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⚡Salesletters so sexy you'll want to SPANK them (with money)⚡ LIMITED TIME OFFER
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"MILLIONAIRE MAKER" Sales Copy At Bargain Bin Prices...
For A LIMITED Time Only:

Highly Persuasive Sales Copy For Discerning Marketers...
  • Flood your business with new customers with my battle-tested "secret sauce" copywriting methods... I'll create persuasive new sales material for your business... reduce your ad spend... get more customers, and actually make a "return on investment" with my affordable copywriting services.
  • Not the cheapest, but by far the most SUPERIOR copywriting service available here (and not as expensive as you may think)... there's plenty of services on offer. But do they have the skills to transform your WSO, service, or product into an irresistible offer that customers feel they must buy? More info below.
  • It converts, or I'll rewrite it free GUARANTEE (even though this has NEVER happened before)... myself and every copywriter I hire goes through rigorous training to ensure they can create sizzling high conversion sales copy with teeth... and powerful enough to compete in the dating, forex/crypto, weight loss, self improvement, and golf niches (the toughest niches to profit from... let alone ROAR with sales).
From the desk of: Joe Cassius
Date: 5 September, 2023

Dear fellow warrior,

Are you looking for "battle tested" copywriting talent to sell significantly more products or services?

If so, you're in the right place.

Let me explain:
My name Is Joe Cassius...

And I've been a high-level underground copywriter for the past 8 years.

... and over the past 8 years, I've worked alongside some of the top online copywriters and marketing professionals...

And watched as they meticulously crafted "wallet snatching" sales copy...

... making themselves and clients obscene amounts of money that I just can't disclose here.

In fact, if you're deep in the marketing game, chances are you've seen my sales copy used by professionals the world over...
Some big names include Ewen Chia, Dean Jackson, & Ray Edwards...
(plenty more, but I cannot reveal them to protect client interests).


If you don't know who they are, don't worry about it.

All you need to know is that I'm about to make one of the CRAZIEST offers in the Warrior Forum "services" category...


I'll explain more in a sec, but just imagine this:

You wake up tomorrow morning, no pressure to be at work on time...

... no irritating traffic jams to sit through...

... no boss to look over your shoulder...

... in fact, you have complete freedom to roll out of bed when you feel like it...
An "alarm clock" becomes a thing of the past...
You crack open your laptop, and wade through the dozens of "notification of payment received" emails ...

... making $100's, maybe $1000's of dollars, without even lifting a finger.

The absolute best part about it?

Once you have just 1 profitable campaign...

It doesn't take much effort to "leverage" it into even bigger profits...

... you're free to outsource time consuming tasks, work on things you want (if you feel like it)... and ultimately:
Get filthy rich from your internet marketing empire...
That's why trying to "go it alone" can quickly end up frustrating you to the point of wanting to give up.

And if you've tried your best to create your own copy...

It's almost certain you've come across these common problems:
  • Making your offer stand out amongst hundreds of competitors isn't easy... you could easily throw away weeks crafting, tweaking, testing small things on your own letter, but unless you're extremely lucky... it won't make the impact you were hoping for.
  • People NOW more than ever are distracted by their Facebook, Instagrams, Youtube, whatever... the point is, cutting through the BS is crucial – and a "mediocre" marketing message is NOT going to get through to your "average Joe" – unless it is extraordinary, or at least seems that way.
  • Most importantly... time is of the essence... do you have the time or patience to go through dozens of copywriting books... from authors like Eugene Schwartz, Gary Halbert, Vic Schwab, John Caples... all the way to "newer" school writers like John Carlton and Michael Fortin... and then even newer copywriters like Ben Settle...
Reading their books, listening to their programs, and watching their seminars could take weeks...
But understanding them takes months...

Not to mention YEARS of effort required to actually hone those skills to a high level...

Basically, what I'm trying to say is this:
Time is money!
And if you're slaving away trying to figure out why your copy doesn't work...

Or all around getting poor results...

It's time to let a professional take over.

... Because in the end, you'll end up saving time, money, and frustration...

And sales that would otherwise have been lost due to a poorly written sales letter...
... suddenly become the "life savers" you need to reach your financial goals.
In other words...

Hiring a professional from the get-go means you'll have...
More sales, more money in the bank, and ultimately more FREEDOM to do the things you want...
Most people think using brute force or "tricking" people with...

... fake scarcity...

... overly hyping up their products...

... making impossible ridiculous claims...

And more, is the only way to sell...

But this is the "fake" copywriting I've been railing against for years.

At the very least, they serve as "red flags" to avoid hiring complete amateurs.
Pro copywriters, on the other hand make your offer sound enticing, so people WANT to buy.
... without the gimmicks and tricks.

That's why hiring a professional is not a "cost", but an "investment"...

Because you'll end up making your money back many times over.

But ultimately, it's about your bottom line.

Just about anyone can "say" they're a copywriter.
But very few have the "real world" skills to produce consistent, profitable results...
And that's what I'm offering here...


And if you don't have $1000's to invest in professional copywriting services just yet...

… that's OK.

Because in a moment you'll discover how (and why), I'm going to offer you the same, high level copywriting skills you need for a mere FRACTION of the cost…
But you're probably asking yourself:

If I'm so good at copywriting...
... why am I about to make this "ridiculous offer" in the first place?
(fyi: this is NOT a made-up story like 99% of them out there.)

The truth is, COVID-19 destroyed a lot of livelihoods for many people I know.

And if you've seen or heard the news about Australia...

... then you know things are pretty bad down here.

And this is an opportunity to make some extra money in order to save some friends from losing their homes, livelihoods, and possibly even lives (sad but true... and most people will not tell you when they're at this stage).

But I digress...

I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn and grow from the WF for many years now.

I used to spend hours on here every single day, learning everything about copywriting, SEO, paid traffic, affiliate marketing, and more...
Once I started having success, I slowly drifted away into the wider community, and honed my skills relentlessly.
After seeing how the multi-millionaires really do it...

... I finally "graduated" to creating sales copy for my own products and services.
After all...

What's the point of spending 20-40+ hours creating insane high-powered sales copy, when I could just write for myself?

But like I said, this is not for me.

This is an EXTREMELY limited time offer to help people I care about...

... and in return, give YOU something of true value at a substantial discount rate (as a "thank you" for helping me, to help my friends and family).

Anyway, you're probably wondering about the kind of results you can expect...
Take this letter as a "self-evident", compelling piece of copy.
It's exactly why you're still reading right now...

And it just gives you a small taste of persuasive power your own sales letter will have.

But words are just words, right?

It means nothing without actual results...
Here is a website (with a trickle of just 70-100 visitors a day) converts at an INSANE 18% conversion rate:
(these are screenshots from the backend affiliate software of various products I promote

Sales of a $200 product – to a COLD list of 3000 converting at an astonishing 5%:

I've also worked with TOP 100, multi-millionaire Clickbank APEX members...
"Joe is my secret weapon to create consistent BIG BUCKS... "
I heard what Joe was up to, and why he may be a bit busy over the next few months as he takes on additional work for a great cause, helping his friends and family in a time of need. He asked me for a testimonial to help him with his offer, and I just wanted to say if it wasn't for outstanding work, I don't know where I'd be. He was one of the first copywriters I hired, and I'm so glad I did – because other copywriters I've hired have made unbelievable promises, but under delivered.
His style is believable, yet irresistible, works with my branding, and connects with my prospects so easily and strongly they want to buy – and from the statistics, people read his sales letters over and over again, meaning if they're not ready YET, they buy later down the track, perhaps when its more affordable for them! Joe is my secret weapon to create consistent big bucks. I wish him all the best during this noble endeavor.

Jasper C. , NY (Clickbank APEX member)
And consistent sales in the TOUGHEST, most competitive (but profitable) niches...
"If you know what's good for you, do not miss this opportunity"

I'm a man of few words, and working with Joe in the past has resulted in insane conversions for ALL of my information products. I'm not just an affiliate, I'm also a product creator. And when I get stuck about hooks, USP's, or other fancy copywriting stuff, I have to practically BEG Joe to write for me. If you know what's good for you, do not miss this opportunity. I've used writers in the past who weren't able to "reach" my audience, and wasted tens of THOUSANDS of dollars driving traffic to pages that just don't convert... until I met this legend.
Horace D. , TN (Dating Products Professional)
Pro level direct-response copywriting that stands out WITHOUT ridiculous promises...
"I find my own product sales copy so mesmerizing, I want to buy it myself!!"
I've hired copywriters in the past that created copy so unbelievable, it would have irked me to even put my name on them! I guess I didn't know what to look for when a true professional handles your sales copy. Joe's style is unbeatable for realistic, yet extremely persuasive sales material.

In fact, sometimes I find my own product sales copy so mesmerizing, I want to buy it myself!! If you need any marketing material, you'd be lucky to have Joe on board!

Aaron P. , NSW, Australia, Self Improvement Affiliate
The easiest, FASTEST way to make money is professional direct-response copywriting.
But if you're still not convinced I'm the "real deal", here's what I'm willing to do...

Anyone can promise they're the greatest copywriter on Earth.

But few are willing to actually back it up.

That's why I'm offering you a rock-solid guarantee.
It CONVERTS or I'll rewrite it FREE. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Obviously, I can't get my time back that I've spent on your project, so a "refund" is out of the question.

So let's be realistic about that first of all.

However, I'm so confident you'll be absolutely THRILLED about your purchase...

... if it's not converting, I'll chop, tweak, and rewrite your sales copy for FREE (squeeze page, full sales letter, upsells, cross-sells etc).

In order for me to do this, there has to also be clear terms too:
  • For me to GUARANTEE conversions, I'm going to need proof you've sent at least 3000 visitors to your page.
  • I may need backend access to determine conversion rate and how your page/funnel works and suggest changes first.
  • Proof of where your traffic came from (SEO, social media, paid ads etc).
If the copy truly isn't converting well, I'll rewrite it on my own dime until it does.

Sound fair?

Obviously, this guarantee goes "above and beyond" what you would normally expect.

So without further ado...
Here's what you'll get with your custom sales letter order today...
  • Full length, "precision-engineered" sales letter custom made for your product or service...this letter is going to be your "secret weapon" to sell your product effortlessly... it'll drive home your main selling points, have "punch" that cuts through your prospects day, and will be packed with nuggets of highly persuasive language for consistent profits every single day.
  • Uncover your product or services most powerful benefits (I call them bottom-line "profit multipliers") because customers will be eating from the palm of your hands... the key in a successful sales message is getting the "reasons WHY" they should buy YOUR product (over your competitors) across as effectively as possible – this'll make your offer stick out like a sore thumb and bring money in for years to come.
  • Avoid common mistakes that KILL sales (even used by "top professionals" in the copywriting field)... some writers are so hell bent on following the "rules" of direct-response, they still sound like spam letters from the 1990's. Well, things have changed – modern advertising demands greater precision and a much more tailored approach (especially with the distracted, incredibly short attention spans of today).
  • Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) suggestions in your sales copy to destroy "subconscious" buying resistance (and multiply your sales)... every potential buyer has questions in their mind they need answered before they willingly hand you money. And if there's resistance anywhere along the way, you are leaving money on the table! I'll insert these special hypnotic phrases and suggestions into your message, so they willingly purchase (and sometimes DEMAND) your product or service!
  • Stop MURDERING your money with overly hyped, over-promising sales copy that's not believable... I'll create a letter that creates excitement, inspires trust, and makes more money... but DOESN'T set off alarm bells in your prospects mind. This is often the mark of inept writers who have NOT had experience outside of the Warrior Forum, or outside the internet marketing niche (these closed ecosystems have their own rules).
  • Stand out from the crowd with creative hooks, smart positioning, and unique selling propositions (USP)... one of the most important skills that requires great thought and is NECESSARY to kill off your competition – is figuring out how to convey your most profitable selling points. I'll do this for you, ensuring your product or service is clear, desirable, and sounds as persuasive as possible.
  • Transform your product or service landing page/s into a 24/7 money making machine (even if people don't buy right away)... how, you may ask? people aren't always ready to buy immediately – they may have other commitments, or may not have the money right now. But a well written, persuasive sales letter keeps people coming back... even years down the track. That's why your investment in professional copywriting will pay for itself over and over again.
  • Apply "secret sauce" selling secrets even most copywriters don't even know exist (discovered by complete accident, but can boost sales by up to 2x-3x)... this stuff is not in any course or book out there, but was discovered after sending an email which had a jaw dropping 40% open rate (to a list I thought was completely "tapped out").
  • Position your product and give it maximum perceived value (this will put STEROIDS into your marketing message)... people don't like to be sold to... instead, they like to buy things when they feel they aren't being pressured, forced, or otherwise convinced... instead, let them convince themselves they need your products and services, and multiply your income faster and easier than ever before.
  • Understand your market, product/service, and potential customers (emotions) ... I'll analyze, inspect, and dig deep to understand how to sell to your market. This is also the most overlooked step, as so many "copywriters" act like know-it-all's after reading a few books on advertising. I'll then implement my custom research into the next phase to build out your money-making sales machine.
  • Analysis on your biggest competitors, understanding their most successful marketing, products, or services (and then ensuring your marketing is superior)... sometimes the smartest play is to see what the successful companies in your industry are already doing. They may have tested, working advertising, great page design, a different angle etc... I'll use this competitive intelligence to ensure your offer is unique and highly desirable against them.
  • Choose the most profitable hooks, frames, angles, and positioning for your product and service for MAXIMUM "profit-potential"... a lot of copywriters simply don't understand HOW to decide on how to position your product in the marketplace, to the right audience. I'll do this for you, ensuring you can convert even small amounts of traffic for big leverage in the future.
Look, I can crank out mouth-watering bulletpoints all day, explaining everything I'll do for you.

But first...
There is a catch for this LIMITED time offer.

Like I said before, this is a limited time offer, to gather some additional funds to help my dear friends and family (stop them from losing their homes and destroying their businesses – unfortunate consequences of "the rona" for these hard working people).

And as a "thank you" for your patronage, I am offering my service at a STEEP discount (you'll find prices shortly).

But at the same time, I also have a few rules:
  • Your product or service must have actual value. I cannot ethically put "lipstick on a pig"... if you aren't absolutely certain of this fact, then I will not be able to help you. Your money and time would be better spent creating or finding a better offering, before paying for professional copywriting services.
  • I am a "one man wolf pack" and turnaround time may be from 1-4 weeks... if you are not patient, will hector me with questions every other day, then we are simply not a good fit. Spending from 20-40+ hours (depending on your project), means I will be round the clock busy. If there is anything I need (after you fill in the questionnaire), I will contact you.
  • If you have an entire course, and I need to review them, there may be additional fees... this package is best suited to "front end" products – such as ebooks, products with 1-4 hours worth of video/audio content, simpler products in general. But if you're selling products – say in the $500 - $2000+ range, that is significantly more in depth and will most likely attract additional fees. You must contact me for a quote on more complex and high-end products or services.
Heard enough? Here's how much this will cost you...
A fair price would be around $1500-$3000 (for a simple squeeze page + front end product offer).

And for high end products or services in the $500 - $2000+ range...

... I would normally charge around $4500-$5000 to create everything needed to make it a jaw-dropping success.

Because this is what I charged to create profit pumping opportunities for marketers in the past.

And if you ask any other "battle ready" copywriter, they would charge similar rates.
But you won't pay anywhere near that much, because...
This is a TRUE "Warrior Special Offer"...
Okay, enough dancing around the fire.

Below is a quick break down of the packages.
However, if you're not sure, or you may be after something a bit more specific, email me at for a custom quote (I will be honoring the WSO discount too).

Once you make your purchase, simply email me at with this questionnaire filled in.
Quality copywriting can "make or break" your financial success online...

It's the difference between struggling to make sales, and waking up each morning with a bunch of affiliate commissions, or sales for your products and services.


Life becomes so much more enjoyable when you don't have to worry about bills being unpaid, or how you're going to pay your bills in a week or a month from now...

... or having to overwhelm yourself with work, because you can't afford to outsource the "heavy lifting".

... or getting stuck on the "hamster wheel" of never-ending to-do lists.

And STILL not reaching the financial freedom you desire...
This is your chance to get premium quality sales copy for a FRACTION of the cost...
It's only a matter of time before...
  • You create your own reliable, consistent stream of "autopilot income"... and you're free to create more because you're not endlessly tweaking and testing your salesletters... you can focus on outsource the mind-numbing boring tasks that keep you stuck, and "break through" to the next level of success.
  • You could have affiliates busting your door down to promote you... just imagine if you create a simple, useful product and put it on Clickbank... and shortly after, have an ARMY of affiliates ready to promote you... affiliates are always looking for products to promote. And this recently happened with a health care product my partner created.
  • You can spend more time working on things YOU'RE good at... whether it's driving traffic, getting affiliates, writing content - while you leave the "hard stuff" to me... you'll reach your income goals faster because you'll have a professional on your team – ready to advise and write money making sales copy when you need it.
So what are you waiting for?

It's time to take control of your success today.
Keep in mind...
I am a "one man wolf pack"... first come, first served. Order now to avoid long wait times.

I do not rush my work, so I can provide the best possible copy you're going to get anywhere.

That's why as I book up, turnaround times may be adjusted to 2-3 months (when copywriting was my main gig, I was booked 3-6 months in advance MINIMUM).

Not to mention, I was also being paid PREMIUM fees for my work.

This is your chance to get the high-end copy you need to succeed...

... without breaking the bank.

But you MUST act quickly.
This offer will not last long. Once I'm fully booked, this will be GONE.

This is NOT a false scarcity tactic.

In fact, when I first started on Warrior Forum, there were copywriting offers that are still here today...

You'd think if they were really that successful, then they would have moved on to "the real world" and began promoting their own products...

Or perhaps affiliate products by now...

That's how you know true professionals from an amateur.
Clearly, writing at these prices is not a "long term" decision.
That's why this offer is extremely rare and will most likely never be repeated...

I've shown you how I can help transform your struggling sales piece into a "home run" by unleashing my arsenal of copywriting skills onto it...

... but the next move is up to YOU.

And if you've read this far, you know you deserve the kind of results-getting sales copy I'm offering today...

Here's your chance to...
  • Stop "gambling" your time and effort away ontrying create high response sales copy...
  • Kill the frustration of making little to no sales forever...
  • Finally start experiencing the financial freedom you've been dreaming of...
Warning: exploding your sales could make you "uncomfortably wealthy".
Boosting your income by anywhere from 5%-10%, all the way to 2x, 3x, 10x+... isn't for the faint of heart.

If your business is struggling, or not growing as quickly as you want...

This could potentially be a life-changing financial decision.

And frankly, some people are not even ready to have more time on their hands, more money in the bank account, and feeling "at peace" within their lives...
... simply because they're used to so much chaos.

We've seen it happen with people who become incredibly wealthy, and FAST.

And while I'm not promising that – firstly, because it's not possible with every business...

... but it's not completely off the cards either.
Don't waste another moment... more time, money, & freedom is just around the corner.

We all go into business wanting more time, money, and freedom to do the things we really want.

... the last thing we want in our business is another job!

When you have clients or sales coming in like clockwork, it really puts your mind at ease.

You feel happier, more alive, and feel like everything is finally going your way.

That's what we all want...

It doesn't have to the never-ending struggle anymore...

... your online business could explode with just a single promotion... and ultimately, new found freedom to grow in your life.
See you in the DM's.

Yours sincerely,
- Joe Cassius
Direct-response A-list copywriter

P.S. Keep in mind this is a 100% REAL "Warrior Special Offer", and this INSANE discount is only available for a very limited time (NOT false scarcity)... as I said, I am doing this for a bit of extra money to help friends and family in need due to the difficult situation in Australia... and once this offer is over, it will NEVER be repeated. I have charged 5x - 10x more for my services, and this is not sustainable over the long term.

If you need highly persuasive, professional-grade sales letters for your products or services... don't waste another minute.
Once you've paid for the appropriate package, send an email to with the questionnaire here.
P.P.S. One more thing. Look – there are dozens of so called "copywriters" slinging their offers around on the Warrior Forum... it's been pitched as an easy way to make money for the average Joes out there ("just read this Ebook, watch these videos, and you can charge thousands of dollars for your services!")

... but I'll warn you now:

... They simply don't compare to someone who's been "in the trenches", side by side by some of the top online copywriters and marketers, cranking out winning promotions like clockwork... that's what you get when you hire me.

I am the "real deal" and that's the ONLY reason I can guarantee your conversions – as long as you hold up your end of the bargain and drive the traffic.

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Re: ⚡Salesletters so sexy you'll want to SPANK them (with money)⚡ LIMITED TIME OFFER
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Are you still doing sales letter?
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Re: ⚡Salesletters so sexy you'll want to SPANK them (with money)⚡ LIMITED TIME OFFER
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Originally Posted by FirstSocial View Post

Are you still doing sales letter?
Hi, yes I am. Please email cassiuscopy [at] gmail .com


->>Sales Letters So Sexy You'll Want To SPANK Them!<<-
LIMITED TIME OFFER (Not Fake Scarcity).
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Re: ⚡Salesletters so sexy you'll want to SPANK them (with money)⚡ LIMITED TIME OFFER
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Looks like a interesting service
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Re: ⚡Salesletters so sexy you'll want to SPANK them (with money)⚡ LIMITED TIME OFFER
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Feel free to send an email if you need proper copywriting services

->>Sales Letters So Sexy You'll Want To SPANK Them!<<-
LIMITED TIME OFFER (Not Fake Scarcity).
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money, salesletters, sexy, spank

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