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sousen 28th February 2012 12:33 PM

Want to Sell Digg Votes Best Prices Starting $18.00 USD
What Is Digg Vote?

Digg is a service for blog/site owners to share their blog/site stories. Digg members see these submissions and vote them if they like it. All stories getting maximum number of votes in 24 hours come on first page of digg. Digg has huge visibility all around the globe so any story that comes to front page always gets thousands of Targeted Visitors.

Packages and Price:

50 Digg Votes : 18.00 USD

100 Digg Votes : 35.00 USD

200 Digg Votes: 70.00 USD

300 Digg Votes: 105.00 USD

400 Digg Votes: 140.00 USD

500 Digg Vote: 175.00 USD

600 Digg Vote :210.00 USD

700 Digg Votes: 245.00 USD

If you need more vote please contact me

*Above Each Package are allowed single story, if you need vote for multiply story you need to place multiply order.

You can send me your existing digg story or can ask me to make story and vote for the same.

How you will do this?

My 7+ months hard work I add 10K+ real digg friend and have contact with them. I use that account to contact my friend only for sending them vote request of any story so out of 9K+ friend I really get easily 1K+ vote within very short time in return I need to do same for them it’s mutually settlement . Also I prefer to do vote only for your existing digg story. In case if you don’t have any published dig story on that case send me necessary details for dig your story, I’ll dig your story from my other account not from my main account. It’;s will be 100% organic way and no harm at all when each vote will given by real active digg user.

What’s the info you need to digg my story?

(i) If it’s existing story only send me the dig story link.

(ii)If you want to make/submit any story on digg and need vote please send me flowing:


(Make it short within 80 Characters)

(within 200-250 Characters)

Topic: (You need to choose topic from below there are only 10 Topic/Category available chose bases on your suitability)
Choose Topic:
1. Business
2. Entertainment
3. Gaming
4. Lifestyle
5. Offbeat
6. Politics
7. Science
8. Sports
9. Technology
10. World news

Payment Method PayPal: sales@submit20.com

Please write your warriorforum ID in PayPal Personal Message box

What does the guarantee cover if my URL gets banned from Digg?

100% safe. Digg are tracking IP address and very smart to catch Fake IP/ Proxy etc, as your story will vote by real digd user so you no need to worry about that.

Each Digg is by a completely separate real Digg user! Unique IP (no proxies!), unique digg name, unique. these are real human digg users!

Turnaround time depend upon work load, first come first serve basic, I’ll confirm you delivery time after confirmation of order. Can do it slowly or faster as per your requirement.

What is Digg?

Digg is a place for people to discover and share content found on the web. From the biggest online destination to the most obscure blog, Digg surfaces the best stuff as voted on by our users. You won’t find editors at Digg — we’re here to provide a place where people collectively determine the value of content. In doing so, we’re changing the way people consume information online.

Digg is the biggest social news site on the web: According to Compete.com, in March 2008 over 19 million people visited Digg.com. Unlike traditional news sources where editors and publishers decide what qualifies as ‘news,’ what appears on Digg.com is controlled by the Digg community.

Thousands of stories are submitted to Digg in categories including technology, science, world & business, sports, videos, entertainment, and gaming.

A quick note: Many people think Digg is like Facebook or MySpace; it is and it isn’t. Facebook and MySpace are social networking sites. Digg is a social news site – it has a social networking aspect, but it’s all about news. Users submit articles, photos, tips, etc. to share items and see whether the community likes them or not.

If you like a story you have the option to “digg” and endorse it. If you don't like a story you can “bury” it by marking it as duplicate, spam, inaccurate, or simply because "it's lame" (lame is an actual term used on Digg). If you’d like to elaborate on your basic opinion, the comment section gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts with the rest of the community.

Stories that get “dugg” then compete with each other. Each story has a lifespan of 24 hours; if it quickly gets enough votes the story will be ‘promoted’ to the front page. Typically 15 stories are on the front page at any given time, and they’ll usually stick around for 2 to 2.5 hours. As other stories are dugg, they push the original story down the hierarchy and onto the second page, then the third page...until it eventually disappears.

To show you what can happen, say a story about global warming is published on the New York Times website. If that story is dugg but doesn’t make the Digg.com front page, it may generate a few hundred extra visitors to the Times’ website through its Digg exposure. If enough users digg the story and it makes the front page, the Times website may get thousands of additional visitors.

What is Top News?

If you want the “classic” Digg experience, Top News is the Digg you know and love. This is the global zeitgeist of popular content on the web as voted by the Digg community. While My News can deliver trusted news from mainstream and small publishers alike, Top News will still highlight the spirit of the Digg community.

Will my activity on the new Digg show up in search engines?

Yep. Most of your activity on Digg is public (except for hides and reports). Since Digg is crawled by search engines, your Digg activity is crawled as well.

Hope to have addressed all your doubts and queries! In case you have further queries please feel free to PM me. Or contact Via:

Skype: submit20.com

Yahoo: soumen_senpbl@yahoo.co.in

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