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amag 17th April 2012 02:35 PM

[HUGE DISCOUNT] Warriors, do you want a PERSUASIVE sales letter that will GENERATE SALES?
Warriors, do you want a RESPONSE-DRIVEN sales copy?

“Here’s How You Can Get A Winning Copy
That Will Turn MORE Visitors Into Customers!”

HUGE DISCOUNT for FIRST 10 customers - Get Persuasive Sales Copy for ONLY $250


Originally Posted by Mia W DryItchyScalpRemedies.com
"Amag surpasses the quality of any other writers in her field. Again Amags copy increased my conversions by 300% (from 1% to 3%) due to the way that Amag writes & connects with a visitor by taking time to understand the target audience. Service is fast, reliable and professional. For kick butt salescopy that sells in a fresh compelling way I recommend this copywriter. I look forward to continuing working on more projects with Amag on more website promotions."

Dear Savvy Warriors,

If you are looking for persuasive, response-driven and top-notch sales copy for your business or web site, or if your copy is not converting as much as you believe it can, keep reading to find out how to turn more visitors into customers...

I am a freelance copywriter and sales copy specialist with ten years of experience. I can generate an emotionally charged sales letter with razor-sharp clarity and persuasiveness, or overhaul your existing sales letter or web site.

I’ve tested headlines, colors, fonts, order button positioning and formatting which will increase your chance of success. Your copy will be based on PROVEN practices and TESTED strategies. This is why when marketers and business owners need converting sales copies, I am often the copywriter they turn to.

Here’s What I Can Do For You

I specialize in writing engaging, result-driven copy in any niche. I will take your raw ideas and transform them into a lively and persuasive copy.

My portfolio consists of a wide range of industries, ranging from ebooks and software packages, to fashion and dating services — even real estate, work at home opportunities, health and fitness, self-help, personal coaching and much more.

Sales Copy Samples

Please click the below links for my copywriting samples:

Make Money Online Sales Copy
Software Sales Copy
ebook Sales Copy
Warrior Ad

The following is the list of copywriting projects I accept:
  • Sales Letters
  • Landing Pages
  • Squeeze Pages
  • Autoresponders
  • Press Releases
  • Promotional Emails
  • Direct Mail Letters
  • Website Content

*Note that each of the above projects is considered an individual project.

To Clarify: if you hire me to write a sales letter, that’s one project. If you hire me to write the sales letter with an opt-in page or an email autoresponder series, these are considered multiple projects.

I also offer tweaking services. This means I can tweak and polish your current sales copy.


Originally Posted by Ritoban C Ritoban.com
"Amag is an excellent copywriter. She created a mind blowing sales copy and related content. She is very co-operative to work with and is pro at providing work as per your requirements. She is very professional and I shall work with this company again."

Here's How My Copywriting Is Different:

Converting copywriting is about casting INSTANT CREDIBILITY, making a compelling statement in a persuasive tone and engaging your reader to act right away.

I believe that a"converting copy" consists of three parts:
http://i.imgur.com/qOD1I.jpgGrab Visitors’ Attention
http://i.imgur.com/qOD1I.jpgMake Them Excited
http://i.imgur.com/qOD1I.jpgPersuade Them to Respond (i.e., click, signup, or purchase – whatever the goal is!)

Unlike most sales writers who provide basic "plain" content, I always give a "make over" to your copy and skyrocket its responsiveness by formatting it with my tested, copy make-over secrets. These are the secret tactics and psychological triggers that maximize your copy’s selling power.

The icing on the cake is this service comes FREE. I pay close attention to the makeup, because this aspect is just as important as the words. This makeup includes formatting, colors, fonts, highlighting, order button placements and more. I provide the final sales letter in MS Word format.

*Please note: As I offer free “copy makeup” service, I only provide a rough composition or layout to be used as a guide in order to best use your copy. This cannot be considered as a designing service.

Here’s How To Order

I am offering a huge discount for first TEN warriors. If you are among the first TEN warriors to order, you will get a killing sales copy for only $250.

Drop Me An Email,
Send Me a PM
Or Post A Message Below
To Book Your Spot Right Away.

Yours for Profit Driven Results,
Click Here to Email Me

P.S. Don’t let you competitor get an edge on you. Contact me now to get an engaging, captivating, winning and result-driven sales copy.

P.P.S. Don't forget, orders are processed as they are received, so book your order now to avoid a delay.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can I see examples of other copywriting services?
If you want to see copywriting samples including standard web sites, direct response letters, promotional emails, autoresponder email series, etc., please send me an email or PM me and ask for a specific example of what you would like to see.

Q. Do you format the sales letters as well?
Yes, I format every sales letter using the proven tactics and psychological triggers, which are proven to maximize the selling power of your sales copy. Plus, I do this for FREE.

Q. Will your sales letters or other copywriting pass Copyscape?
I always provide 100% unique COPYSCAPE Premium test passed sales copy, content, etc.

Q. What level of English should I expect in your copywriting?
I write sales letters and other content in PERFECT U.S. English. However, if you need it in British or Australian English, I can provide the projects in those dialects too.

Q. What is your turnaround time?
Normally, you can expect a turnaround of about 7-10 days. Turnaround time can be more or less, depending on my schedule, the nature of your project and the time it takes for you to send all specifications.

Q. How much do you charge for each copywriting service?
I do not charge an hourly rate. I offer flat rates for each service. Please email me for specific copywriting rates.

*Please note: if you order a 1000 word copy and if I feel that it needs to be more than 1000 words, I will make it as long as it needs to SELL - without charging extra.

Q. What if I want to keep my work confidential?
If you request that I do not show the work completed for you in my portfolio, then I charge an extra 25% for work completed. Of course, I will not share your confidential information with anyone, but I reserve the right to use the work as a writing sample, unless a ghostwriting fee is paid.

Q. What if I have an urgent deadline to meet?
No worries. I offer urgent services. If you have a specific turnaround or deadline, you can order my urgent service for an extra $50 - $100, depending on your project and your deadline.

Please note that I only accept urgent projects when I am not actively booked with in hand projects. IfI fail to deliver your project by your desired turnaround date, you will be refunded the urgent fee. However, this is something that has never happened before.


Originally Posted by Sean SeanTan.com
"Amag done a GREAT job of proofing and tweaking my salesletter into MORE powerful and attractive one. Amag is REALLY GOOD in writing and I will hire her again for my future projects!"

Drop Me An Email,
Send Me a PM
Or Post A Message Below
To Book Your Spot Right Away.

Gangamma 18th April 2012 02:06 AM

Re: [Copywriter] Warriors, do you want a TOP-NOTCH and PERSUASIVE sales letter that will GENERATE SA
What if, i want a sales copy of 300 or 400 words? How do you calculate the price?

amag 18th April 2012 02:15 AM

Re: [Copywriter] Warriors, do you want a TOP-NOTCH and PERSUASIVE sales letter that will GENERATE SA

Originally Posted by Gangamma (Post 6067954)
What if, i want a sales copy of 300 or 400 words? How do you calculate the price?

Thanks for your message.

Do you want an email sales copy or website sales copy?

Gangamma 18th April 2012 07:41 AM

Re: [Copywriter] Warriors, do you want a TOP-NOTCH and PERSUASIVE sales letter that will GENERATE SA
I was looking for website sales copy..

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