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[PREMIUM VIDEO] 50% off for a limited time!
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Supercharge your marketing with Supercharged! Studio

[Visit for some more eye candy]

Every single day we all see dozens of crappy, cheap-looking videos. There are tons of marketers who believe that the boring, ugly video they've put in their landing page will make them rich in three days.

Do you want the cold truth? That BS is plain useless. Prospects are not stupid; every single visitor of your site knows your video is crap. And that means your product is crap too. I don't know about you, but I've never liked to spend my money on crap!

Like most things in life, video marketing is worthless unless you do it right. So, I'm sorry to be the one to open your eyes, but if you want to maximize your profit, only a premium video will do.

Now, don't get me wrong. We all know that video:
> increases response rates of squeeze and sales pages by a 10%, or more
> skyrockets your authority and "coolness"
> makes you stand out in your niche
> builds crazy anticipation and momentum for launches
> has an awesome viral effect that boosts your traffic for free

There's a catch though...

Only high quality, professional video has these effects. The vast majority of the video out there are just pissing viewers off!

So clearly premium video is the way to go.

Now I'm sure you have seen those supposedly "premium" video creation services around. My jaw dropped to the ground when I saw they were using video templates to create their clients' videos! What the heck!? That's far from premium in my book!

Furthermore, you are supposed to browse yourself through their templates to find one that suits your needs!

And this is for getting a small 640x480 video! What? You know what, we're in the year 2010! High Definition is the name of the game nowadays! Come on, 640x480 wouldn't impress my even grandma!

Now, are you kidding? Say I need a video. Do I have to pay these guys a significant amount of money and still do the work myself? And I will still be getting the very same teeny tiny video that a dozen other guys? You have to be kidding...

What does "Premium" really mean?

Well, when you hire me, "Premium" means:
> a video rockstar working for your project
> a personalized creative approach
> a custom-made HD video (1280x720)
> a fitting, custom soundtrack
> receiving a ready to use video, including your existing footage (if any)
> several professionally encoded versions ready for your site, YouTube, etc.
> an awesome looking HTML5 player ready to embed in your site
> a helpful "What's next?" PDF with tips to get the most out of your video
> getting only the best for your business!

Forget about crappy Powerpoint presentations, obvious Animoto slideshows or massively used video templates. Forget about wandering across dozens of "meh!" templates that don't suit your project's needs.

Instead, say hello to a high-level, professional videomaker that:
> listens to your needs
> caters your tastes
> helps you to maximize your video efforts
> delivers an eye-popper, conversion-pumping video you will be proud to show.

All this sounds very expensive!
Well, I'm not gonna lie to you: it usually is. Good news for you is that, since I'm the new guy in this market, right now I'm offering this service at a much lower price than usual.

Who are you anyway?
My name is David Cobblestone and I am (amongst other things) a video maker. And a pretty good one, I should say. I've just opened Supercharged! Studio for business.
Up until two week ago, I've been creating high-end videos for big companies, mostly here in Spain.
Why did I fire those clients? To be honest, they were driving me nuts. They didn't seem to understand how video works in today's world. And they didn't seem to be ready to learn about it, either.
That's why I decided to quit wasting my talent with those guys and focus on YOU, the 21st Century Marketer!

What if I want my video to transmit a particular emotion or to provoke a particular action?
Those videos are undoubtfully the most effective ones. Depending on your project's needs, your video can be thrilling, mysterious, romantic, inspiring, compelling... Supercharged! Studio is here to give your viewers what they want to see (or what you want them to see!)

What if I already have some video material for my business?
No worries; I will create an awesome intro and outro for you and add it to your existing footage. I can even edit your existing footage if you aren't happy with it.

What if I want my logo (or any other design element) included in my video?
Again, no worries; you'll be able to send me anything you want to be included in your video.

What if I have a specific need?
Well, you name it! Just drop me a line at and I'll do my best to fulfill it.

What if I just don't need a video?
Then I appreciate you reading up to here! Now seriously, I believe any marketer and any business, big or small, would get significant benefits from using video. Think about it; you could:
> improve your current campaigns using compelling, great looking video
> supplement, or even substitute, your article marketing efforts with highly converting video articles
> start a vlog reviewing products and/or services and become a guru in your niche
> improve your current blog by adding video (ever heard of new media?)
> create viral campaigns that spread like wildfire
> make your product much easier to promote for your affiliates

OK, now you've read enough. Let's get to the point. Since this is a new service, I'm ready to offer you an special 20% discount on my regular fees.

Custom HD video up to 30 seconds + Soundtrack
$10 per second
Now $8 per second
Order by email

Custom HD video longer than 30 seconds + Soundtrack
Request a quote now to secure your 20% off

Specific needs
Request a quote now to secure your 20% off

Remember we are talking about YOUR BUSINESS
Do you settle for less than the best?
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