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The #1 BEST Youtube Service: Views, Likes, Subscribers, Fans & Followers for CHEAP (3 REVIEW COPIES)
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The #1 Best Youtube Service on the Warrior Forum… GUARANTEED!

But don't just take my word for it, read what other warriors had to say...

Special Discounted
Review Copy Package

5,000 YouTube Views and
200 Likes for only $29.95

List of Services...

1. 50,000 youtube video views for only $49.95

I will get your video between 100-400 views a day over the course of several weeks so that it looks natural to youtube and doesn't get you flagged or banned. It is also more likely to help you earn partnership status and help you make some extra money with google adsense ads.

2. 75,000 youtube channel views for only $39.95

Channel views will help your youtube channel rank higher, as well as all the individual videos on your channel. This normally takes me at least 2 weeks to deliver too because I spread it out over time so it looks like natural steady growth and doesn't get you banned.

3. 500 likes to your youtube video for only $29.95

Besides views, likes are the #1 factor that will get your video to rank at the top of the first page on youtube. Likes are user-generated indicators of quality content so they have the same SEO function as backlinks.

4. 500 subscribers to your youtube channel for only $29.95

The last thing you want is a dead-looking channel without any subscribers. Not only do subscribers make your channel look more popular but they also help your channel rank higher for your main keywords.

People who subscribe to your channel get notified every time you upload a new video. If someone subscribes to your page, that tells youtube you have good content that people are willing to keep coming back for. Therefore, it's in their best interest to have you rank higher because that means they'll be checking your videos and coming back and seeing more of their ads.

5. I can also design a custom youtube background

Most people just take a regular picture they like and tile it or tweak a few settings in the youtube admin area and it looks very amateur. Our sharp youtube designs will immediately make you stand out from everyone on youtube and show that you take yourself seriously.

Here are some examples I've done:

YouTube - MrNavinderan's Channel
Youtube - HowToGetOverYourExChannel
YouTube - MrRobertsNetwork's Channel
YouTube - tiwebmasters's Channel

The price depends on the level of sophistication but I usually charge between $39.95 and $49.95

I can also design a custom twitter page for you too.

Just contact me at for more details.

I've had a few requests for custom facebook fan pages but unfortunately I do not offer facebook design. I'm a designer, not a coder, and I don't want to spend time learning the code for designing on facebook. However...

6. I can get 500 fans to your facebook fan page for only $24.95

These aren't demographic targetted because that's more time-consuming and I wouldn't be able to do that at this rate but most of them will be from the US.

7. I can get you 1000 twitter followers for only $19.95

I can give you more followers in increments of 1,000. I can also get you targetted followers in your niche by narrowing in on specific keywords.

8. I can write and submit a 500 word article to over 1000 article directories for only $14.95

I'm a natural born-writer. College graduate too, for whatever that's worth. But more importantly, I wrote a 250 page ebook in a month. Point is, I can crank out quality articles super fast so I decided to offer a totally hands-off solution for people who want an article written and submitted.

A 500 word article is worth at least 5 bucks alone from a very average writer and you're getting that plus over 1,000+ submissions. You can have 2 keywords in the anchor text and 2 different urls thus giving you over 2,000 backlinks. In fact, 200-400 will be auto-approved which means the articles will go live within seconds.

All you have to do is give me the keywords you want to rank for and I will write an article around it, submit it & send you 2 reports afterwards.

9. I can create a custom 1 minute promotional video for only $29.95

Contact me at if you're interested, I can provide samples and all that good stuff. I just don't want to dillute this thread with too much stuff.


Get 500 Likes to Your Video & 500 Subscribers
to Your Youtube Channel for Only $49.95

As you saw earlier, the 500 likes package and the 500 subscribers packages normally sell for $29.95 EACH.

However, if you order the special combo package I will give you a discount and do it for only $49.95 (instead of $60).


If the combo package doesn't include the services you're interested in, I'd be happy to offer you a review copy of any of my other services too.

Just email me at and let me know which service you're interested in.

If you order 2, I will give you one for free (of equal value).

When you email me, please make sure to include all the order details, along with your warrior username. And please post in here too so that I can keep track of how many reviews are gone.

I will deliver your order within 3-5 days (depending on volume)

Is this Really a Good Deal?

I'll be totally transparent here and actually post one of my competitors and let you decide for yourself.

Buy Youtube Subscribers | Buy Video Views

Scroll down to "other services" and look at youtube likes/subscribers.

These are real prices that this service is currently going for, not a fake inflated value to make it seem like I'm offering you a good deal.

100 likes would cost you $30.99 and I'm offering you 500 likes for $29.95

I am literally offering you 5x more for the same price.

If you were to order five 100 like packages, it would cost you $150 bucks

I'm offering you the exact same service for $29.95 (that's less than 1/5 of what they're charging!)

And if you order both the subscribers AND the likes, you'll still pay less than 1/3 of what you would pay for just one of the services from them.

And if you're lucky enough to grab one of the first 3 review copies, you'll be able to get 3 packages for 75 bucks (which is still less than what they charge for just one package)

Now I'm sure you're probably wondering...

Why Am I Offering This So Cheap?

The reason I'm doing this at such a low price is because I'm about to roll out a full blown youtube service with custom background designs, subscribers, likes, comments and a whole lot more.

But I want to build up my reputation before I do that so I'm offering everything at dirt-cheap prices in order to get my name out there and prove that I'm the real deal.

The Power of Youtube

As I'm sure you already know, youtube is the 3rd most visited site on the internet and one of the most popular search engines online.

People tend to have more trust in what they find on youtube because it's user-generated and you can actually see a person and hear their voice, rather than just browse around a poorly designed webpage with overhyped sales copy and cheesy graphics.

This makes youtube a powerful tool for people with videos about their own products or video reviews for affiliate products that they want to get ranked on the first page so they can start earning more money.

It’s also a powerful tool for people who want to tap into the huge youtube community and provide high quality content in order to drive more visitors to their site and get more optins (while simultaneously building more backlinks to your site too!)

Why the Leads You Get from
Youtube Convert Like Crazy!

The list of people I’ve built on youtube is far more responsive than any other traffic source I’ve used (PPC, Banner Ads, SEO, Article Marketing, Twitter, Facebook, Social Bookmarking, etc)

Now this may just be my particular niche but a lot of the people who email me often mention that they found my site after seeing one of my videos on youtube. The tone of their emails is always much more open and friendly and I've also noticed that they're much more engaged and responsive to the emails in my autoresponder.

But even more importantly...

The leads I've gotten on youtube actually ended up buying my ebook at a higher percentage than any other source of traffic.

That’s not to say that the subscribers I got with other sources of traffic aren't opening my emails or buying my stuff. They are. They're just not nearly as responsive and connected to me as the people who found my site through youtube.

The reason for this is because youtube allows you to build a lot more TRUST with the person before they optin to your list

I’m sure you’ve heard all the internet marketing guru’s say that the money is in the list. Maybe you’ve even heard other gurus build on that and say that the money is in the RELATIONSHIP that you have with the list. Of course right after that they tried to sell you a $2,000 info-product with "list-building secrets" that will make your subscribers whip out their credit cards and buy at your command... lol

Now, I’m not saying that's not important. You want to have a great autoresponder sequence that builds a relationship with your list so that they trust you and buy from you. After all, people do business with people that they like and trust.

But wouldn’t it be great if the people who opted in to your list already liked you and trusted you?

How much more likely do you think they’d be to open your emails?

How much more likely do you think they'd be to actually read and believe your salescopy if they viewed you as a trusted advisor that they like and respect?

And how much more would all 3 of these things increase your sales?

Quite a bit.

So with that said, I think it’s important to not only build a good relationship with your existing list but I also think it's important to find traffic sources that give you PRE-QUALIFIED LEADS that like you and trust you. These are the people that will actually buy from you once they sign up for your list and enter your sales funnel.

Now the only question is, how do you get as many pre-qualified prospects into your sales funnel as possible?

Well, that's where I come in...

How to Rank High on Youtube

Youtube has their own unique algorithm to determine rankings which is a combination of views, likes, subscribers and channel views.

If you have videos on youtube that aren't ranking at the top of the first page, I'll help you get there.

Once you're ranking high, you'll get natural views coming in on auto-pilot every single day without having to buy youtube views, which have been having a lot of delivery problems ever since youtube picked up on the spammy tactics people were using to artificially boost their views with bots and traffic exchange programs.

I've worked with numerous youtube service companies who promised to deliver but gave me nothing but excuses for why they couldn't because their servers were down or because youtube was giving them problems.

After wasting a ton of time communicating with them and filing paypal claims to try to get my money back, I got fed up and started looking for a way to deliver consistent and reliable results.

I figured there had to be a way to get my videos to rank at the top of the first page without spending tons of money getting 300 views slowly dripped to my videos over the course of a month until I finally got the full 10,000 views that I ordered. I wanted faster results.

Well after some trial and error, I discovered that the #1 thing that determines how high you rank on youtube is "likes"

Likes on youtube are pretty much the same thing as backlinks in SEO.

Backlinks are essentially "votes" from other sites that say this content is worth sharing. Well, likes serve the same purpose on youtube. It shows that users like the content and think it's worth sharing... thus boosting your rankings.

If you obtain enough video ratings in your video's category, youtube will feature your video on the Top Rated or Top Favorited for the day, week, month or all time.

The other key factor for ranking is the amount of SUBSCRIBERS you have on your channel.

People who subscribe to your channel get notified every time you upload a new video on their home screen when they login. That makes it much more likely for you to get more views, likes and comments.

Plus, having a lot of subscribers helps you rank higher too. If someone subscribes to your page, that tells youtube that you have good content that people are willing to subscribe to and keep coming back to.

Therefore, it's in their best interest to have you rank higher because that means they'll be checking your videos and coming back to their site and seeing more of their ads.

Another perk of getting your video ranked on the first page of youtube is that it can actually start showing up at the top of the first page of google.

Now that google owns youtube, they typically show the 2 most popular videos that are the most optimized for that particular keyword at the top of the search engine results.

Example: how to tie a tie

As you can see, this video is ranking #3 on the first page of youtube.

Now I just want to make it clear that I can't guarantee that your video will actually rank at the top of the first page of google or youtube. Just like SEO has both on-page and off-page factors, so does youtube.

Therefore, your ranking will also depend on how well optimized your video is for the particular keyword you want to rank for.

How to Get Your Video Ranked
on the First Page of Youtube

Here are 3 tips on how to optimize your video for your keyword.

#1) Make sure your video has the exact keyword you're trying to rank for in the title

#2) Make sure your keyword is in your video tags, along with many different variations of it.

#3) Make sure your keyword is also in your description box, in addition to your channel tags.

Because my channel is really optimized and has a ton of subscribers, it actually comes up on the first page of the search results for my keywords (along with my other videos).

I'm able to dominate the youtube search engines by having multiple listings on the first page.

Although this might be hard to do with google due to tons of competition with tons of backlinks, this is actually pretty easy to do on youtube because there's not nearly as much competition and most people don't know how to actually get their videos to rank high on youtube.

Well now that I've given you the 3 key tips for optimizing your video for your particular keyword, you have all the on-page optimization down.

The next step is to deliver a ton of views, likes and subscribers to your videos.

Just shoot me an email at and let me know what kind of promotional package you want.

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