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Unread 18th May 2011, 06:55 PM   #1
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[Only 5 of 10 Left] Memorial Day Special: $100 OFF!! = Top Google Rankings for YOU!
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Only 5 left!!! $100 off Memorial Day Special!!!


Manual SEO *Madness* + Reverse Engineer *Magic*


-Tired of paying for backlinks that get your site nowhere?

-Tired of paying for SEO Services that use tons of software and do none of the work manually?

-Tired of seeing your site take a steep plunge in the rankings just a week after you paid for SEO?

-Tired of getting ripped off……PERIOD?


Well I’m sick of seeing it too, so here is what I’m going to do.

I learned SEO the hard way; with hard manual labor. When I first started out ranking sites I didn’t use any software, spam links, post 1000 backlinks a day, or stuff html tags.

To this day, my hard-learned, tried and true methods, are what I use to rank sites personally, and professionally. Local offline clients would never pay me if I was going to spam their links on oblivious websites and forums. They want ethical, white-hat, legitimate, sustainable results.


Don’t settle for less!! If you see a dirt cheap SEO service, there is probably a reason why. Everything is most likely automated as efficiently as possible. This is great for the service providers, but is it great for YOU, the consumer?

Probably not, and HERE’S WHY:

Google and other search engines base their rankings on real, sustainable results. The accuracy of this is only going to increase in the future as the search engines become even wiser.

What you need is a service that will 100% MANUALLY provide all backlinks, blog comments, forum signatures, and article submissions, AND DO IT DAILY for YOU!


You don’t need 500 backlinks a day. This is exactly the type of spamming Google will eventually catch on to. You may jump up the rankings quickly, and make an initial surge, BUT THEN WHAT?

Your site starts dropping, backlinks start disappearing, and your SEO service is nowhere to be found!

YOU need a service that is here for you in the long haul….

YOU need a service that will do all the work manually….

YOU need a service that will steadily increase your rankings on a daily basis in the search engines….

YOU need a service that is ethical, and cares not only about results, BUT YOUR IMAGE!

I will be working 7 days a week on your website and keyword, methodically and systematically adding backlinks until we reach our goal!

I will work tirelessly until you see results. And with results we get traffic. And with traffic, we get conversions!

That describes MANUAL SEO *MADNESS*


What could make Manual SEO Madness even better??


You might ask, what the heck is this “magic” you speak of, Jeremy?

Let me explain…

Not only will I be providing relevant backlinks for your website, I will also be Reverse Engineering your competition! (Shhhh….)

That is right, I will PERSONALLY, and MANUALLY go through the Top 10 websites for your keyword(s) of choice, and find where they get their top backlinks from.


Not only will I find where their backlinks are from, I will manually go through and add backlinks to YOUR WEBSITE at these very same sites!

But hold on….

No one wants the standard PR0 and PR1 backlinks. These will ONLY BE PR3 AND ABOVE!

So guess what? While your competition has 800 PR0 backlinks, and 100 PR3 and above, you will have their PR3 and above backlinks, PLUS the PR3 and above backlinks of the other top 10 sites for your keyword!!

Do you see where this is going…

I am going to Reverse Engineer every single site in the top 10, grab their PR3 and above backlinks, and add your site where possible. (Obviously not all backlinks will get approved.)

So basically, your site will have the HIGHEST BACKLINKS from a combination of ALL THE BACKLINKS of the Top 10 websites for your keyword.

And when you combine this with Manual SEO Madness described above, it leads us to:

Manual SEO *Madness* + Reverse Engineer *Magic*

And for you it = RESULTS!


So there’s gotta be some BONUSES, right?


**BONUS #1**

Manual SEO *Madness* + Reverse Engineer *Magic* are what this offer is all about.

But!!! I’m much more valuable to you than that. For no extra charge, I will use my SEO experience to look over your entire site, from title, description, etc, and make valuable recommendations to enhance your chances of moving up the search engines.

Local business owners usually pay hundreds of dollars just for this evaluation! For you, it is included FREE!

This on-site portion of SEO is just as valuable as the manual work described above!

**BONUS #2**

Not only will I manually add relevant backlinks to your site, and Reverse Engineer your competition by adding their backlinks to your site, I WILL ALSO MANUALLY go through and add backlinks for your site at .EDU and .GOV websites.

I have a little known secret to finding these sites and establishing backlinks. This will also be included in your package FREE OF CHARGE!

There is one more BONUS, but before getting into that, you’re probably wondering what the heck this is going to cost!

To have someone manually complete all this work, you’d probably expect to pay $600-$800, plus a monthly fee to maintain it...right? After all, we ARE talking about hours of work, and daily submissions for your website.

Plus, if you talk to local offline business owners, they would tell you this service costs about $650 to setup, and $400/month to maintain. (Trust me, I work with these clients)!

But what would be the point, since this is an offer for WARRIORS?!?!

Like I stated, this is ONLY AVAILABLE TO THE FIRST 10 WARRIORS, due to how time consuming it is to manually submit links, comments, etc steadily on a daily basis. After that, I will consider offering it again, but the price will go up.

So what’s it gonna cost??

$700? Nope, that’s what the offline clients pay.

$579? Nope, that’s what offline clients pay monthly to maintain this service.


For the first 10 only…

For the **Manual SEO Madness**

**Reverse Engineer Magic**

**Bonus #1: Free On-site Evaluation**

**Bonus #2: Free .EDU and .GOV backlinks**

and **Bonus #3 listed below…**

All for………

ONE TIME FEE OF $397 ($297 for Memorial Day)

Yes, that is correct. To manually add relevant, high PR backlinks daily for your website, in a way that will consistently rank you up the search engines, plus the reverse engineering to fly past your competition, AND the bonuses…

ONLY A ONE TIME FEE OF $397 ($297 for Memorial Day)

You can continue to try and “trick” Google into getting higher rankings, or you can have someone manually work to increase your rankings on a daily basis through tried and true techniques.

If you are cheap with your business, you get cheap results. I know what my value is, and what this service is worth. Quite frankly, this is under-priced, and that's why I'm only taking the first 10 people. The choice is yours.


When you submit payment, put your desired keyword, and your domain in the comments box. I will then be in contact. I will be available through email and skype for whatever you wish to discuss on the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why do you do everything manually, rather than using fancy programs that post backlinks everywhere?

Google is smarter than you and I. That is the first thing you must realize. In order to truly move up the search engines, and more importantly STAY THERE, you must steadily build backlinks on a daily and weekly basis. If you mass submit your backlinks, eventually you will PAY! Trust me on that…

2) Why do you only like to use PR3 backlinks and above?

I will use lower backlinks to mix it up, but in general, PR3 backlinks and above are what I consider relevant and sustainable to ranking success. Getting these links is the easiest path to outranking your competition. A general rule of thumb is that each PR is worth five times more than the PR below it. So do you want 1000 PR0 backlinks, or 30-40 PR5 backlinks? Google gives us the answer…

3) How long do you work on my site for $397?

For the $397, I will work on your site daily, until it achieves the desired result of getting to page 1, or as close as possible. Anyone who GUARANTEES PAGE 1 is running a risky operation in my opinion. I get most of my clients to page 1, but never guarantee it.

Another issue to worry about when someone guarantees a page 1 ranking, is that it may be temporary. A quick link blast may get you there, but what happens when you fall off? Slow and steady wins the race.

4) What if I have a tough keyword to rank for?

If you think your keyword is very tough to rank for, PM or email me prior to purchasing your package. I will let you know if I think it will be a problem. At the very least, I will provide you with a custom quote specific to your keyword.

5) What if I don’t see results?

You will see results, the extent of it is impossible to predict though. See my guarantee below.

6) What if I’m already on page 1 for my keyword?

Great! Chances are if you are between 5-10, I can get you in the top 5. However, if you are already close to #1, this may not be the service for you.

7) Do you offer any other packages besides the $397?

Glad you asked, YES I DO!

PM or email me if you are interested in one of the below packages.

Here is the structure:

-If you purchase the $397 package, and wish to maintain it when your campaign is over: Special $67/month

-If you don’t want the $397 package, and just want me to manually work on ranking your site indefinitely: $147/month (Minimum 4 month agreement).

-If you don’t want the $397 package, and don’t want to pay a monthly fee, and just want to pay a one time fee for daily service through the end of the year (12/31/2011): Special $897 one time fee

8) Is there anything specific that needs to be done to my site for this service?

This will be covered in Bonus #1. I will evaluate your site to make sure we have the best edge possible when beginning your manual backlink campaign. I will recommend some changes. Also, if you have a domain with your keyword in it, you are an ideal client of mine.

If you do not, it is not a problem, as BONUS #3 is that I research and purchase a keyword rich domain for you if you want, or I will show you how to establish the keyword within your domain by adding a page to your site.

Yep, so Bonus #3 is free keyword research and a free keyword rich domain if you choose to have one versus your current domain.


I will manually work daily on your site until achieving the desired results of your campaign and keyword. If I do not get you to page 1 of Google or very close for your keyword, I can guarantee one of two things:

1) I will use one of the high power SEO companies that I only use when my local clients absolutely need to rocket up the rankings. They are very expensive, but if I cannot achieve the results for you manually, I will enlist their help at NO EXTRA CHARGE to you. This will finish the job if necessary!

2) If we don’t achieve your desired rankings, I will continue to work on your current domain, and will take on a second keyword or domain of yours FREE OF CHARGE!


Whether you want to see your website shoot up the Google rankings, or want to get an edge on that keyword you’re dying to rank for, let me manually handle the grunt work while you sit back and relax.

It's time to get serious about your business....what are you waiting for?

Remember, ONLY 5 left!!! Outsource your SEO grunt work, today!

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Unread 19th May 2011, 10:46 AM   #2
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Re: [Only 10 Available] WOW!! Manual SEO Madness + Reverse Engineer Magic = Top Google Rankings for
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i would be interested in your services to take it further please post me your contact details.
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Unread 19th May 2011, 11:39 AM   #3
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Re: [Only 10 Available] WOW!! Manual SEO Madness + Reverse Engineer Magic = Top Google Rankings for
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Originally Posted by bipinl View Post

i would be interested in your services to take it further please post me your contact details.
Sure, contact me at

or post your question here.
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Unread 20th May 2011, 03:55 PM   #4
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Re: [Only 10 Available] WOW!! Manual SEO Madness + Reverse Engineer Magic = Top Google Rankings for
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Sent you an e-mail..........
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