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[Copywriting Service] Do You Want To Effortlessly Scale Your Next Product Launch On Cold Traffic?
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ATTENTION digital entrepreneurs and business owners...

Discover how to:

Predictably Scale Your Next Campaign On Ice-Cold Traffic...
(& Successfully Navigate Big Tech's Compliance Minefield) In 2020

It's the year 2020.

The online marketplace resembles a battlefield...

A war zone characterised by:
  • The rise of Artificial Intelligence
  • Tech censorship and FTC crackdowns
  • Over-exaggerated, hyper-aggressive advertising
  • Freelancers slugging it out with agencies
  • And an epidemic of swiping
There's no doubt about it...

It's definitely getting crazier out there.

And while there are certainly MORE opportunities to make money than EVER before...

Long-term, strategic planning has suddenly got a LOT more difficult.

You know this because you can sense it.

The big tech and social media platforms are really turning the screw on us...

Entire verticals have been banned on cold traffic.


And understanding what we CAN and can't say now (let alone in 12 months)...

Is getting tougher by the day.

Of course...

It wasn't always this way.

In the early days of digital marketing (around the turn of the century)...

You could get away with pretty much anything.

Regulation was almost non-existent...

And competition was much, MUCH less intense.

Meaning there wasn't really any such thing as industry standards or 'best practice'.

Not to mention ethics.

"Ahhhh, those were the good old days!"


But anyway...

The 'Rules Of The Game' are changing for copywriters and marketers.


In fact from where I'm standing the pace of change only looks to be accelerating.

'Anything goes' just doesn't cut it any more.

We're in a NEW paradigm.

So tell me, business owner...

Are you looking to make big, unsubstantiated claims... using a dubious or non-existent face and voice...? Or perhaps... rapidly scale your campaign across all of the major digital platforms... without first investing in essential customer care and support infrastructure...?

If so, good luck with that.

(I'll keep an eye out for you down the line.)

Here's the thing.

In the current advertising environment our campaigns need to be like a Stealth Bomber.

We need to:
  • Have an EXACT mission statement and flight plan
  • Strike our targets with PINPOINT precision
  • Fly UNDER the radar of compliance
If we don't get these things right we're effectively cannon fodder...

At best our products are going to have a very limited shelf life.

Here's what I mean by that.

Almost all of the copywriters I've ever worked with...

Put little or no emphasis on compliance or ethical marketing standards.

They just didn't see it as a big deal.

Kinda like... "If this stuff's working for other people... it's fair game!"

I used to think that way too.

But for me EVERYTHING changed...

When huge chunks of the dating/attraction/pickup segment disappeared almost overnight.

(Up until about a year ago most of my clients worked in this niche.)

I was left scratching my head.

The word on the street?

"You can't say this stuff any more..."

Apparently the big platforms had OUTLAWED certain types of
marketing in their T&Cs... virtually without warning.

We didn't see it coming.

At least three guys I knew in the industry went from building a thriving online presence...

To being more or less INVISIBLE.

Some even had to 'cloak' themselves as self-help or business coaches.

(Needless to say, this made life WAY harder.)

It was pretty scary.

And a massive wake-up call for me.

I started to open my eyes to what was REALLY going on...

Behind the curtain.

You see I'd always been a bit puzzled by what I saw on Facebook, Google, Instagram...

For me, there were some things that just didn't add up.

I found it infuriating to be unable to explain to a client why our campaign wasn't scaling.

So I started to keep track of the numbers.

I kept spreadsheets...

And I ran little analytical tests.


I found what seemed like a ton of weird inconsistencies.

Things like:

Sending the EXACT same advert from two similar accounts... and having one sail through... and the other rejected outright for violating the platform's 'Advertising Policies'.

That's when I realised just how deep this rabbit hole goes.

They're monitoring EVERYTHING.

Your business page information, engagement styles, phrasing of claims, layout of ads, use of visuals, changes in ad spend, hidden 'red flag' words...

The list is endless.

Simply put...

Every business account passes through a labyrinth
of metrics and is assigned a compliance 'score'.

Which determines what you're allowed to do.

(Much like a credit score determines whether you can or can't have access to bank financing.)

Of course you can ignore all of these details (as I did)...

For a while.

But eventually it will catch up with you.

And when you fall foul of the marketing standards of the likes of Facebook and Google...

You can expect:
  • Lower account scores
  • Poorer overall quality of traffic
  • Increased likelihood of adverts being rejected
  • And potentially even having your account shut down
It's also much more likely that your campaigns will fatigue after a few weeks...

Making it a LOT harder for you to generate positive long-term ROIs.

On the other hand...

If your marketing is fully compliant from the get-go.

You can expect:
  • Healthy account scores
  • Richer, more relevant traffic
  • Higher engagement metrics and social proof
  • And greater tolerance for any minor advertising infringements
Plus of course, the potential for...

Vastly improved conversion rates... and scalable campaigns that
continue to perform months and even years into the future.

I think it's fair to say...

It's worth paying attention to all of these little technical details.

So how then... do we do things RIGHT?

I mean...

As a copywriter, just sitting here saying we need to "strike like a Stealth Bomber"...

WTF does that even mean?!?!

I'll tell you.

We need a SYSTEM... one with parameters that are tied to the
constantly evolving tech algorithms and compliance benchmarks...
that are an inconvenient REALITY of this digital marketing era.

Luckily I have such a framework.

It's a hybrid...

Partly driven by data (machines) and partly via subjective opinion (humans).

My copywriting system has three essential parts:
  1. DATA: To cut a long story short, I keep a proprietary database of advertising metrics. I've dedicated months to understanding the account 'scores' - which work a bit like a person's credit rating - that platforms such as Facebook and Google assign to your business. (That applies whether you realise it or not). I've also run split tests on countless campaigns. This has allowed me to identify which elements (a) generate the best performance metrics, (b) influence the quality of traffic you receive, and (c) violate the Advertising Policies of the big tech and social media platforms.
  2. AUTHENTICITY: Every product NEEDS to have a clear mechanism. This is the science that tells me precisely how your product works for me, and naturally reduces the scope for making grossly exaggerated claims. Furthermore, as a credible business it's imperative that you balance your marketing with value-driven content (particularly if your account scores are on the low side). Finally, having a reputable expert as your brand face and voice will augment your existing social proof. So, for that matter, will a transparent and responsive customer service department.
  3. 'RED FLAG' AVOIDANCE: More and more industry verticals are getting flagged due to the abuse of consumers by unscrupulous marketers. Unfortunately it only takes one person's actions to make life harder for everyone in that niche (including businesses who've been playing by the rules). A high-profile example is Agora's recent lawsuit with the FTC over misleading claims about a diabetes treatment. All of these red flags will affect what you can and can't say in your marketing. I know enough to help you steer clear of the words, phrases and claims that could land you in hot water.

The bottom line?

It's not about what YOU want to say...

It's about finding a way into the conversation that
doesn't intimidate or intentionally mislead your prospects
... and leave you with a black mark next to your name.

After all... you might not get a second chance.

And another thing.

Even if you manage to clear the 'compliance minefield'...

Or fly under the radar.

(You choose the metaphor.)

You still have to hit the target with your messaging.

Otherwise it will all have been for NOTHING.

Now... as a copywriter...

You won't be surprised to hear me say that effective copy is THE most important element in turning your marketing pitch into cold, hard sales.

That's never really been up for debate.

The deeper question is:

How do we make sure our message CONNECTS with our target audience...

Like a sucker punch to the gut?

(Or a precision strike from a Stealth Bomber.)

Well, you could ask a thousand different copywriters how they'd do it...

And you'd get a thousand different answers.

I'll make it simple for you...

The BARE MINIMUM is to hire a copywriter who's a subject matter expert in that niche AND will test continuously until they find all of the right elements, including: Positioning, New Cause (why the solution works where others failed), Mechanism (the underlying science), Product Offer... and so on.

That's just table stakes though, tbh.

(If you don't have these basics in place you're literally gambling with your money.)

To REALLY create a product launch that stands out in your market...

Amid all of the noise and confusion.

You need something else.

Let me explain:

My own ENTIRE creative process deviates from what
I'd consider the 'norm' in TWO important ways.

I call them my two superpowers.

#1: I'm a natural EMPATH

In other words, I have a highly attuned nervous system.

I ABSORB the energy of other people (without having any conscious choice in the matter)...

Regardless of whether it's an individual... or a group.

That means it's fairly simple for me to get 'inside their head' and speak with their voice.

Now it has to be said...

Being an empath is BOTH a blessing AND a curse.

I've often had the sense that I'm a walking polygraph (aka a human lie detector).

It's made for some DREADFUL relationship issues in the past.

(I once had to leave a job because I could sense my teammate was putting on a front...

The bad energy wore me down.)

But anyway...

Why does this make any difference to my abilities as a copywriter?

It's quite simple actually.

In order to CONNECT with people you have to MEET them where THEY'RE at.

If you don't have that empathy and 'Dog Whistle Language' down...

It's virtually impossible to enter the conversation in a way that cuts through all of the white noise and stops your prospect DEAD in their tracks.

Put simply, they won't resonate with your message on an energetic level...

And they'll click away in SECONDS.

However, if you can talk to them as if you know them intimately...

And understand the stories they're telling about the problem they've been suffering from.

It's 1000x easier to get them to say:

"Yes... that's exactly what I'm going through, how did you know?!"

Psychologically this is the emotional high-watermark we need to get to.

In order to disarm our prospect's objections and put them in a 'BUYING frame of mind'.

#2: I'm a self-taught DETECTIVE

I have a natural propensity for finding PATTERNS...

In masses of random unstructured data.

(I'm also highly systematic in the way I filter and organise information.)

Those qualities helped me carve out a successful carer in research and market analysis...

For over a decade.

As it happens I still apply the process I figured out back then when I'm writing copy today.

I call it the 'Russian dolls' approach...

TL;DR... it's a tree-shaped model for building out an entire story from a single high-level idea.

Granted, it sounds a bit odd...

But it makes a WORLD of different to the end product.

You see...

A lot of copywriters get a vague idea of what they want to say and start writing.

That's a recipe for BIG problems.

Loose drafting, repetition, circular arguments... AND more generally...

A lack of specificity (one of the 'Deadly Sins' of copywriting).

By contrast...

Before I even put pen to paper I use a 3-step ritual:
  1. Listen and absorb information... casting the net as wide as possible
  2. Filter and distill... I purify until I have all of my key ingredients in one place
  3. Expand out... subconsciously back-process and bring the blueprinted vision to life

(That's a very high-level summary.)

The key point is:

Once I have my blueprinted structure in place and the plan is 'locked down'...

I can go about unleashing my creative potential.

Putting all my energy into crafting a narrative that resonates with the
reader on an EMOTIONAL level... while having the peace of mind of
knowing I've ticked all of the LOGICAL boxes of necessity.

As the advertising great Joe Sugarman put it...

We buy on emotion and then justify our purchase with logic.

Wise words.

Alright then... so let's get specific.

I predominantly write copy and lead campaigns for clients in the following niches:
  • Personal Development
  • Mindset
  • Self Help
  • Spirituality
  • Financial / Investing
  • Making Money Online (MMO)
  • Business Development
  • Dating / Attraction
  • Relationships
  • Health & Supplements

If you're not active in one of these verticals but would still like to connect...

Drop me a message anyway.

I'll happily consider other segments of the marketplace on a case-by-case basis.


In terms of what you'll actually get when you work with me:
  • Profitable Campaigns - You can sleep easy knowing that I won't stop busting my balls until we're consistently making money (see 'GUARANTEE' below).
  • Multiple Testing Options - I'll give you at least 3 different leads on every front-end offer... after all, we never truly know what's going to work until we put it out there.
  • Collaborative Approach - You're not hiring a plumber and we won't get the results we want unless we pull together. I expect to be working closely with you and your media / design teams to make sure everyone's talents are maximised.
  • Expert Reviews - All of my work is 'copy chiefed' (aka peer reviewed) by my mentor... an A-List veteran copywriter who's made more than $500 million for his clients over the past 15 years. You'll be getting all of that additional wisdom completely FREE.
  • Authentic Messaging - If it's not already obvious I don't swipe. Ever. I research your brand and prospect thoroughly so I can connect the problem and solution in the most real way possible. I care about helping people and that shines through in my work.
  • Fast Response Times - Look, I won't cut corners in my research. However, my writing is always quick and effective (due to the system I mention above). What's more you'll have my full attention when we're working together on a project.
  • Variety Of Services - I've written hundreds of sales letters, VSL scripts, upsells, email sequences, questionnaires and much more... We'll get to that bit.

Above all...

My GUARANTEE to you is that I'll stand behind my work:

I'll continuously test, analyse the data and optimise until we have a winning campaign that can be profitably scaled. We won't stop there either. Post-launch, I'm always checking in and looking for ways to improve on or beat my past performance. I consider us partners... I'm not here to do a job and then move on. I'm here to help you build your brand over the long term.

If you've read this far I'm sure you're wondering how much I charge.

While there's no such thing as a 'typical' assignment...

I'd usually charge around $5,000 for a sales letter and $8,000 for a full funnel.

Plus back end.

However, since this is my first real offer on the Warrior Forum...

I decided to be generous and slash those numbers IN HALF (to $2.5k and $4k).

And then I though... screw it...

Just this once.

I'm prepared to take on a limited number of jobs at A THIRD OF MY NORMAL RATE.

(So $1,667 for a sales letter... or $2,667 for a full funnel!)


After that I'll have to shut this offer down.

I won't be doing it again, either.

So it's over to you.

If anything I've said vibes with you and you'd like to test the water...

Here's what to do:
  1. Email or message me (contact details below) telling me the nature of your enquiry. Mention that you saw this specific offer on the WF.
  2. I'll set up a free, no-strings-attached 30 minute consultation call on Zoom. This is so we can get to know each other and see if it's a fit.
  3. Should we decide to keep collaborating, I'll draft a rough plan of attack in a shared Google Doc. This will give you an idea of where I see the campaign going in terms of messaging, tone, elements etc.
  4. If we agree on the basic vision, then we can sign off on a proposal. After that I'll get started with research and interviews. At every step of the way I'll be collaborating with you and your team, and providing updates from my side.

Sound good?

I hope so.

Thanks for reading this and I look forward to speaking with you.

Mike Henderson
Skype: tiempo787
Phone: +447796271158

P.S. If you skipped the body text and scrolled straight to the end... I HATE you! Alright, not really. The quick point is I'm running a special offer on my copywriting services... priced in the $1.5-2.5k range depending on what you're looking for. I'm sure you'll find someone cheaper if you look around. But if you read my whole post (or just the last few sets of bullets)... you'll appreciate how working with me can earn you a LOT more money in the long run.

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Re: [Copywriting Service] Do You Want To Effortlessly Scale Your Next Product Launch On Cold Traffic
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Re: [Copywriting Service] Do You Want To Effortlessly Scale Your Next Product Launch On Cold Traffic
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I've seen your video Mike.

I would love to write a sales letter for your client for free.

Then you can deliver it to your client and make a profit yourself.
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