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Unread 7th Mar 2011, 11:56 AM   #1
6-Figure Copywriter
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Sales Letter Copywriter - Get Proven 6-Figure Copy at 90% OFF (10 Warriors Only) Fast turn-around!
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Sales Letter Copywriter - Get Proven 6-Figure Copy at 90% OFF (10 Warriors Only) Fast turn-around!

If You Need A Top-Notch Persuasive Sales Letter, But You're On A Tight

"You Can Effortlessly Double, Even Triple Your Website's Profits, Capture the Hearts & Wallets of Your Customers & Laugh at Money Worries...
Increasing Traffic!"

Who Said That A World Class Cash Pumping Sales Letter Should Cost A Fortune?

I'll Write You Conversions-Focused, Cash-Pulling Sales Letter at 90% OFF (Offer valid for the first 10 Warriors only!)

RE: Sales Letters that can double, even triple your conversions and sales overnight

From: Alex Vayner, author of Best Copywriting Secrets,
Persuasion in Business

Dear Fellow Warrior,

Let me ask you a question -

What's the fastest and easiest way to increase your profits by 300% or more, without doing any work yourself?

Answer - Trash your template, has-been, deadbeat "sales letter" and get my stealth

persuasion cash-magnet of a sales letter that attracts more buyers than you can handle, vaporizes your competition, and leaves you with a swollen bank account that's about to burst.

Look. I am no psychic, but I can guess why you are here. You're here because you're looking for a world class copywriter who can write your sales copy for cheap... Right?

Well, congratulations... You've found exactly what you've been looking for... Seriously.

And since we're all insiders here, you'll NOT have to read a huge 20-page pitch about how
much you'll benefit from having me write your sales copy...

Top Copywriters Spill Beans,Reveal Their Secrets

This pitch would start with a story about how I spent over 6 figures (after graduating from an Ivy League school) to master the secrets of the world's best copywriters - learning from Gary Bencivenga, Jay Abraham, late Gary Halbert, Clayton Makepeace, Dan Kennedy...

To further show you that the copy I write for you will be better than anything you can get on the net, I'd show that by learning from the top copywriters in the world I was able to uncover their secrets, gain their skills, and put together a copywriting system which I use every day to write copy for 7 & 8-figure players in numerous markets...and how virtually every single piece I wrote has increased conversions for my clients!

Clients Consistently Earn 6-Figures Using Sales Letters I Write

In fact, unlike some 'copywriter' types you might notice pop up all over the place, you probably never heard of me.

That's because I've been writing copy for my own business and for select few clients.

You see, I never had to advertise my services, because 100% of my work comes from repeat clients, all of whom are earning 5 and 6 figures off of the copy they received, and off of marketing consulting they received for free (I regularly charge $200/hour).

In fact if you visit my site, it is easy to tell by the pictures I have some high profile clients. Here is what just a COUPLE of them had to say about copywriting skills:

"Alex is our secret weapon to maximizing business profits - After Alex's copy boosted sales by 309% on one of my sites, and just a few tweaks doubled my sales on several other sites, Alex became my Secret Weapon for maximizing profits!" - Vincent James

"Alex has a combination of a razor-sharp profit-focused brain, knowledge, tools, and insight into buyer psychology to routinely double, triple, and even quadruple your sales and profits. He did so for us!" - Mike Jacob of Elite Internet Marketing

[Look...I don't like to flaunt my clients - especially high-profile ones. If you would like a list of professional references, just ask ]

One copy I wrote sold 3 TIMES more courses at $5,000 per course than clients 'old' sales letter could sell the same course at $700 per seat.

But wait…. I promised not to get into all that To make things really simple for you I'll keep this short and sweet.

In fact I'll spill the beans and share with you why, if you hired a copywriter in the past, you were probably disappointed, or at best - left a huge pile of money on the table and did not even realize it!

Why Online Businesses Fail,
And How You Can Avoid The Same Fate

Here is the pattern I see online newcomers follow most often.

A person 1) gets an "amazing" idea 2) spends a lot of time and money creating the product, then 3) puts up a website...and waits for the orders.

Guess what happens?

Absolutely nothing.

Skipping quickly passed the obvious lack of research, this person now has their site up and the website is like a Ghost town.

When you put up a website and you have two problems.

First, you have to get people to your site.

Second, you have to convert visitors into buyers. Studies show that people make decisions about websites in about 7 seconds. If your website doesn't grab the reader, they are not going to buy. They will just click away and be gone, never to return.

If the sales copy on your site is not making enough sales (you should get a bare minimum 1% conversion rate - that is, 1 out of every 100 visitors should buy something) you either need to fix your copy–or replace it!

That's where I come in. I've taken the most distressed business, that was down to ZERO sales, and turned it around overnight!

The Ugly Truth
Copywriters Don't Want You to Know

I've a confession to make. I did not start out as a copywriter.

For 9 years I worked on websites, specifically testing which elements lead to increased conversions, what changes got visitors to take action. 5 years of split-testing is how I was exposed to web copywriting in the first place.

And that's how I uncovered an ugly copywriting can of warms.

First, 99% of copywriters do not conduct split-tests, which makes their ability to convert visitors to buyers skeptical at best. They could not care less what your conversion rates are.

Some copywriters will charge you a small fortune for an assignment, and say that their copy is good because they wrote a LOT of copy, or worse – because they've written for famous marketers.

So what?!

What does that have to do with bottom line results? Absolutely nothing.

Second, I learned that one must often flush the greatest copywriting theories down the toilet!

Because"great theory" does not convert well on websites.

Hard to believe, but true.

You see, rather than just trust good copywriting theory I soaked up in the last couple of years, I tested over 117 elements of sales letter copy in more than 631+ split tests at my risk and expense, on my own websites.

As the result many great writing theories went out the window because they did not convert well.

This is critical for you to understand this because if you miss this point now, you'll be throwing thousands of dollars away, and not even realize it!

Just because you have words on the page, it does not mean they will sell. Just because a "copywriter" wrote your copy, it does not mean it will sell – because specific elements true in traditional copywriting do not always work online!

How did I resolve this problem to help you can reap the same rewards?


I am a fanatical tester. After all, it was my job for a 10-million-dollar ecommerce company.

So, as a business owner who wants to get your money's worth, you should always be asking what tests the copywriter has run – and which elements convert better - because conversion rates have the most direct affect on your profits!

I continue to test more than 100 elements of the landing page - copy, graphics, buttons and colors - vigorously. As the result, the copy I create is already proven to convert very well. This tells you just one thing - my copy gets results.

Here Are a Few Samples of My Work...

(Please keep in mind that formatting is website owner's job; I write the copy ) - Health related sales letter; took product from 0 sales to 5 figures. - a short one-two punch for a (my) business book that converts like gangbusters. - IM niche, turned it into 6-figure business - IM niche, turned it into 6-figure business

(Want to see more samples? No problem... just send me an e-mail.)

But here is the best part...

Whether you 'like' my writing style or not, it does not matter, because the bottom line is - it converts!


The bottom line is, I know my sales letter will work for you because it has been proven time and time again.

I've done so many split-tests over the years, I leave nothing to chance when it comes to my clients' sales letters. That's why I offer a guarantee NO OTHER copywriter can offer.

1. Order your sales letter by sending a PayPal payment to

2. You send at least 5k of targeted traffic from various sources to your website...

3. And keep it live for at least four weeks...

If somehow the sales letter isn't converting-- I'll re-work it and tweak it FREE OF CHARGE... and work on your sales letter UNTIL it converts...and that's my promise.

Honestly-- who else can offer you that?!

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: How does the process work?

A: It's pretty straightforward... After you make a payment to I'll send you a list of questions to answer and ask you for a downloadable copy of your product, as well as any research you already have. When I have those things, I'll begin crafting your new sales letter.

Q: How long will it take you to deliver my letter to me?

A: I like to have 10 days to complete your sales copy, but normally deliver within 7 days. One thing I never do is rush the job at the expense of sacrificing quality. I'll send your completed copy (in Word or RTF format) via e-mail.

Looks Good Alex... I'm In! How Much Do You Charge For Your Copywriting Service?

Good question. Let’s think about it for a second.

My fellow copywriter Dan Kennedy typically charges $40,000-$75,000 plus royalties...
How much would you pay me if I told you that your sales letter will make you x10 times more than what you're paying me?And what about x100... Or even x1000?

I know I would pay A LOT for such an offer.

Seriously, how much would you be willing to pay for a sales page that can bring in thousands of dollars each month like clockwork?

Well, my clients regularly pay me $5,000 for a sales letter because they are making a great investment in their business. In fact, the LOWEST I had EVER charged for a sale letter is $3,600, and this was more than 3 years ago (plus, the client made a crazy back-end offer).

Yup, these are the market rates copywriters charge if they have any track-record of delivering well-converting sales copy. Believe it or not, there are copywriters who charge more than $20,000 per sales letter, and their copy is hit or miss stinks. True story.

Don't worry about it though. You're not going to be paying anything near that. Although outside the Warrior Forum I charge at least $4,997 per sales letter, since this is my first Special Offer in WF, I am going to make it an absolute killer.


Claim Your Sales Letter Today For ONLY $497!

This Special Offer is Valid ONLY for the First 10 Warriors reserving their sales copy by submitting a PayPal payment to

Excited? Awesome! But...

There Is a Catch!
There are a few niches that I don't write for. It has nothing to do with profitability of those markets; it is entirely personal choice, so no hard feelings, Ok?

I will not promote 'adult' enhancement, gambling, alcohol, tobacco, or some poorly-rehashed PLR products.

If you want to run your product by me first, or have any questions about my services, please feel free to contact me.

5 BONUSES Worth $2,000, Yours FREE

(You'll Feel Silly to Even Think of Missing This Opportunity!)

1. Fully Formatted Letter – let’s face it, formatting a sales letter is a royal pain…correct formatting makes a HUGE difference in conversions, and most copywriters leave their clients handing when it comes to formatting the sales letter…So I am including full formatting with this special offer. $500 regular price – Yours Free with your sales letter.

2. Special WP Theme – you probably already know that WordPress is the best thing to happen to minisites since the dawn of the internet. But you probably don’t know absolutely the best WP theme to use. I’ll show you how you can easily setup dozens of sites every day using this amazing theme.

Internet Business Mythsreport–this report contains the mistakes most internet marketers make, and the real truth about what to do for your internet business to grow to 6, 7 figures and beyond. Many of my clients say this report is more valuable to them than the $2,000 ‘guru’ courses they buy. $250 Value, Yours Free when you place the order.

Automatic Leads Capture– once you have a high converting formatted sales letter, the right website, and right knowledge, the only thing you’ll need are quality leads. It is very rare in IM market to come across a software which not only gets you an unlimited stream of highly targeted leads with push-button ease, but actually works, and over-delivers on its promises. I spent 10s of thousands of dollars on trying software solutions, and if I had to choose, this’d be the only software I’d choose to keep. It’s that profitable! The only problem is, this software costs $1,000. I’ll show you where to order it so you instantly save $500 dollars! (Having this baby alone can take your business to 6 figures!).

Surprise Bonus!

Total: $2,000 in FREE Bonuses

Place Your Order Today

To get started, simply send me a PM on the Warrior Forum or contact me via e-mail

If you are ready to move forward, send a PayPal payment to because
the 90% discount is STRICTLY for the first 10 Warriors, and spots willbe filled on first-come, first-served basis.

Claim your profit-boosting sales letter now.

Alex Vayner
Copywriter & Marketing Consultant

Although you may find "cheaper" copywriters on the forum, I offer professional true professional sales copy, high value, and unmatched guarantee at a ridiculously low price.I'll provide you with a properly structured sales letter that includes all the persuasion elements necessary to help boost your sales.

Remember, this ONE TIME special offer is for the first 10 Warriors only, and sports are filled on first-paid-first- served basis. So order your sales letter now before the 10 spots are gone.

In case a thought of ‘deliverability’ crossed your mind, think about this - unlike so many come-and-gone ‘basement’ copywriters,I run a legitimate business for 9 years, incorporated in 2002 and a clean record with Better Business Bureau ever since. Our NYC/Park Avenue address is listed on the website. You are welcome to visit when you are in the area! (call first J ) You will even get my CELL phone # when we get started on your sales letter. So don’t delay, claim your sales letter now!


Needed Conversions-Boosting Sales Letter Yesterday?!

If you're in a RUSH and absolutely must have a high-quality sales letter delivered within 24 HOURS...Let me know.

The product or service would have to be in a field I know VERY well – like Internet Marketing, health & fitness, software, or finance-related… It costs extra and I’ll have to whether I can free up literally 24 hours in a row to work on your letter…but you're not going to find better copy ANYWHERE else for 24-hour turnaround, and definitely not for the price I'll charge...

DON'T DELAY, contact me NOW and I will quickly get back to you:

6-Figure Copywriter, Published Author, proven track-record:
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Re: Sales Letter Copywriter - Get Proven 6-Figure Copy at 90% OFF (10 Warriors Only) Fast turn-aroun
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I am interested in your much i should pay and when?
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Unread 8th Mar 2011, 09:34 AM   #3
6-Figure Copywriter
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Re: Sales Letter Copywriter - Get Proven 6-Figure Copy at 90% OFF (10 Warriors Only) Fast turn-aroun
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Originally Posted by Gangamma View Post

I am interested in your much i should pay and when?
Just send $497 via PayPal to and I'll be in touch same day to get your project started. Thanks!

6-Figure Copywriter, Published Author, proven track-record:
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Re: Sales Letter Copywriter - Get Proven 6-Figure Copy at 90% OFF (10 Warriors Only) Fast turn-aroun
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Dam that sucks.... lol, I suppose I should read from the bottom up from now on??? $497 for an article is pretttty narly... I was thinking maybe 1000-1,500 words...
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Unread 11th Mar 2011, 09:30 AM   #5
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Re: Sales Letter Copywriter - Get Proven 6-Figure Copy at 90% OFF (10 Warriors Only) Fast turn-aroun
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Hi Dresden,

I just saw your post of March 8th. This is an offer for a sales letter not an!

Claim Your Sales Letter Today For ONLY $497!

Have a fantastic day!


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Re: Sales Letter Copywriter - Get Proven 6-Figure Copy at 90% OFF (10 Warriors Only) Fast turn-aroun
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Not trying to be a butthole here, but those 4 pages you reference are pretty old - most of them 2009, and one of them isn't even active now. Two of them are showing less than 10 visitors a day, yet you said that these are 5 and 6 figure sites.

Is it just that these are a bit older is why it's showing like this, and, if so, do you have a more recent example of your work?

It is unwise to trust all you read on the internet.
- Benjamin Franklin
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6figure, 90%, conversions, copy, copywriter, copywriting, fast, letter, proven, sales, sales copy, sales letter, turnaround, warriors

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