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Your Videos on TV via Roku public channel.
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This is your chance to get a well-established Roku channel while it is still easy to get noticed. It is quite possible to have several thousand active channel installs within one month of the channel being published in the Roku store. Inevitably, you only have a certain window of time to do so. How long is that? I don’t know and nobody else knows. But it is an almost certainty that the good times of right now can not and will not last forever. I have already positioned myself well on the platform and learned something about myself along the way. I found out that now that I have learned how to create and publish the channels, that I enjoy doing the work.

This is where it can get really good for you. Because I enjoy the work, I decided to make my services available to others who may not have the tools, know how and resources needed to take on Roku publishing alone. So, I started shopping around to see what others charge for such a thing.Talk about all over the place, you could pay anywhere from $300 (plus many hidden fees) all the way up to $10,000 and everything in between. I do not like the idea of hidden fees that are so common among the low-ball offers out there. On the other hand, the all-inclusive prices can be so steep, it would be cost prohibitive for most of us. In case you want to shop around a bit yourself, I will give you a few things to watch out for.

First, you will need reliable video and image hosting included in the deal. Make sure it is included in the price or you will soon find out what I meant about hidden fees. Also make sure you aren’t going to be charged extra for bandwidth and/or data transfer. If you have decent quality content, you could get tens of thousands of views quickly and let me tell you extra fees could add up very quickly if you must pay extra for usage. Also, channel image assets have to be created and formatted for use on the channel. You can not get published without them so make sure you know if that is going to cost extra.

Furthermore, all the videos should have the proper codex for streaming.Expect choppy playback if this important step is skipped. Even if all of the above is reasonably priced, there is one more land mine you could step on if you don’t know about it in advance. It’s something very important, but you might not think about it until after you “on the hook” so to speak. That is, what does it cost to update the channel after it is published? You simply must update with new video content on a regular basis to keep the active channel installs you have happy, and continue to grow your viewership.

So, I started thinking of another way to structure the pricing in an open and fair way that is not so heavily front loaded that some of the people who want to, can’t afford it. Instead, it’s a lot better to have low entry costs and a pay-as-you-go model so you are getting eyeballs on your offers to help generate sales so you can afford to pay channel operating costs while enjoying the profit from the channel.

Here is my simple, no-bull and no gotcha pricing. I will lay out exactly what I provide, and what I need from you to get your content into a channel that is published in the Roku store. First, let me put your mind at ease. You probably already have what I need from you and that is the video content. I would love it if you provide the titles, descriptions and so on. But let’s say you already have it published on YouTube. I could easily go grab it there and put it in your new Roku channel. Just provide a link to the channel and that’s about it unless you want to be more involved. I will say you should pick out the best 7 or 8 videos to start. It slows down the publishing process if you start out with more than that because the Roku staff watches all videos before approving the channel. I have found 7 or 8 videos to start is perfect. Of course, you should have products(s) and/or services to offer. I know that went without saying but I promised you I would be clear. Within your video content you can promote your website, social media profiles, online or offline store and all your offers until your heart is content. This is also a great way to build your email list. Point viewers to your site and enjoy the new subscribers that come with the increased traffic.

I will provide everything I previously mentioned. All the hosting. I will do all the technical work. Creating the assets, encoding and uploading the videos, the .JSON feed. Everything! And then I will get the channel approved and published in the store where it will be found immediately. And then I will maintain the channel, providing updates and ongoing support. I will also provide you with weekly reports that show channel engagement and video viewership stats.
I do reserve the right to reject content that is inappropriate. Roku will not publish porn, gambling and some other questionable content in their public store. I know there are some private channels out there like that, but that is not what I am offering here. If I look at your content and feel they will reject It, I’m not going to waist time on something that doesn’t have a chance. If you aren’t sure, show me what you have before ordering this service. Now for the fun part, what does all this cost? Just $77 up front now. It takes about a month to develop and get the channel published. When it is published in the store you will be invoiced another $77 through Paypal that is due and payable at that time. Total out of pocket cost of only $154 for a published Public Roku channel with your video content. Go ahead and look around, but I think you will find it’s the best value you will find and includes everything you need. I will insert no ads or anything at all. i'm just the developer who will remain invisible to your viewers.

Now,about the ongoing costs. I am going to charge just 7 cents per hour of content viewed payable by the 3rd of each month for the previous month. This covers the hosting costs,support and updating the channel with new content as you desire. The reports I provide come directly from Roku and show you exactly what was viewed and how long. Also, almost all the traffic will be USA. If you prefer, I can make the channel available in the USA only. Or perhaps USA, Canada and the U.K. Whatever you wish.
I do feel this is the most cost-effective way available right now to get your offers in front of new prospects. Since Roku viewers are usually watching from home, it improves the odds of them responding to your offers. And by your channel being ready to play on their device 24-7-365 you can reach them several times a month with no extra effort on your part. I hope we can work together to get more eyeballs on your offers.Being on TV is a great way to build you brand. It can also be an easy way to establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

There you have it. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.Either right here in this thread or if you prefer you can send me a PM. Thanks!
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Re: Your Videos on TV via Roku public channel.
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I have been thing about this.... Can one sell ads? Does it cost per video?
Could one have a business channel or how to make money on internet? Which would be better.

With your system, we could put the video up on youtube and you would take them from there correct.

Roger Rohrs (skype:
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