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Tristan Zheng 18th March 2020 11:56 AM

I Make Keyword Reports That Get Your Content Ranked. 50+ Keyword Ideas. EXAMPLES INSIDE!
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Hey everyone,

So you want to implement the best content strategy possible. You want to get the maximum results from the content that you create. Let me tell you something. Your goal comes down to the keywords you research.

Because if you're going for the wrong keywords, then you're wasting hours, if not days, on creating content that won't rank. Let me help you.

I've spent 4 years building keyword research reports for clients and during my time, I've helped agencies, businesses, and freelancers find keywords that get them thousands of new visitors every month.

How do I do this?
It's quite simple. Through innovative keyword research techniques, I scour your competitor's keyword portfolio. By doing so, I can show you the percentage of keywords that you and your competitors share and the keywords that they aren't ranking for.

The keyword research report will show you your keyword portfolio, their keyword portfolio, the percentage of keywords that your site is sharing with your competitors, and a list of 50+ keyword ideas that you can choose from to create your next piece of content.

What Comes With the Keyword Research Report?
My keyword report is not simply a list of keywords to choose from for your next content idea. My keyword report comes with the following:
  • Analysis of competitor keywords
  • Listed Percentages of Shared Keywords With Competitors
  • Unique Keywords That Competitors Aren't Ranking For
  • Keywords With Low DR Sites
  • Keyword Audience (An Analysis of Who's Searching For the Keyword)
  • Content Strategy & Ideas

So, you're not only getting a list of 50+ keywords to choose from, you're getting a list of the best possible keywords for your industry, keywords that your competitors aren't ranking for and keywords that are relatively easy to rank for.

At the bottom are some of the keyword reports I've created for my clients in the past. What you see in there is what you'll get when you work with me. You'll get a thorough understanding of your industry's keyword potential while also receiving a complete analysis of your competitors.

Now, you won't have to waste valuable hours creating content that is uncertain to rank. With my keyword reports, you now have the highest statistical chance of ranking for the content you create.

My hourly rate for your personalized keyword research report is $30/hour and I give you an estimate on the number of hours needed before I start, depending on how much you need in the report.

If you're interested in taking your content creation to the next level, then shoot me an email at tristanzheng360@gmail.com or send me a message and let's get started on building you a report that values the time you put into your content!

seofreetips 10th April 2020 01:13 AM

Re: I Make Keyword Reports That Get Your Content Ranked. 50+ Keyword Ideas. EXAMPLES INSIDE!
Which tool do you use for keyword research?

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