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NetworxNZ 14th November 2010 04:16 PM

Outsource SEO is the Way to Go!
Hi all,

I've been working full-time developing various online businesses for the past 3 years now and one of the major things I've learnt is that SEO is such a vital part of the success of your online business. It doesn't matter if you do affiliate marketing, local search marketing or indeed your trying to drive traffic to your own web property - effective SEO is simply the best long term strategy to ensure you get lots of targeted, organic (read free) traffic.

What I've also discovered though is it takes time, patience, concerted and regular effort - effective systemisation and a whole bunch of discipline if you want to get results - especially in competitive markets. Not all of us have the time or inclination to be that disciplined and structured in our work patterns - this is where choosing the right SEO outsource partner is vital.

So what do you look for in choosing to outsource SEO activity?

1. Reporting - make sure whoever you choose to work with provides regular reports (weekly and monthly as a minimum) so you can monitor both their activity and the results - there are so many people out there that "say" they do stuff but just take your money and do very little.

2. Ensure they use current, reputable "whitehat" SEO methods - the last thing you want is to risk the success of your website by getting some seo services company to use methods they promise are "super fast" and then find that your domain gets deindexed - there is nothing more soul destroying than seeing your web traffic go from something to nothing! It can take months to recover from an event such as this and it's just not worth the risk.

3. Look for diversity of approach - effective SEO is made up of lots of different elements. The web properties that I have doing best are doing so because they have links from a huge range of different sources and types of backlinks.

4. Look for monthly commitment and an organised plan - a great SEO services company will be upfront with what they do on a monthly basis and they'll also be upfront that it will take some time to get sustained results - you should be thinking 3-6 months as a minimum.

5. Communication - one of the challenges of working with any outsourcing partner is being having someone accessible to you to talk to and get feed back from. As much as outsourcing into different nations with different economies can be cost effective - it can also introducce challenges with language, timezones and sense of urgency. The best SEO outsource companies appoint a dedicated project manager to you and maintain high levels of communication - especially on larger of more complex projects.

6. Incorporation of both onsite and offsite page optimisation. A good SEO services company will assess your website and provide recommendations as to what can be done with onpage optimization factors before / in parallel with offsite backlinking and seo optimisation. Ranking high in the search engines becomes so much easier when your onpage stuff is all lined up well and fully optimised.

I hope this is of some use to warriors out there - I took the time to do this as I know in my business I got to the point of dreading having to do so much time consuming stuff and yes you can buy tools to automate much of this activity but also in my experience (and I've used Senuke, bruteforce SEO, etc) whilst automation is powerful, they tend to focus efforts on only one, two or a few type of web properties in getting offsite SEO, no attention is made to critical onpage factors and there is much missing when thinkinjg about the diversification as mentioned in point 3 - nothing beats the human touch coupled with effective and proven systems!

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