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Adamtrd 5th June 2020 06:06 PM

*** Now Offering 3 Review Samples! ***

Want one? Post me for more details. Time-limited!

>> Current Status: Accepting Orders
(June 2020) <<

Your Content Powerhouse Here!

You've Worked Hard on Your New Product and You Can't Wait to Put It Out There and Get Those Leads & Sales Rollin' In...

So what are you gonna do next?

Experiment with copywriting?

Test out 5 different versions of the sales letter?

Or maybe learn copywriting from scratch? (Hint: yes, you can but do you have the time?)

Here's the thing, my friend:

Every skill, including copywriting and writing, can be learned.

But what if you want to take it to the next level?

Well, in that case, you'll have to spend a HUGE amount of valuable time, and MUCH of your hard-earned cash.

And let's be honest - as a marketer, your end goal is to sell your product/service, right?

So instead of working for your business, only to get mediocre results, let me take care of ALL your copy needs - Facebook ads, landing pages, sales pages, you name it!

This way, you'll free up much of your precious time to focus on what matters most -

Growing your online business!

Hey, My Name Is Adam. I'm Here to Fulfill All Your Copywriting Dreams.

I'm a copywriter with over a decade of experience in digital content. Over the years I’ve worked as a freelancer and in a few companies, as a copywriter and a blogger.

I'm passionate about copywriting, and I constantly strive to improve my skills. Now I'd love to use them to help your business succeed.

Now I could go on and on about how my sales pages bring over 50% conversions, my SEO will get you to the top of Google and you're literally going to print money once you use my services.

But here's the truth NO ONE likes to talk about:

No copywriter can promise a specific conversion rate, sales through the roof, etc. Doing so would be unethical because your results depend on various factors beyond your copy:

>> Product-market fit
>> Product/Service quality
>> Timing
>> Cold/Warm audience
>> Your audience's income level
>> Your relationship with your audience
>> Previous offers
>> Testing, testing, testing...

What I can guarantee is to provide you with the best copy for your needs.

Copy that is based on research and that will evoke readers' emotions, engage them, and trigger the desired action.

Sounds good? ;)

>> Hey, want to read some of my writing samples? Hop over to my portfolio site <<!

Copy Services You Can Order Right Now:

Please note: Delivery times depend on my workload. Book now for a SPEEDY TURNAROUND!

Sales Letter: If you want to sell products/services, you need a professional sales letter. I can create any kind of sales letter, including WSO.

Price: $140 up to 1000 words | $260 up to 2000 words

Video Sales Letter (VSL): Yes, you can easily shoot a video of yourself talking about your product. But if you really want anyone to care, let me write the script for you.

Price: $140 up to 1000 words

Squeeze Page: List building is key when it comes to building your online business. I will create a squeeze page with one goal in mind - to get more emails for your business.

Price: $17 up to 100 words

Landing Page: When creating an Adwords or a PPC ad, you’re not going to send your audience to your homepage, right?

That would be an utter waste of your advertising dollars because your visitors will have no idea what to do next. Instead, let me write a focused landing page copy that will drive results.

Price: $140 up to 1000 words

Email Auto-Responders: It takes time to build a relationship with your audience and move them up the sales funnel, from readers who hardly know you all the way to dedicated buyers. With the right emails, this can be achieved.

Price: $30 per email (up to 150 words)

Web Content: Do you need a new About page? Product descriptions? Web content makeover? I’m here to help you with your web copy needs.

I will even provide insights when it comes to user experience, navigation, etc. if you want.

Price: $60 per page (up to 500 words)

Blog Posts: I LOVE blogging and I think any business should add them to the content mix. Blogging on a regular basis can skyrocket your SEO, brand authority, traffic, and much more.

Price: $50 per post (up to 500 words)

SEO Articles
: Give me your main keywords, some background and I’ll take care of the rest.

Rest assured - your audience will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

Price: $0.10 per word

Lead Magnets: One of the best ways to get leads is by giving your users something of value - a cheat sheet, checklist, eBook etc.

Simply tell me your niche and some of the problems your potential clients are facing and I’ll take care of the rest.

Price: $0.14 per word

Need Lots of Copy? Order A Bundle!

If you’re serious about your business, you’ll need more than just one or two assets to get results. For example - you’ve created a landing page, but once your visitors have provided their emails you’ll need an autoresponder sequence, right?

Because, as you may know, most visitors don’t buy before they get to know you, like you and trust you.

That’s where my copy bundles come into play - get more awesome copy for LESS!

In addition to the following bundles, if you have bulk orders of copy, please contact me.

Advertising Bundle - ONLY $397!
Adwords/PPC ad
Landing page
Squeeze page
7 email auto-responders
Sales letter (up to 1000 words)

Web Content Bundle - ONLY $597!
A complete makeover of your website content (up to 12 pages, 3 navigation bars)

Blogging Bundle - ONLY $347!
Landing/Welcome page
5 blog posts (*500 words each)
2 pop-up messages

SEO - ONLY $397!
10 SEO articles (up to 2 niches | up to 500 words each)
Squeeze page

When it comes to niches, I’m familiar with health & fitness, eCommerce, and internet marketing but I can write about almost anything, as long as there’s enough available information about it online.

So now you have 2 choices:

1 - Continue to learn about the art of copywriting and trying to figure it out on your own (good luck with that...)

2 - Hire me as your copywriter and use your free time for what really matters - your business!

Your Plan of Action:

1- Email me: Myinkreverie AT Gmail DOT Com and discuss your project

2- I will reply with price, delivery details and everything else you need to know

3- I’ll get to work and keep you posted

4- You’ll get your copy, and I’ll be looking forward to your feedback :cool:

So let’s get down to business, shall we?

Adam Troudart

PS. Yes, you can find cheaper copywriters and content writers. But do you really have the time for proofreading, editing, and endless back & forth messaging until you get it right?

PPS. I won't be offering this service forever, at these affordable prices. I normally charge much, much more. Let's talk today, I KNOW you're going to love the result!

Adamtrd 11th June 2020 10:35 AM

3 Review Samples still up for grabs... First come, first served!

BrandsandPapers 11th June 2020 12:08 PM

What is the eligibility to ask for a review copy? Am i eligible?

Adamtrd 11th June 2020 02:28 PM

You're not allowed to ask for a review copy but I'm allowed to offer, as far as I know. I'm offering 3 review copies so you can get the first one.

Here's the deal:
1 asset, up to 500 words.
If that sounds good, please pm/email me what you need.

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