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hotwebwords 3rd February 2012 05:34 PM

SEO Writing Rates: How Much Should You Pay an SEO Writer
SEO writing rates are all over the place. It can be hard to know how much to pay for the service. For a minute though, let’s tackle this question from a different angle. Let me ask you a question:

“How would you like to consistently earn $3,000 per month?”

That’s $100 per day, which is a goal many internet marketers aspire to because it’s enough to make some life-changing decisions.

And, this is easy enough to achieve – if you have a good product/service, excellent customer service, and a website/blog that generates sufficient sales and leads. This last part is where I can help.

How I Can Help You Get Your First Sale and Gain Repeat Customers as an Internet Marketer

I can help you get your first sale as an internet marketer, and go on to grow your business by developing repeat customers – which is the gold standard in any kind of sales. Following is how and why.

Don’t worry, we’ll get to rate.

Let Me Put My Expertise to Work for You

As an internet marketer, you know that SEO is not a static industry. The rules are constantly changing. But, did you know just how often? Google makes hundreds of changes to its search algorithm each year. Proof? One knowledgeable poster on Google’s Webmaster Forum noted:

Google makes hundreds of small algorithm changes per year and your website is constantly being re-evaluated. It's incredibly fluid, dynamic and even volatile.

In the SeachEngineLand.com article, Google Makes One Change Per Day to Search Algorithm, Matt Cutts, Google’s search engine optimization wizard, noted that the search engine giant likely makes at least one change per day.

So, what does this have to do with hiring an SEO content writer?

Is Your Site Being Punished by Google?

Many sites were punished by Google’s Panda update last year. Some lost 50-90% of their traffic. You’ll know if you’ve lost a significant amount of traffic, but what if your site is new and you’re not getting any traffic; hence, no sales?

One of the first things you should do is check your web traffic logs. If traffic is nil to non-existent, then I can help.

SEO Content: It’s More than Just Keywords

SEO content writing is what I do. It’s my trade. And, it encompasses a lot more than just keywords.

As a professional SEO writer, I stay top of what search engines are doing – as it relates to copy – to produce content that not stays within search engine guidelines. Furthermore . . .

2 Things to Look for Before You Hire an SEO Writer

A good SEO writer will not only know how to write copy that drives qualified leads to your website who can go on to become customers for life, they’ll know how to write copy that inspires these leads to take action, ie:

Subscribe to your newsletter;

Buy your ebook;

Purchase your e-course;


What an Effective SEO Article Should Include

Following are just some of the elements that go into creating quality SEO content that drives traffic and generates sales.

Content Length: Did you know it matters with search engines like Google?

Keywords: Do you know all the places they should appear in copy?

The Duplicate Content Penalty: Do you really understand what it is (or rather, is not)?

Link Bait Copy: Do you know how to make copy linkable (more likely to be linked to)?

Call-to-Action Statement: Do you know what it is and how to write one?

Copywriting 101: Do you know the most important part of a piece of copy?

The P.S.: Did you know that it is the second most read part of your written message?

Anchor Text: Do you know how to determine what it should be?

Writing for the Web: Do you know the how long/short web paragraphs should be?

Copywriting Rules: Do you know when to break the marketing rules to produce better copy?

Google’s SEO Writing Guidelines: Does the copy you create pass the 23-question “test?”

Are You Putting Your Internet Marketing Business in Danger by Doing This?

Let’s just put it out there – SEO writers are a dime a dozen. And, many of them can be hired for practically pennies per hour. But, how much time do you think they’re going to spend on an article if they’re only getting paid $3 for it?

Do they know about the concepts discussed above? Are they taking the time to incorporate them into your copy? Probably not – they simply don’t have time because they’re too busy focusing on quantity over quality.

Cheap SEO writers are cheap for a reason – they don’t spend time on your content because they are “per piece” workers. The more articles they churn out, the more they earn.

So what if there’s a spelling error or . . . four? Or if there’s no anchor text? Or if your headline doesn’t grab the reader’s attention? Or copy is keyword-stuffed and reader unfriendly? Stuff like this -- and by the way, this is the very “stuff” that makes sales – takes a bit more time than a $3 or $5 per article writer has.

These type of writers churn out the same regurgitated content you can find on almost every other website. This type of copy doesn’t move prospects along the sales funnel (do $3/article writers even know what a “sales funnel” is). And why should it when they just read the same content on 10 other sites.

How to Attract Web Visitors Who Buy

If you want to attract web visitors who will pull out that credit card or log into their PayPal account and buy, you have to give them helpful information upon which to make a sound decision.

Once a visitor gets answers to their questions, then they exhale. It’s like, “Finally, a site that gives me some concrete details, not just the same ole stuff I’ve read on every other site.”

When you’re “real” with your customers – by providing helpful info – then they start to trust you/your site/your brand.

Once a prospect trusts you, it’s a short leap to the sale.

Too many internet marketers circumvent this process; they try to go right for the sale. And, there is a time for this. Another skill a good SEO writer will possess is knowing the differences between when to write copy for the immediate sale as opposed to writing copy to get prospects to, for example, sign up for a newsletter.

Both will eventually make you money, but it all depends on time, what the offer is and how it’s presented.

Where the REAL Money Is In Internet Marketing

The “not-so-secret” secret to making money online is in developing repeat customers. And much like falling in love, you have to court prospects a little to get them to buy from you again and again and again.

Once they start to know you – through your great, informative content – then they’ll start like you. Once they like you (again, because of your trustworthy, detailed content), they’ll start to trust you.

Once they trust you . . . they’re more likely to become customers for life.

This whole process starts with simple communication – communication via expertly written search engine-optimized content.

Are You a Dime-a-Dozen Internet Marketer?

Just like SEO writers are a dime a dozen, so are internet marketers. And, many of them are new and looking to cut corners. So, very cheap SEO writers will always be able to find work. But if you’re serious about building an online business, you have to treat it like one.

And, that means investing in it.

And, that investment should begin with your content – because it is the foundation of your internet marketing enterprise – one that could earn you more money than you ever dreamed.

Are You Doing It Wrong?

The beauty of well-written SEO content is that it drives traffic and sales for years – years!

Many are removing and rewriting poorly written content and investing in fresh, well-written copy because they “did it wrong the first time” and are now finding that they have to up the ante, especially after things like the Google Panda Update.

While search engines are getting smarter, this is only part of the equation. The other part is that the web is becoming a very crowded place.

No longer can you just throw together a few keyword-stuffed articles and drive traffic to your site. Search engines look for more “complete” sites; specifically, more in-depth, well-written, search engine-optimized content.

Why are There So Many Dead Sites on the Web?

More and more internet marketers are investing in the above type of content. And those who aren’t are abandoning their blogs/websites because they can’t compete.

Don’t let your internet marketing business become road kill on the information superhighway. The funny thing is, with great content, you can compete fairly easily with the big boys. I can show you how.

Let Me Help You Grow Your Internet Marketing Business: 4 Things I Can Do for You

I. Continuous Flood of Content: Search engines are like piranha when it comes to content. They devour it! The more keyword-rich content your site has, the better it will rank over time.

II. Stabilize Your Online Earnings: Content marketing works, and for a simple reason. When people go online to buy, more often than not they’re looking for information first. By consistently producing quality content – and distributing it widely, eg, via social media, article marketing, etc. – you can stabilize your online earnings.

III. Make More Sales: Quite simply, I know how to write copy that sells. By marrying SEO concepts with tried-and-true sales copy principles, I product content that moves prospects along the sales cycle.

IV. Develop Repeat Customers: As mentioned above, getting repeat customers is where the real money is in internet marketing. To get repeat customers you have to lay a foundation of trust.

Great content inspires trust. Trust leads to sales. I write copy that fosters this.

Affordable SEO Writing Rates

I provide all of these benefits for only $25 (per 250 words); $50 per 500 words. Email your SEO content needs to info@hotwebwords.com. I will quickly follow up.

BUT WAIT: for the rest of February, I am offering Warriors a special rate for this quality content: $15 for 500 words. That is more than half off my regular rate! I just had to give something back, and you Warriors deserve this!

All You Have to Do to Start Achieving Your Online Marketing Dreams Is to Send One Email

Want to be home to pick the kids up from the bus stop?
Want to avoid rush-hour traffic?
Want to start earning money from the comfort of your own home?
Ready to earn enough online to pay the mortgage?

You can!

Get the website up. Get that blog finished. Open your social media accounts.

Then, let me start pumping out great content that will drive traffic and sales.
All of your dreams start with – starting!

How to Start

Send an email detailing your web copy needs to info@hotwebwords.com. And, get on the road to the life you want.

P.S.: Put Your Internet Marketing on Auto Pilot: Great SEO copy can provide leads and sales for years. Let’s get started. Simply send an email to info@hotwebwords.com outlining your needs.

P.P.S.: Get Your Copy Fast! Got a new website, blog or affiliate product you want to promote? Order your content now and start making sales. Send an email to info@hotwebwords.com.

Oggyoi 4th February 2012 05:33 AM

Re: SEO Writing Rates: How Much Should You Pay an SEO Writer
Hi there
just sent an email with a couple of questions,

hotwebwords 4th February 2012 05:37 AM

Re: SEO Writing Rates: How Much Should You Pay an SEO Writer
Thanks for your email. I am replying now :-)

hotwebwords 4th February 2012 01:56 PM

Re: SEO Writing Rates: How Much Should You Pay an SEO Writer
Freebies for firsties!

The first three orders I receive will get a free week (7 posts) of quality, compliant BMR posts.

hotwebwords 5th February 2012 06:38 AM

Re: SEO Writing Rates: How Much Should You Pay an SEO Writer
This week only special: review copies for every order placed this week. Get a discounted rate of $35 per 500 words in exchange for providing a review on my inkling Warrior Forum thread.

Sorry, but no free review copies.

Email info@hotwebwords.com to begin.

Bojacked 5th February 2012 03:15 PM

Re: SEO Writing Rates: How Much Should You Pay an SEO Writer
I'm in! PMing you now

hotwebwords 6th February 2012 03:58 PM

Re: SEO Writing Rates: How Much Should You Pay an SEO Writer
I sent you a visitor message. Can't PM yet :-)

hotwebwords 9th February 2012 05:08 PM

Re: SEO Writing Rates: How Much Should You Pay an SEO Writer
Bojacked, I sent you a PM.

The offer is ending soon Warriors:

This week only special: review copies for every order placed this week. Get a discounted rate of $35 per 500 words in exchange for providing a review on my inkling Warrior Forum thread.

Sorry, but no free review copies.

Email info@hotwebwords.com to begin.

hotwebwords 10th February 2012 03:24 PM

Re: SEO Writing Rates: How Much Should You Pay an SEO Writer
Warriors, today is the last day to get a discounted per article rate of only $35 per 500 words.

You can get 35 dollar articles at that rate, or you can invest in quality and get an article that will actually do something for your business.


Get 'em from quality content.

Email info@hotwebwords.com.

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