in the puddin’ after all.

Listen, they don't claim to know everything. Hell, with their limited - but specialized knowledge, they've narrowed themselves down to only two niches:

Health & fitness (Supplements and Information Products)

Business Opportunities (Info products)

So they can only take those two niches.

To be brutally honest, they don't take work in subjects they're not familiar with. As you know, research would just take too long. Plus they're not experts in them.

But do not mistake their limitation for a weakness. This is because they are laser-focused and extremely specialized.

What can you expect from these bearded, aging young bucks

Once you make the ridiculously low investment, they'll contact you to go over a long - but not too long - questionnaire where they'll discover your product, audience, goals, and expectations.

Within 5 days or less (it takes time to go over the product, big idea, unique angle), they'll send you a bare-bones first draft full of typos, mistakes, and unfinished sentences.

Fret not, my eager reader, this is just to show you how the flow of the sales letter will go (the editing process comes later) and wait for your approval and sign off.

After this is done, and you sign off with a smile on your face, the fun begins

This is where these young padawans shine. They'll come up with tight, powerful, persuasive copy that'll resonate with your buyers and virtually manipulate them to take out their credit cards and go into debt for your product/service.

They'll use their short years studying John Carlton, Dan Kennedy, and all the greats copy courses... They'll implement their knowledge from their own mentors and run the copy over their teachings... They'll use every little trick of ethical psychology to pull your readers by the neck and submit them into getting your product to better their lives.

This whole process could take up to 14 days. So if you’re in a rush and need an entire promo in 3 days - this is not for you.

So there it is, give them a holler and move the needle forward. You can pm them here, send them an email to beardedim @ gmail dot com, or Skype at racso316

Oh, I almost forgot, (if you didn’t know), there are urban legends being whispered...

...some say Zeus himself descended from Mount Olympus with only one purpose:

To have intercourse with both their moms - making them the young demigods of copywriting!

How do I know?

I’m one of the cubs!

-Oscar + David

P.S. In case you scrolled all the way down here (I do that all the time), We're offering a full fledge funnel from start to finish... including:

A high-converting sales page, opt-in page, JV page, upsale page, and 3 emails to top it all off... for only a measly investment of $984.

We can't work with everybody so this offer is first come, first served, so hit me a quickly. See you on the other side.
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Unread 27th Nov 2018, 12:20 AM   #2
Marketing Addict
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Re: *40,000 in a week!* Smash 2019 With 2 HUNGRY Copy Cubs
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Simple Spencer: "Oscar is one of the BEST copywriters I've used."

Bill Hugall: "Oscar is a top-shelf copywriter with amazing communication skills and is highly recommended."

"He writes in a conversational, persuasive fashion that makes me want to buy my own products!"

"'s very rare to get the type of quality you provide."

"His work is excellent."

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Unread 29th Nov 2018, 07:19 AM   #3
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Re: [SALES COPY] *40,000 in a week!* Smash 2019 With 2 HUNGRY Copy Cubs
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Great work together, glad we linked up!!
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Unread 4th Dec 2018, 05:25 PM   #4
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Re: [SALES COPY] *40,000 in a week!* Smash 2019 With 2 HUNGRY Copy Cubs
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Originally Posted by David Rosa View Post

Great work together, glad we linked up!!
you know it bruv
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