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"Mad" freelance writer Bills $125 for 1k Blog Post
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The most CONTROVERSIAL phrase I ever read...

"Just imagine... you can make more money than many doctors and lawyers make – just by writing simple, conversational blog posts."

Sure! Yeah right!

I was a cynical disbeliever not long ago. Shortly after, however, I was banging my head against the wall for not joining the internet gold rush sooner.

You have read stories of massive success from 6-figure bloggers like these...

1) Abby - $31,292/mo blogging at about crafty home decor and DIY projects.
2) Justin - $27,936/mo blogging at about internet marketing and financial freedom.
3) Dom - $17,508/mo blogging about web design at
4) Matthew - $20,834/mo blogging about making HTML5 video games at
5) Sharon - $8,700/mo blogging about being a freelance writer at

... and overnight, I became HOOKED!

There was something to this, it was right under my nose, and I swore I was going to figure it out or die trying.

Because a surgeon or lawyer was suffering through AT LEAST a decade of hitting the books to get to that income level. Yet bloggers were taking the shortcut and achieving the same income (passively) in 1-3 years. And writing only casual/conversational words.



So what did I do?

I became the Bill Benter of blog posts. You know, the famous man who cracked the horse-racing code.

These days my time is spent studying the "blogging race track" and spotting trends & winners left and right. I use state-of-the-art spy tools and keep an ear to the ground for the best SEO practices.

When you hire me today, I'll take your keyword or topic and carefully select the most effective blog post format and proven methods to sculpt a "winner" blog post.

Everything I produce is 100% white hat.

There is no keyword-stuffing funny business going on here, although I do monitor keyword density (have to).
Every word you'll get from me:

* gets passed through Yoast SEO
* gets checked for plagiarism
* is scrutinized for spelling & grammar (my 2nd editor checks my 1st editor)
* statements verified and hyperlinked

... and just because I love ya, I will also throw in a FREE header image to complement your shiny new blog post.

Listen, while I can't legally guarantee you'll win a single drop more in traffic from my blog post (too many factors out of my control), I can testify that there DEFINITELY is a secret formula to boosting your chances to rank your blog post high in the Google SERP.

I may not have the fastest turnaround in town. And maybe I don't respond in 60 seconds or less, either (avg response time is more like 20 minutes). But one thing is for sure...

... I will be grinding away at the lab, mixing up my "evil cocktail" of blog post ingredients... FOR YOU.

I've trained myself and a very small set of helpers to create data-driven blog posts that increase your chances of overtaking competitors for keywords and increasing organic monthly traffic to your site.

This is all I do. Full time.

So grab your trusty keyword, message it to me NOW, and tell me about your niche website. I'll respond with a price quote.
Click here to hire me.

This is Freddy drinking a Monster. Stay frosty.
[ rides into the sunset, while blasting "The Hey Song" ]
P.S. yes, there is a John Carlton reference. did you catch it?

P.P.S. Forgot to tell you my affordable rate. It's $125 per 1,000 words. Takes 5 days to receive it (sometimes sooner). PayPal makes it easy for both of us.

writing sucks. Let me handle it for you. I'm REALLY good at it.

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