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mojoogden 25th February 2019 02:22 AM

High Quality Articles, Rave Reviews, English Speaking [US Based]

Originally Posted by parklands (Post 8738961)

I gave Jen, my chosen niche and keyword and waited in anticipation, as someone who has used different article services I know you can never be sure what you might receive
and I have rejected a few articles that have been very bad, with all sorts of mistakes, no problems here, The article was spot on, laid out well and spelling and grammar perfect, it was also well researched and laid out as I had requested.

Highly Recommended and I shall be using Jen's services in the future.

Originally Posted by The Magician (Post 8739446)
I received my article from Jen early this morning. Here is my review.

Jen does fantastic work. She evinces excellent command of the English language; what's more, her writing demonstrates a deep understanding of the professional style and precise diction best suited for SEO articles. Her writing is well-formatted, with an insightful introduction, well-paced paragraphs, and a succinct conclusion. The writing I ordered featured cunning use of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI): it is apparent that either she is a thorough researcher or highly gifted writer. I suspect both. I have little doubt that she could craft a compelling call to action if the article required it. The best part about working with Jen, however, is her professionalism. The writing was completed ahead of deadline, and formatted in an accessible fashion such that I could simply copy and paste the text into my blog. If you are on the fence regarding whether to hire Jen or not, I would advise you to do so before she becomes too busy and raises her prices.

Jonathan -- "The Magician"

Originally Posted by wtatlas (Post 8740139)

I was lucky enough to receive a free article from Jennifer. I say lucky because I almost feel guilty for not having paid for such a top-notch article.

Jennifer's writing is not of the bland, SEO fodder that populates most of the Internet. The article that she wrote for me is informative, (she did her research!), and written in an engaging style. Just what you need to keep your readers coming back for more.

Her turnaround time was excellent too. Jennifer promised to have the article ready in three days but it was actually delivered in two.

As a writer myself I am very fussy concerning the quality of the material that I publish. I can therefore give no higher praise of Jennifer's work than to say that I would be happy to publish this article without making any changes apart from some minor ones to reflect my own style. Her grammar and spelling are fine and the article is well-structured, flowing logically from one paragraph to the next.

If you are looking for high quality content for your website, I recommend that you give Jennifer's writing service a try.

Originally Posted by Victor Edson (Post 8740151)

Jen's a keeper! Her articles are high quality, well written pieces of content that leave me feeling like I need to read every word. I'm glad I had the chance to review her service, and I'd recommend her to anyone needing high quality content. She's great at customer service too, but that doesn't matter... it's all about quality content and she's got it.

Originally Posted by Venkat001 (Post 8741659)
I have given Jennifer a tough medical keyword and here is my review about her service.

Style : In fact when I have given her the keyword, I was wondering whether she would deliver the article as something which I was expecting. This is because the keyword demands a different way of writing approach rather than a normal 500 word article. She has done her work, analyzing it carefully and presented in a great form with the expected keyword density and words around 550+.

Grammer : The article is free from grammatical errors.

Turn Around Time : Even though she has given me a time frame , the turn around time was a bit earlier than promised. In fact I was expecting it to be delivered tomorrow but she had provided it this morning itself.

I recommend her service :)


Originally Posted by Oggyoi (Post 8741924)


Jen created a well researched and nicely flowing article.

The article was 532 words of pure information, laid out in a user friendly style that would keep the reader fixated to the page.

Copyscape passed, error free and nicely presented, this is a really good writing service. Add to this, very prompt communication and this is a service I'd give a big thumbs up to.
Originally Posted by shanekel (Post 8742517)
I also received a review article on my given topic from Jen and i'm very pleased
with the finished result.

The article is very informative and totally engaging which is exactly what i hoped for,
not one spelling mistake or grammar error and it's 100% unique.
The article is also optimized for the search engines and i know my niche audience will love to read this article and thank me for it later.

Customer service is also top notch so taking everything into consideration i would highly recommend this service if you want top quality content for your sites.

Originally Posted by Ethan Chong (Post 8738959)

I received a review copy from Jen earlier today.

So this is my review:

She is really something more than the average article writers out there! Just taking a quick look at the review article she sent me, I knew immediately that it's a highly researched article and can only be done when she does her homework on the topic I have given her. It's quite rare to have met such a writer on WF here as I have hired many different article writers to write for me. This is by far, one of the best articles that I have ever received. I am looking forward to hiring her again for more article writings in the future. Trust me, I received a review article from her and this writer means business! LOL.


EddieBlog 4th March 2019 04:57 PM

Re: High Quality Articles, Rave Reviews, English Speaking [US Based]
Review copy requested

mojoogden 4th March 2019 06:37 PM

Re: High Quality Articles, Rave Reviews, English Speaking [US Based]

I would be happy to provide you a review sample. Please send details to my email mojoogden@yahoo.com. Thank you for your intrest and I look forward to creating a master piece for you.


Originally Posted by EddieBlog (Post 11490406)
Review copy requested

platnumcn 27th April 2019 08:31 AM

Re: High Quality Articles, Rave Reviews, English Speaking [US Based]
hi, could you send me price first. i am interesting

mojoogden 29th April 2019 10:05 PM

Re: High Quality Articles, Rave Reviews, English Speaking [US Based]

Originally Posted by platnumcn (Post 11505231)
hi, could you send me price first. i am interesting

Sorry about delay I was on vacation. I will send you a message with current rates. Thank you

Karl Rader 9th May 2019 01:06 AM

Re: High Quality Articles, Rave Reviews, English Speaking [US Based]
Please send prices

mojoogden 22nd May 2019 01:42 PM

Re: High Quality Articles, Rave Reviews, English Speaking [US Based]

Originally Posted by Karl Rader (Post 11508553)
Please send prices

Sorry I am just seeing this... I did not get an email notification that I had a new message. I am happy to discuss pricing with you. I need to know how many word articles you are looking for and the quantity. You can email me at mojoogden@yahoo.com.

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