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Need an *EBOOK* to SELL? Don't Know Where to Start? Let Our PREMIUM QUALITY Ebook Writing Firm Will Help You LAUNCH and GROW Your Online Business (*UNBELIEVABLE WARRIOR PRICING @ OVER 50% OFF!!*)

[12.27.2011] OPEN SLOTS: 2/3

Dear Warriors,

First and foremost, THANK YOU for taking the time out of your busy schedules to review this thread.

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If any of the above situations apply to you, READ ON. We just may be the solution you're seeking.

Who Am I?

My name is Aaron Wang and many of you may already know me from my other content creation thread ( You can find more about me through the below resources:

Aaron Wang | LinkedIn (LinkedIn Profile) | Brandity – Brand Your Identity | Life at the Crossroads of Self-Improvement, Financial Freedom, and Personal Branding (Personal Website)

I have been providing Warrior members with HIGH-QUALITY, Premium Content for the last 9 months and have been fortunate enough to receive tremendous amounts of flattering testimonials from people just like yourself. It's been a honor to service the intelligent, ambitious and hard-working individuals on this forum. I have spent the last 3 months hand-selecting a crack team of US-based writers who SPECIALIZE in e-book creation.

If I have been lucky enough to provide you with content before, you know I stand behind one thing and one thing only:


My day job for the last 5 years has been Management/IT Consulting for Fortune 100 companies. I have had the privilege of being the strategic advisor and personal confidante to C-Suite executives across multiple industries. I say this not to brag, but to drive home the the following point:

CLIENT SATISFACTION is all I have EVER KNOWN when it comes to putting food on the table for my family.

In other words, when you partner with me you do so with the peace of mind knowing I am going to work tirelessly to meet your needs and ensure you are 100% satisfied with the service you paid for. - The Dream Team

I have spent the last 3 months hand-selecting a crack team of US-based writers who SPECIALIZE in e-book creation. These individuals have a proven track record of elite content creation and meet a specific set of criteria:

  • Received Journalism/English/Literature degrees from major U.S. colleges
  • Have written at least three e-books, one of which required extensive research with all sources cited
  • Worked for online publishing firms (e.g. newspapers, magazines, professional blogs, etc.)
  • Understanding of advanced SEO Keyword optimization and article marketing techniques
  • Ability to conduct thorough research and write intelligently about ALL topics/niches
  • Perfectionist, error-free mentality
  • Complete understanding and agreement with me on the importance of client satisfaction

After reviewing hundreds of applications I have narrowed it down to only a select group of elite writers. These writers command a premium rate when writing for traditional offline clients; however, they are interested in learning how to launch their own online businesses and in return for the business training I am providing them, they are open to writing at a significantly discounted rate for Warrior forum members only.

Thus, it is my humble honor and distinct pleasure to announce the formal launch of

The Value You Receive

  • On-Demand Product Creation - no need to worry or stress about how you're going to develop your next product. Just feed us the idea and we'll turn it into a premium-quality product you can SELL or BUILD YOUR LIST with.
  • Custom eBook Cover Graphic - we will create you a stunning custom eBook cover related to your topic/niche for NO EXTRA CHARGE!
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  • 100% Ghostwritten - the credit is ALL yours. Our name is nowhere to be found on the content. It's YOUR product.
  • UNLIMITED Revisions - your satisfaction with the delivered content is the ONLY thing that matters to us. As long as your revision is reasonable (i.e., we failed to deliver on our promise) then we'll spare no effort in making sure you get your money's worth.
  • Professional Presentation - presentation matters. We'll make sure to create eye-pleasing sentence/paragraph spacing, text alignment, and polished headers/footers
  • Multiple Format Delivery - all eBook/reports are delivered in both Word and PDF formats

Why Choose Us?

We're a professional, U.S.-based writing firm that specializes in eBook creation. Every single writer on our staff has written several eBooks and understands what it takes to create high-quality content which can be easily sold to consumers. We have a strong commitment to client satisfaction and an inherent desire to help other entrepreneurs who are launching online businesses.


Sample eBooks

You can view our complete sample repository at Sample eBooks |

  1. eBook Case Study #1 - Premature Ejaculation Causes and Treatments

    Synopsis: The client approached us to create a scientific, research-based guide explaining the various causes of Premature Ejaculation as well as effective treatments. This was certainly a daunting task given the amount of scientific literature required to publish an accurate and comprehensive eBook. Our writers conducted extensive research to deliver not only authoritative, high-value content, but in a conversational way which appeals to his customer base.


  2. eBook Case Study #2 - Key Success Principles for Building Online Profit Machines

    Synopsis: The client approached us to create a comprehensive, detailed eBook teaching core online business principles and philosophies to his target customers. Our writers took his initial outline and expanded upon it to create an insightful, valuable eBook that belongs in the back pocket of anyone looking to earn sustainable, long-term income online.

What It's Like to Work with Us

Since we're a relatively new business we haven't had a chance to get testimonials for our eBook creation service yet. However, here's a taste of what it's like to work with us from my other content creation thread (

Originally Posted by MikeAmbrosio View Post

Hi Aaron,

Thanks a bunch for this final batch.

I also found it a great pleasure working with you as well. You have been extremely professional, and have delivered everything you promised in the time frame you said. That's a rare thing these days

You have written 45 squeeze/sales pages on various topics and in each case have done a great job in making clear what each product is, how it can benefit the buyer and I am sure will help our overall conversion rate on all products. I find the quality of your work also well above par and would certainly not hesitate to call on your services again as well as refer you to anyone looking for a copy writer of your caliber.

In fact, we plan to add more products to the Profit Platform system so you will hear from me again

I can tell you that Mike Filsaime is pleased as well.

Thanks again!
Mike Ambrosio
Originally Posted by xxxJamesxxx View Post

I've just received my 2 articles from Aaron and all I can say is:


Why? Because I want him ALL to myself!

...Seriously he's THAT good.

I've hired other article writers in the past and although Aaron cost a lil more, the quality he puts out is outstanding.

And not only is his work top-notch, but he was finished the day he started!

Look, we all can get article writers cheaper than Aaron but his work and the rate he fires it out is well worth the extra few dollars alone.

So if you're after quality that's ACTUALLY worth reading (and of course, higher your chances of bagging those all important sales), then Aaron is your man.

Aaron, you've made me a very happy man and I'll definitely using you in the near future.


Originally Posted by Search Marketer View Post

Hi Aaron,

Fantastic work on that project! I’m looking forward to seeing what else you come up with for me!

Hi Warriors, I’m actively in charge of marketing a medium scale project which requires high quality, original content that’s geared toward the financial industry. We hired 10 teams to write the material for us (4 from WF). Since we only need additional 2 teams of writers on a continuing basis, we were looking for the best.

Aaron and his team definitely made a great impression, and we look forward to working with him consistently in the future.

I asked Aaron to write some web copy, articles, email messages, and a review. Out of the 3 companies that I asked to write the web copy, we could use only one version. I chose Aaron’s.

All of the articles he and his team produced included a set of article statistics regarding word count, the keyword, keyword count, and keyword density. The articles were of the highest quality. Not only well-researched, they seemed to speak directly to the reader, which is what the best content does.

His review of this product line flowed well, was informative, and he implemented a suggestive pre-sell approach, which is exactly what I asked of Aaron. Top notch.

If you’re looking for great writers that respond quickly and meet deadlines, Aaron and his team are exactly who you are looking for. All of this is gladly coming from a PAYING customer. I didn't write this review in exchange for free services. I wrote this review because it's hard to find good talent that is dependable, and I appreciate it when I do find it.

Thanks Aaron, and Happy Holidays!

-Search Marketer
Originally Posted by TMG Enterprises View Post

I also received my article from Aaron very quickly and I must say that I am impressed. I mean, very impressed. I am not easy to please, being a writer myself, but Aaron stands head and shoulders above most of the writers I've used.

I deliberately gave a vague topic because I like to see the creativity of a new writer. The direction Aaron went in was not what I had in mind but it worked beautifully so I will use it on a different project.

It's written very, very well with an engaging style. I know that Aaron hasn't determined his pricing yet but if he charges anything less than $25 for the level of quality he gave me, then he is under-charging. I'll be very surprised to see him charge anything lower than .05 per word.

Thank you, Aaron, for the opportunity to review your work. It's a pleasure to find someone who can really write.

Originally Posted by Jusiam View Post

Communication with Aaron Wang via email was excellent, Aaron responded well and managed well to sort out the wrong keyword I have send him. He was polite and was very professional in his approach. Aaron brilliantly used the LSI keywords to my article. And moreover the keywords appeared very natural with the flow of the article. Not only that, he also bumped up the word count to 643. MANY THANKS...

The article passed copy scape with no issue and were grammatically correct and well structured.

I got my review article within 24 hours and I’m extremely pleased with his style of writing. Not only the article was informative but it was also very interesting to read. I can confidently rate the article as a high quality and impressive. Over all it was a very positive experience.

I will use Aaron's service and recommend his article writing services to fellow Warrior members.

Thanks Again Aaron.
Originally Posted by Derek Thomas View Post

Hey guys,

Just dropping in to say that I am VERY, VERY pleased with the work Aaron did for me. So pleased that I WILL be ordering again. The work was well worth the price paid, and definitely comes with my recommendation.

Great work Aaron...thanks!

Originally Posted by tunasalad View Post

Aaron is an all-star. I contracted some website copy. Aaron asked questions up-front and made clear the work to be done. I provided a strongly-worded template along with some sample work. Within a couple of days, the copy came back. The style and thematic elements read scarily in tune with my sample materials. Great work. Were this ebay, I'd drop some pluses.

Screw it. A++++
Originally Posted by no worries View Post

Thank you Aaron:

Your team did a commendable writing job on the web content and the seven quality articles that were subsequently written to support the project.

This was not an easy writing assignment since Aaron had to write a sales page in combination with a number of product reviews but he followed up promptly in order that the project turned out the way I wanted.

Aaron is very conscientious and I would definitely use his services again on another copywriting project.

Originally Posted by DrJale View Post

I had Aaron and his team write me additional product review articles and the work done was exceptional, as expected. Aaron is the real deal!

Thanks again for the great articles!

Best regards,
Originally Posted by Gossimer View Post

Thank you very much, did a great job. Excellent writer provided exactly what I wanted, amazing way with words. Thanks again.
Originally Posted by vishalrao View Post

Very happy with what I got! Look forward to working again.
Originally Posted by Mynt View Post

I ordered web copy and was incredibly impressed with the quality! This guy overdelivers!
Originally Posted by intuitivesoul View Post

Aaron and his team delivered a project to me and I am super amazed! You guys are awesome!

If you're looking for quality content, fast turnaround, great team spirit, Aaron and his team will deliver it to you! :-)

Thanks so much! I look forward to doing more business with you in the very near future!
Marsha Sinclair
Originally Posted by stev View Post

I'm in the content business since 2005 and tested in the meantime many many writers. About 99% of writers I tried in the past failed to meet my requirements! But once in a while I come across a winner - a REAL winner. Aaron and his team is such real winner! Highly recommended.
Originally Posted by islander1 View Post

I ordered an authority article on a topic that has very little info available online. Frankly, most writers would not have been able to do this assignment. Aaron took on the challenge and delivered me a masterpiece that exceeded my expectations-and my expectations were very high.

I've used several other writers, and some are okay, but I almost always have to waste valuable time editing what they send me, because I have very high standards. This is the first service I ever used that gave me virtually "copy and paste" ready content. I mean, I literally only changed 2 words in the whole 1000+ word article. This saves me so much valuable time that I can devote to other important tasks.

Anyone who's on the fence about using these guys, let me tell you, they may not be the cheapest, but they WILL give you quality stuff. There's no doubt I'll be using them again-I now know where to go for the best quality content on the WF.
Originally Posted by escafe View Post

Aaron your service is well worth the investment. The keyword density is always right and response to any questions I have are fast. Thank you for the excellent work!
Originally Posted by prince007 View Post

Let me put it like this - Aaron's content is some of the best copy I've ever seen in my life. No fluff. it gets straight to the point, incorporates advanced SEO/LSI keyword techniques, and captivates the reader within moments. The amount of money he charges for his copy is an ABSOLUTE STEAL for the PREMIUM QUALITY he delivers. I know who I'm outsourcing the ENTIRE content side of my business to; if you're serious about your business, then you should follow suit.
Originally Posted by Juicy J View Post


Aaron just sent me over the last of my order and I have to say I am very impressed. The articles were very well written, the product reviews were great, as well as the emails. Communication was excellent. I would highly recommend his and his team's work. Great job. I will be getting more articles soon.
Originally Posted by justin482000 View Post

wow, wow....what!!? I've just read the first two sentences of the articles Aaron wrote for me, and I have to immediately jump over here to write a review for his service

Top notch! his articles engage me right from the first sentences, capture my imagination, I almost feel like the story he is painting is happening right in front of me.

He delivered the work in just 2 days, and I ordered on a weekend (mother day's weekend)...what's more can you expect?

He has me right there, I am his customer for life now!!

These articles are of real value, provide the searchers their answer, unlike some cheap service or PLR articles, I am not saying those are bad, but the quality is no way come close to what Aaron deliver...and let me repeat, I only read the first 2 sentences!

Let me go back and finish reading my articles...
Originally Posted by Dubois View Post

I really had hard instructions for Aaron and let me tell you the truth most of the writers fail with all request I have in the instruction file. Aaron did everything I ask. Only thing I think it could be better it's the creativity of the title and description, which don't get me wrong it's grate, but it wasn't totally as I instructed. Communication was grate, very fast and deliver date was as we agree - 48h. Although I did contact him after 24h to check on how stuff going.

Unreal quality. 9/10 this guy is my first choice from now on.
Originally Posted by nlpmaster View Post

Aaron is the best resource I have EVER used for creating articles and blog posts for my sites.! I have recommended Aaron to several of my friends and clients because not only do I trust him, he delivers a stellar product and usually ahead of time.

I have been working with Aaron for about 45 days and I have already spent well over $1500 with him and he has delivered perfectly every time. If you care about your Brand, Your company and your SEO reputation, it's really worth it to work with a professional like Aaron that understands these things.

Thanks a Million Aaron!!
Originally Posted by bragi View Post

I have been struggling for some time to find high quality writers on Elance. I almost gave up.

Luckily I came across this WF thread.

I can highly recommend this writing service. Aaron has built a team of high quality writers.
Originally Posted by dirtdigger View Post

Ordered five articles for a new website and from past experience was just hoping for some readable writing. The writing I received was well above average and they were not written off the cuff but well researched.

Very impressive work. Thank you.

Originally Posted by nickhale View Post

Hi Guys

Have just received my completed 50 page Ebook that I commissioned Aaron to do.
I was totally amazed by the quality of the work. The standard of writing was so high. It was well researched, wonderfully written and had a great flow. I have already personally recommended him to a friend and have no hesitation in recommending him to you.
Originally Posted by Ken Troyer View Post

Wow, I ordered a 40 page ebook on a subject that I picked....and got it all back in the promised time....and written like a pro. He definitely lives up to promise!

Communication was flawless....and fast.

I'll be back.
How the Process Works

We understand that premium e-book creation is an art, not a science. That's why we make sure to set clear and precise expectations upfront with all of our clients. This avoids any unnecessary confusion and ensures that both parties are pleased with the business transaction. Here's how we go about doing that:

  1. Place your order below and we will send you a questionnaire (view sample here) to determine your expectations out of this project – we identify your unique goals and tailor our approach to ensure your satisfaction!
  2. We can create a table-of-contents for you or you can provide one yourself.
  3. Upon approval of the table-of-contents we’ll begin working on the first chapter.
  4. The first chapter is delivered for your approval before completing the entire eBook.
  5. We deliver your eBook in Word format and make all necessary revisions immediately.
  6. We deliver the FINAL product with a professional eBook cover in both Word and PDF format!
Order Your Package NOW


You can check our standard pricing at Order Your eBook | This is what our offline clients pay us for our services. As you can see, the prices we are offering for Warriors such as yourself are over 50% OFF!. Please keep in mind this will be a *LIMITED* time offer and we reserve the right to modify/remove the discount at any time.

*NOTE* - All word count estimates are based off of Arial size 14 font and standard 1" page margins

Package A - Short Report - $47
- 10 pages
- Approximately 2500 words
- Turnaround time within 1 week
- Professionally formatted
- Delivered in both Word and PDF formats


Package B - eBook - $117

- 25 pages
- Approximately 6,250 words
- Turnaround time within 1-2 weeks
- Professionally formatted
- *FREE* customized eBook cover
- Delivered in both Word and PDF formats


Package C - eBook - $247

- 50 pages
- Approximately 12,500 words
- Turnaround time within 2 weeks
- Professionally formatted
- *FREE* customized eBook cover
- Delivered in both Word and PDF formats

Package D - eBook - $367

- 75 pages
- Approximately 18,750 words
- Turnaround time within 2-3 weeks
- Professionally formatted
- *FREE* customized eBook cover
- Delivered in both Word and PDF formats


Package E - eBook - $497

- 100 pages
- Approximately 25,000 words
- Turnaround time within 3 weeks
- Professionally formatted
- *FREE* customized eBook cover
- Delivered in both Word and PDF formats

Should you have any questions about anything, feel free to reach out to me directly through Looking forward to providing Warriors with PREMIUM eBOOK CREATION services for a long time to come!

Aaron Wang

[FOR ESTABLISHED BIZ ONLY] Authority Blog Posts, SEO Articles, Affiliate Product Reviews, Lead Magnets, Website Copy, Kindle eBooks [Work With TRAINED + ELITE Native US Writers]*CLICK HERE* For AUTHORITY CONTENT THAT CONVERTS
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hi i need ebooks done for kindle please pm me i cant pm yet or send email thanks

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Hello would like ebook on proxies + electronic cigarette please let me know. what is turnaround time?

Proxies - Buy Fast Proxies - Electronic Cigarette
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Is this offer still active? I need one e-book written.
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