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MobileMonkey 17th February 2019 06:01 AM

Hypnotic NLP Copywriting - long-form copy, VSL

Finally a way to invisibly humiliate your competition without them understanding how you’re doing it

Underground Hypnosis/NLP Master comes out from hiding and offers mesmerizing copywriting skills to enthrall YOUR customers into buying instantly

Read on to see if you qualify…

From: Richard H (AKA MobileMonkey)
To: Fellow Warriors

A master isn’t born a master. At some point he was struggling with writing copy. Blank pages, poor conversions, nightmares and terrible headaches before EVERY launch. Finding a decent copywriter (as just about every smart business does) was a pain in the neck. Not being able to take his new business off the ground, not being able to sell his services or products effectively. He withdraws into seclusion for 3 years. And begins to master the art of invisible persuasion (with stunning results).

He starts coaching people the “traditional” way (for people with these skills), helping smokers kick their “impossible-to-kick” 20 year old smoking habit, literally in an hour (ok, sometimes less). Or demolishing a life-long phobia of lizards (sorry this one wasn’t big furry spiders). Or transforming a cold caller terrified of making phone calls, into a super-hotshot that slings his phone better and faster than the best gunslingers that have ever lived.

Then he begins to wonder if he can do this with the deepest darkest mental blocks in people, what can be done with people’s limiting buying beliefs…

He gets a crazy idea to try this in print – he applies everything he knows, and rewrites one of his old copies (that was converting ok). The response rate doubles almost over-night.

I wonder what this could mean for your business

  • Skip years of frustration trying to sell your products ineffectively and let “under-the-radar” persuasion patterns do the heavy lifting for you (as you avoid bankruptcy)
  • Discover the seductive pleasure of having your product fly off the shelves and people begging for more
  • Get rid of an impotent copy, and have one that compels your prospects to salivate as they progress through the entire sales funnel
  • Enjoy the floodgates of wealth opening as the result of deep hypnotic market research uncovering ALL of their secret desires (and linking them gracefully to your product)
  • Destroy your competition using these totally-over-powered tools (and have them be baffled as to why you’ve outclassed them so quickly)

Whether you’re new in the business or have been around the block a few times, you’ve probably noticed that some launches do crazy well and others are quickly forgotten. You may have experienced a failed launch before. And if that’s the case you probably know the dread and disappointment that brings all too well. Nobody is happy with a failed launch (definitely not the JV partners) and perhaps you’re wondering if there’s some surefire way to make it a smashing success.

Obviously, you need a great product, because mediocre product will bring only mediocre results. Then you need to convince your prospects to give you money and become clients. And that’s where most businesses choke up and straight up fail. And perhaps you’re wondering how to avoid that and create the right marketing message that gets people to pull out their credit cards reliably. Which means, you might already suspect that having a great sales letter could have something to do with it.

You’ve probably heard of people paying thousands of dollars for a good copy. Chances are you’ve heard of those ultra-successful (near legendary) launches that raked in 6 even 7 figures (or more). Where people just seem to be happy to pay almost ANY fee to jump in and I suspect that on some level you’re desiring that to be the norm in your business. Because if you deploy a killer copy, you could very well jump to the next (and much more profitable) level. I wonder if you even truly realize the full extent of the impact this could have on your business.

You’ve probably heard of names like Frank Kern, Tony Robbins, Eben Pagan, and Neil Strauss. A million dollar plus launch is a fairly common occurrence, because they went even step further than just having a good copy. They’ve leveraged the power of secret “under-the-radar” persuasion techniques in their marketing messages. And before you fully appreciate the value this could have for your bank account balance, you probably realize these techniques come from NLP and hypnosis.

You might have heard whispers of these infamous tools of influence as you begin to recognize that even if you don’t hit million dollar launch, you could double or even triple your sales. Which means you might finally be able to live the lifestyle you always wanted. Maybe secure the future for yourself, your family, even your kids, as you continue to launch winners and enjoy the irresistible feeling of your sales going beyond your expectation.

Elegantly glue your prospect to the chair until they buy or give up sleep forever

For the past 3 years, I’ve (almost literally) locked myself in my basement and went through every book, every course, and any other material I could find on Hypnosis and NLP. Because as far as I could tell all the top successful people had a hand in it to one extent or another.

Everything I’ve learned I immediately started applying in both the online world and its offline counterpart. Some people think these skills don’t work online, that you need a pocket watch and the-psychologist-style couch. Nonsense. In fact, I was hitting homeruns with virtually every person I worked with, on or off line (I still don’t have my own pocket watch). And very soon people were very happy to part with significant sums of cash in exchange for my services (and expertise).

It’s not that I’m such a Rockstar, it’s that I’ve carefully identified who the real masters in the industry are, and I did exactly what they said I need to do to become a true master.

Even certified master NLP practitioners come to me to learn hypnosis (and advanced NLP persuasion language patterns they don’t dare teaching in seminars). And they kept coming back for my advice on how to handle their nightmare clients. Eventually, even to advise them on how to use these skills in business and sales.

I pride myself on making it my mission to not only understand the invisible communication with people’s unconscious minds, but to become one of the top people in the world who can use them elegantly and smoothly. And I won’t get there by being wrong.

Here are just some of the patterns from my bag o’ tricks that are going to reinforce your offer to the point where even a rocket launcher won’t put a dent in it:
  • A simple NLP pattern that will condition their mind to banish buyer’s remorse
  • A little known pattern that Wolf of Wall Street (yeah that crazy movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, he uses NLP too) used to blow up the last remaining sliver of resistance in the buyer’s mind
  • The proven formula for constructing a super copy that sells (even before applying all the secret NLP persuasion patterns)
  • People call these over-powered techniques “the best” because they work almost like magic (in fact one NLP copywriter wrote a copy using the same techniques that converted at 17% to a cold list!)
  • The most underrated NLP pattern that scripts out the behaviors you want your soon-to-be-buyers take (and they’ll thank you for it)

Start enjoying experiencing quantum leaps in your business. Because you’re going to have your marketing messages speaking directly to their hearts (in the language they understand). And compelling them to take action, and hit that Buy Button. And the more you make these mighty influencing patterns part of your business, the more the business will naturally boom. To the point where you slap yourself on the head and only regret not doing it sooner (as many have before you).

Because when you think of yourself few months and even years from now, living the lifestyle, and your family secured, then you’re going to know that this was worth it.

Aside from uncovering the deepest and darkest secrets of the human mind, I’ve also studied with some of the greatest copywriters of our time, including (but not limited to) John Carlton, Jason Fladlien, and David Garfinkel. And they have shared their strategies and step-by-step methods to creating winning letters. Which means it’s like having a 30 year old veteran copywriter looking you over the shoulder almost demanding that you demolish your competitors with a thunderous victory!

In fact, I’m going to combine their timeless insight and my hypnotic investigation skills to drill into your market in such a way that will reveal their inner-most buying buttons (that if pressed, they will have no choice but to buy from you, PERIOD). Adding to your bottom line so much that (as we continue to work together) soon your bank account statement will start to resemble a phone number. Now, THAT’S opening the floodgates of wealth.

These instruments of immense success are going weave themselves together into a masterful sales letter that’s probably going to freeze your paypal account (from the sudden onslaught of sales). Now, that’s a problem you really ought to be having.

If you want to make sure that alongside with your great product is a great copy that urges people (on the deepest level possible) to sign up then I’m your guy!

Here is a quick summary of what the exact steps we’re going to take together to ensure your launch is an outrageous success:

  1. I’ll sit down with you (online) and dig out all the details about your market, product, and your perfect client (even those things you didn’t realize were important) to virtually guarantee the copy closes anyone who’s closable (so that you know you’re not leaving any money on the table)
  2. Using this information I’ll compose the perfect copy with the most powerful and ninja-style-undetectable NLP patterns (captivating even the most stubborn people) that most trained NLP masters will still miss.
  3. And deliver this sales letter to you (within agreed time-frame) – ensuring you don’t miss any sleep over your launch not having a copy ready to go.

That’s it, 3 steps to your roaring victory. After which you can just sit back and smile as the sales pour in (to a point where you might need to start taking greed management classes).

You probably want to launch your business to the stratosphere ASAP. And I can help you get there because almost 100% of copywriters don’t know hypnosis and NLP, and they DEFINITELY don’t know how to use them in print. In fact, non-NLP writers are likely to make mistakes that will literally turn people away from your message and even completely forgetting about it.

Not a good place to be if you want to stay in business.

Some people claim to be NLP copywriters but they do such a bang up job that not only you won’t get the sale, but people will get pissed off (in some cases you might even get hostile emails). The secret to a hypnotic NLP copy THAT WORKS… is elegance. That’s the ONLY thing that makes this work beyond your wildest dreams.

Which leads me to saying…

This is not for YOU…

…if your product sucks. I’m a hypnotist who’s learned from the best. And some of my mentors haven’t always been on the right side of ethics. Sad, but true. They warned me. And I’m smart enough to listen. I am absolutely not going write for anybody who doesn’t have a killer product that actually delivers. The best hypnotic salesmanship will only ever partner up with the best product.

As long as you have that, I’m flexible on the specific niche you want me to write for you. Just know that in some cases I might need to do extra research to catch myself up on all the insider knowledge which can impact the delivery time (we’ll agree on the details when we work together). Which means you really want to book me at least a week or two before your launch (ideally two to maximize the quality).

If you need a quicker job, it might be possible depending on the project – for a higher fee of course.

The hesitant shall not inherit the biggest market share

Because I work my butt off with each letter I write, I will be taking on just a few clients (to ensure quality).

This is one of those – you snooze, you lose – scenarios. With deep regret haunting you later

As you consider the gut-wrenching consequences of not making sure you have a rock solid hypnotic copy to support your launch and business…you can find it rather easy make the decision to hire the right guy for the job. Which means your business can only grow (and bring in the cash). Because until you experience true NLP persuasion as part of your business, you will never know how good things can be.

It’s like having a guardian angel that watches over your back so you don’t have to. Taking care of ALL the things you’d otherwise miss, so that the pockets where you keep your cash don’t have holes in ‘em.

And honestly I don’t know for how long I’ll stick around and offer my services to the public, because I have my own business ventures I’m working on.

So don’t wait around, unless you REALLY enjoy the headaches associated with taking care of the copywriting side of your business yourself, or hiring a second class writer. Be certain to book me right away to guarantee I will be able to work on your project.

I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m charging – my fee will depend on your exact project (the size, OTOs, time-frame, …). Let’s talk and find a figure what works for both of us.

Now, getting started is really easy, just shoot me email at mobilemonkeymaster@gmail.com . And before I get crackin’ on your new copy and banish your copywriting problems forever, we’re going to do a quick interview to make sure we’re a good match (and you have a good product). And after that you’ll be enjoying the power of NLP and Hypnosis supporting your launch (bringing in the BIG BUCKS), knowing that your copy converted every prospect possible, no stone was left unturned, no money was left on the table.

All I ask is you give me one shot, and believe me, if I’m even half right, the only problem you’re going to have is that you didn’t hire me sooner.

If that sounds fair enough email me here: mobilemonkeymaster@gmail.com

PS: Oh almost forgot…A little deal sweetener for the first 5 people who book me
  • Bonus #1 – you’re going to get free consultations on your sales funnel based on successful and PROVEN strategies of the big dogs like Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, and John Carlton.
  • Bonus #2 – I’ll go with you through a marketing checklist of 11 things that can sink any business (if done wrong) and make sure your business checks out. Like a doctor examining his patient and confirming he doesn’t have a cancer that could slowly kill him (or quickly).
  • Bonus #3 – I will help you figure out the right name for your product that will naturally make people desire to own it
PPS: When you’re ready to make this investment and get not only ridiculous ROI, but crazy bragging rights after your next successful launch, hit me up: mobilemonkeymaster@gmail.com

PPS: In case you didn’t know – these secret techniques are also responsible for the fastest million sold online (28 minutes). I wonder how your business is going to soar as a result of us working together now.

MobileMonkey 19th February 2019 01:52 AM

Re: NLP/Hypnosis Master Offers Copywriting Services To Public

1. Do you have samples of your work?
Yes, I'm currently putting together my new website exactly for this purpose.
For the time being, this sales letter is an example of the quality you can expect from me.

2. Do you do graphics along with the copy?
Yes, I have several graphics packs that go with copy nicely. I will be gradually be adding them here as well.

3. What format do you deliver?
Depends on what we agree to. I can deliver WF code, or just plain text. HTML is also possible, and if you give me access to your site I can fit it in with Wordpress as well.

4. What do you specialize in?
Long form copy, and VSL (video sales letter).

5. How long will the copy be?
Long enough to sell your product/service, AND short enough to not bore people. This will depend on your offer. Most of what I've written has something between 1500 and 3000 words per piece.

Wayne Lee 20th February 2019 07:35 AM

Re: Hypnotic NLP Copywriting - long-form copy, VSL
Hi I sent you a PM.

MobileMonkey 20th February 2019 05:23 PM

Re: Hypnotic NLP Copywriting - long-form copy, VSL
Hi Wayne!
Haven't received any PM yet.
Please try using the email (mobilemonkeymaster@gmail.com) and I'll be happy to get back to you ASAP.

100k 25th March 2019 02:22 AM

Re: Hypnotic NLP Copywriting - long-form copy, VSL
You forgot the most important thing. PRICE.

Edit: You could just write what the minimum price would be - if your average sales letter is 1500-3000 words, then I'm sure could also tell us roughly what the average price is too.

All the best mate.

MobileMonkey 25th March 2019 11:10 AM

Re: Hypnotic NLP Copywriting - long-form copy, VSL

Originally Posted by 100k (Post 11497520)
You forgot the most important thing. PRICE.

I did not forget anything.
I specifically stated that my fee depends on the project.
How could give a quote when I don't know who's reading it, what's their business, how is their funnel looking, ...

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