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Unread 16th May 2019, 06:36 AM   #1
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✔ $50,000/month High-Quality Sales Funnels ~ We Do The Work For You ~ Guaranteed To Boost Sales!
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Making a sale online is not as cut-and-dry as simply listing your offer.

In fact, only 2% of customers convert when they first land on your website.

The remaining 98% need to be nurtured through a sales funnel – a series of pages used to steer prospects on the path towards your conversion goal.

Each step in this path has a risk of customer drop-off. Being able to identify and plug leaks in this process is critical for your bottom line.

We create and manage your sales funnel to lead your customer down a defined path to a higher close ratio.

A silent salesman that guides visitors where you want them

Your website has a ton of great info and visitors are bound to get lost clicking through links and checking out your offerings. Wouldn’t it be great if you could gently guide them where you want them to go?

Our sales funnel process is like a silent salesman, sending site visitors on a direct path to your objective, whether it’s capturing an email address or selling products or services.

We begin by collecting data about your customers and creating buyer personas to better understand their needs, motivations, and frustrations.

A completed persona includes the following information:

We match these needs with your end goal to optimize every step in the funnel from awareness to consideration in order to influence a customer’s journey.

To move customers between these stages, we provide appropriate content at every step.

Here’s a sample of the kind of content we provide:
  • Relevant and engaging blogs
  • Enticing lead magnets
  • Videos that are quick, informative and interesting

Generate more revenue

We don’t build a sales funnel with a one-time sale in mind.

Rather, our sales funnels are built to maximize customer lifetime value by creating a sales experience that charms customers and convinces them to act on your other offers.

We build customer loyalty and drive repeat business through the the use of:
  • Upselling

  • Cross-selling

  • Down-sales
  • One-time offers
  • Steering visitors to your other lead magnets

A funnel for everyone

A sale funnel benefits businesses of every size, regardless of which niche they operate in.

Whether you’re a large B2C company, a newly launched B2B venture, or an eCommerce store, your business, a well-planned and implemented sales funnel will drive revenue.

Marketing your offer isn’t enough

Don’t waste valuable marketing dollars getting visitors to your site that never convert to sales.

Work with us to ensure that you don’t lose out on customers that have already shown interest in your business with an optimized sale funnel.


There are numerous funnel types which are generally categorized by their end goal. The two most commonly used funnels are to generate leads and sales.

Marketing draws potential customers to your website or landing page. A sales funnel steers those visitors through a defined path of content or pages to convert a visitor into a sale, a lead or other goal.

Sales funnels can fail for a number of reasons. Most commonly, failure is attributed to a mismatch between a customer’s needs and your offer.

A buyer is more likely to make a second purchase immediately after having bought into your initial offer. Upsells and cross-selling let you capitalize on this frenzy to maximize revenue.

These are the incredible benefits of my exclusive, highly-profitable funnel- creation service:

• We do the grunt work, you make the money – You don’t have to lift a finger as me and my all-star team will do the hard work for you… creating a stellar conversion-crushing sales funnel system that will allow you to generate the kind of passive income that you always dreamed of!

• Get tailor-made, awesome funnels created by seasoned copywriters who will write high-octane copy, graphic designers with years of experience under their belt, video artists that know their stuff and professional, prolific native English speakers. The result will BLOW your mind… and take your conversions to the next level!

• I’ll personally monitor the entire process and make sure that you get a jaw-dropping sales funnel that is not only going to transform clicks into sales, but will also literally leave your competitors eating your dust… making you an expert in your niche (even if no one knows who you are now.)

• You’ll have your very own online information business in any niche that you can run completely on autopilot (it’s almost a question of set and forget… which will leave you tons of time to spare.)

• Enjoy a vertiginous conversion rate that will put profits in your pocket – The incredibly high-converting funnel you’ll get will be solely designed to convert visitors into paid customers… over and over again.

• Round-the-clock, friendly customer service that will be there for you and guide you through the whole process. We’ll stay in touch with you by providing regular updates about the progress of the funnel… never again will you be in the dark.

• Leverage the efforts of affiliates and let them promote your new and highly-profitable information product – Your sales-inducing funnel will have an affiliate section where you can recruit an army of affiliates that will promote your product like crazy… Let others do the hard work for you!

• And much, much more!

My Funnel-Creation Service Is The Only “Shortcut” That Will Put You Into The Fast Lane Of Automated Profits Month After Month…

…But Unfortunately, Not Everyone Will Make The Cut.

I have to be brutally honest with you…

My funnel service is NOT open to everyone.

That means that although I’d like to help as many entrepreneurs as possible, I just can’t let everyone in.

The reason is simple.

Due to the nature of this service, I can only accept a few lucky warriors.

Also, I’m not the kind of guy who’d sacrifice quality for quantity.

You see…

Creating the perfect funnel takes time and dedication and if I go and accept lots of folks, I’d be doing a disservice to everyone.

With that said, I can only accept 5 people per month.

Do You Want Your Automated Online Business Working 24/7 For You?

Would You Like To Finally Ditch Your 9-5 Grind Once And For All?

Then All You Have To Do Is Select The Funnel That Best Suits Your Needs…

This Is A Unique Opportunity To Finally Start Making A Significant Income Online!

Look, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work hand-in-hand with me and my “secret funnel weapon” (my team.)

I’ve successfully created and launched over {Insert Amount Of Funnels Here} and most of them are bringing in cash every single month.

I want to HELP YOU to achieve similar results.

Imagine if you had an automatic funnel transforming clicks into sales over and over again…. Every month!

Well, this is EXACTLY what you’ll get with this funnel service…

Your very own SALES machine working for you 24/7!

If you’d like to finally escape the rat race you gotta act FAST.

Remember, there are only 5 available spots per month and they’re going to be filled up quick.

So if you don’t want to miss out on this UNIQUE opportunity you need to choose your funnel right now!

I look forward to working with you!

Select The Funnel That Best Suits Your Needs…

PS. Remember that once me and my team get to work, we’ll come up with a KILLER funnel that you can deploy the very same day you get it… You only have to send some traffic and you’ll start seeing IMMEDIATE results (or in other words, conversions.)

PPS. Every funnel that we create is specifically created to transform curious bystanders into customers. We’ll create a kick-ass product that will literally sell like hot cakes. You only need to sit back and let us do the work for you!

Here's what our clients and customers have to say about our service:

Here's the screenshots of the earnings and performance from our clients:

Choose Your Funnel Package Below And Order Now!

Oh, one last thing…

I’m always reachable, so if you want to contact me you can do it by email and Skype:


Skype: thriveprofits
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Unread 31st May 2019, 08:57 AM   #2
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✔ White-Hot, KILLER Sales Funnels That Will Produce A Torrent of Sales That Flood You With Money!
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If you are interested to place an order but you have some queries, please contact us directly at:


Skype: thriveprofits
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Unread 27th Jul 2019, 10:21 AM   #3
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Re: ✔ $50,000/month Hot Sales Funnels That Will Produce A Torrent of Sales That Flood You With Money
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A lot of people believe you’re either born good at making money - or you’re not. But I can tell you that’s not true.

Believe it or not, you can create a system for yourself to get better at making money. Yes. Anyone can. Making money is a system. And any system whether it’s cooking, doing your taxes or anything else - is something you can create for yourself to get good at.

The problem is most of us weren’t taught how to do this.

Instead we were taught to trade time (our most valuable resource) for dollars. And as a result, most people never quite get the money part figured out.

Because I know a lot of my students and followers may struggle with creating a system in place to make money too,


I’m creating a special sales funnel system for you.

I’m creating a special sales funnel system that is going to help you make money.

==> Email:

==> Skype: thriveprofits

In my sales funnel system package, I’ll create a simple formula for you so you can fully understand how to develop a real-life, money-making system that can change your life.

Once you have this sales funnel system, you can be able to be dropped anywhere in the world. Have all your connections and resources stripped away from you. And just with this one sales funnel system, you’ll be able to make more income in a day than most people do in a month.

Join hundreds of others who have already bought this sales funnel system.

==> Email:

==> Skype: thriveprofits

At the end of it, there is no upsell for you to buy. I only accept 5 clients every month only. So what that means is you can let your guard down. Focus on making money with this sales funnel system. And just benefit as much as you can in this sales funnel system.

It will fundamentally change the way you look at money and how you make money for life.

The only catch is this sales funnel system won’t be up forever.

So buy it now - while you still can.

==> Email:

==> Skype: thriveprofits
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Re: ✔ $50,000/month High-Quality Sales Funnels ~ We Do The Work For You ~ Guaranteed To Boost Sales!
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email sent

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Unread 24th Feb 2020, 02:18 PM   #5
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Re: ✔ $50,000/month High-Quality Sales Funnels ~ We Do The Work For You ~ Guaranteed To Boost Sales!
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Has anyone tried this? If yes, what were your results?
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