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Ross Cohen's PLR... ALMOST as Delicious as Triple-Chocolate Brownies & Cold Milk!
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Dear Struggling Internet Marketer,

Just kidding… I’m not going to start off like that. In fact, I’m not going to do a lot of things.

I’m not going to go on and on about how great my articles are and name thirty reasons why you should buy them. I have no interest in trying to SELL my content to you… I want you to WANT it…

I’m not going to say my PLR will earn you seven figures next year… I also highly doubt that my content will have CNN or FOX calling begging to interview you.

I’m not going to say my PLR is the best on the market. I've befriended several PLR sellers on this forum who produce excellent content and I have no interest in competing with them... I'd much rather working alongside them.

All I’m going to do is ask for thirty seconds of your time… only to check out several samples of my writing…

After all, it doesn’t matter what I say. It doesn’t matter how amazing I say my content is. All that does matter… to me… is that every time you purchase from me, you’re ecstatic. I want you to read through the articles you receive with a massive grin. If you drool or burst into tears of happiness, even better.

Enough blabbing. Take a look at a couple writing samples below and assess the quality yourself.

Start Your Very Own Tasty Kettle Corn Truck (Make Money Niche Pack)

A Complete Overview Of The Macrobiotic Diet (Weight Loss Niche Pack)

iContact Review – Everything You Need To Know About iContact… and Whether It’s Right for YOU! (Email Marketing Niche Pack)

Top 5 Factors on How to Select the Right Reseller Hosting Plan so That You Don’t Regert It Later – Factor #1… Reliability and Uptime (Reseller Hosting Niche Pack)

*Now is a perfect time to click the links above…*

So, what’d you think? If you’ve stuck around, that must mean you’re at least somewhat happy with what you read. Let me get into a bit of the nitty-gritty so, should you decide to purchase any of my PLR article packs below, there won’t be any confusion about what you’ll be receiving.

My PLR is very... different. My articles are extremely conversational. I write like I speak. I won’t recite to your visitors a list of information they can find elsewhere such as specifications on products… they can find plenty of other PLR that does that. In a friendly manner, your visitors will be explained what they want to know: why the product or service will help them, any drawbacks, how it compares to alternatives, and so on. (This is case for product reviews which is one of my "specialties".) Basically… I provide them with the need-to-know information in which has been holding them back from completing their purchase.

My PLR converts visitors into leads, buyers, and subscribers. It has been optimized to increase conversions and put money in your pocket. With my main focus being on product reviews (not to say you won't love my niche article packs... because you will), whether you’re building a list or promoting affiliate offers, this is the content that is going to skyrocket your bottom line. Think about the return when it comes to purchasing a pack of product review articles. Yes, it will cost you a couple pretty pennies for the content… but how much is it going to make you? Many of the companies you'll be promoting offer commissions exceeding $100. The most EXPENSIVE pack of articles I sell is merely $14!!!

My PLR makes Google happy. Not only is it optimized for conversions, it’s also optimized for SEO. No, I promise these articles are not keyword stuffed. I'm not a robot. I also promise that they don’t read poorly to satisfy Google’s needs. The content flows organically, artistically, and downright beautifully.

My PLR is written from the ground up. This is NOT the kind of PLR that you have to go through and edit half the article for it to be readable or flow properly. These articles aren't a compilation of OTHER articles. The research is done, article is drawn up... and edited plenty of times before it's completed. I do my absolute best to make it clear of grammatical and spelling errors.

My PLR has never been released before… ever. When new article packs are released, they’ve never seen the light of day. They’ve never, not even by me, been put online. My subscribers get first dibs on all articles for 24 hours (sign up on the home page of!) then they're posted in this WSO.

Before you take a look at what's for sale... remember "warrior25”.

It’s a Warriors-only promotional code to use during checkout to save 25% on your entire purchase.

Product Review Article Packs:

(NEW - May 25th) Internet Security Suites

1. AVG Review – How Does AVG Stand Up When It Comes to Internet Protection? (857 words)
2.BitDefender Review – Can BitDefender Defend Your Site Against Threat After Threat? (940 words)
3. Kaspersky Review – Is This the Right Internet Security for Protecting Your Computer, Your Identity, and Your Children? (1,135 words)
4. Norton Symantec Review – Insanely Popular Due To Quality or Advertising? (1,154 words)
5. Panda Security Review – Can This Panda Become Ferocious In It’s Protection of You? (1,002 words)

The Top 5 Factors When Choosing the Best Internet Security Software:

6. Factor #1… Level of Protection (733 words)
7. Factor #2… Ease of Use! (778 words)
8. Factor #3… Parental Control (800 words)
9. Factor #4… Affects on Your Computer (724 words)
10. Factor #5… Customer Support (687 words)

Payday Loans

1. 100 Day Loans Review – Should You Get a Loan from This Pay Day Loan Website? (687 words)
2. AmeriAdvance Review – Does This Company Get My Recommendation for Trustworthiness? (837 words)
3. Cash Net USA Review – Should You Feel Comfortable Getting Your Payday Loan from This Company? (895 words)
4. Payday Max Review – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (1,030 words)
5. Payday One Review – The Truth About This Payday Lender That You Need to Know! (937 words)

Top 5 Crucial Elements to Choosing the Best Payday Loan Company:

6. Element #1…Ease of Applying (737 words)
7. Element #2… Cost of Loan (567 words)
8. Element #3… Security and Privacy (745 words)
9. Element #4… Customer Service! (732 words)
10. Element #5… You and Your Situation (607 words)

Email Marketing

1.Campaigner Review – What You Need to Know Before Dedicating Your Email Marketing to Campaigner… (978 words)
2.Constant Contact Review – Find Out Exactly Who Constant Contact Is Really Right For… (1,303 words)
3.Get Response Review – Should You Believe All the Hype Around This Email Marketing Service? (1,392 words)
4.iContact Review – Everything You Need to Know About iContact…and Whether It’s Right for YOU! (1,418 words)
5. Vertical Response Review – What I Like and Don’t Like About Vertical Response (1,180 words)

Top 5 Features You Must Consider When Choosing the Best Email Marketing Service:

6. Factor #1…Ease of Use! (711 words)
7. Factor #2… Deliverability (626 words)
8. Factor #3… Email Marketing Analytics (795 words)
9. Factor #4… Support! (724 words)
10. Factor #5… An Auto-Responder! (948 words)

Dedicated Servers

1. Codero Review – An Honest Review Revealing the Pro’s and Con’s of Codero Hosting… (1,025 words)
2. HostGator Review – Everything You Need to Know to Make a Decision On HostGator (1,047 words)
3.InMotion Hosting Review – What I Really Think of This Hosting and Dedicated Server Provider… (1,012 words)
4. ServerPronto Review – The Truth About This Dedicated Hosting Company… (1,038 words)
5. SingleHop Review – Read This Review Before You Hop Over to SingleHop and Join… (849 words)

Top 5 Critical Elements to Look for When Choosing a Dedicated Server Hosting Company:

6. Element #1… Reliability and Uptime (684 words)
7. Element #2… Support! (632 words)
8. Element #3… Managed vs. Unmanaged Hosting (591 words)
9. Element #4… The Operating System (585 words)
10. Element #5… Your Needs! (705 words)

Reseller Hosting

1. BlueHost Reseller Hosting Review – Is This Reseller Hosting Plan All That It’s Cracked Up To Be? (998 words)
2. JustHost Reseller Hosting Review – Would I Recommend This Hosting Reseller to My Own Mother? (1,014 words)
3. HostGator Reseller Hosting Review – Why Does Everyone Keep Talking About HostGator? (894 words)
4. HostPapa Reseller Hosting Review – Should You Start Your Reseller Hosting Business With HostPapa? (1,039 words)
5. MyHosting Reseller Hosting Review – Who Should Become a Reseller With this Virtual Private Server Hosting? (1,029 words)

Top 5 Factors on How to Select the Right Reseller Hosting Company:

6. Factor #1…Reliability and Uptime (699 words)
7. Factor #2… We All Need Support! (931 words)
8. Factor #3… The WHM (Web Hosting Management) System (688 words)
9. Factor #4… Resources and Control Panel (720 words)
10. Factor #5… Your Needs, and Experience! (733 words)

Niche Article Packs:

Make Money

1. Did You Know Clickbank Has Paid Out Over 2 Billion Dollars? (655 words)
2. Did You Know LinkedIn Can Generate Income For You? (613 words)
3. Earn A Slice Of The Massive Pizza Pie Market (724 words)
4. Earn Big Bucks At Flea Sales (840 words)
5. Enjoy The Sun While Getting Paid To Wash Cars (788 words)
6. Good Writers Get Paid Extremely Well (814 words)
7. Hey Photographers, Get Paid To Snap Your Photos (794 words)
8. Hot Dog Carts Are Profitable And Delicious (667 words)
9. If You’re good With Kids, Make Money Opening A Daycare (844 words)
10. Make Money Cleaning Those Foreclosed Homes (643 words)
11. Make Money Cleaning Up Other People’s Homes (788 words)
12. Most Restaurants Fail, But Yours Could Be A Success (754 words)
13. Online Auctions Generate Millions In Sales Every Month (613 words)
14. Start Your Very Own Tasty Kettle Corn Truck (810 words)
15. The Ancient Vending Business Still Is Flourishing Today (783 words)
16. There’s A Reason So Many Gold Shops Are Around (907 words)
17. The Residual Income Of A Laundromat Is Huge (704 words)
18. Thicken Your Wallet During The Jolliest Holiday Of Them All (719 words)
19. What’s Easier Than Taking Surveys Online For Cash? (549 words)
20. Who Doesn’t Love An Ice Cream Cone? I Do! (790 words)

Weight Loss

1. 3 Less-Known Weight Loss Diets That Work (513 words)
2. 3 Seemingly Odd Ways To Get Fit That Work (505 words)
3. 3 Weight Loss Tips To Implement In Your Daily Routine (516 words)
4. A Complete Overview Of The Macrobiotic Diet (545 words)
5. A Complete Overview Of The Nutrisystem Diet (615 words)
6. A Must Read For Those Going In For Weight Loss Surgery (502 words)
7. An Article On Weight Loss Written For Men (496 words)
8. An Implementable Guide On Getting Fit Anywhere (517 words)
9. Are Sports Really Cardio Alternatives? Yes! (495 words)
10. Consider These Incision-Free Weight Loss Alternatives (487 words)
11. Do You Qualify For Weight Loss Surgery? (498 words)
12. Don’t Think Walking Is Cardio? Think Again (497 words)
13. Everything You Need To Know Regarding High Protein Diets (658 words)
14. How To Combine Strength Training And Weight Loss (488 words)
15. If Your Diet Isn’t Working, Read This Article (510 words)
16. Losing Weight Loss Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated (522 words)
17. Sometimes All It Takes Is Reducing Your Carb Intake (611 words)
18. Tips On Finding The Best Weight Loss Surgery Option For You (504 words)
19. What Needs To Be Done Prior To Weight Loss Surgery (515 words)
20. Which Is Better: Cardio Or Strength Training? (497 words)

Cure Acne

1. 3 Acne Products For Oily Skin That Works (504 words)
2. 3 Highly-Rated Products To Cure Acne Cysts (497 words)
3. 3 Top-Notch Treatments For Curing Papules (490 words)
4. 3 Treatments To Cure Your Pustules Once And For All (553 words)
5. 4 Natural Eastern Medicine Acne Treatments (493 words)
6. 4 Ways To Ensure Nodular Acne Never Returns (498 words)
7. 5 Over-The-Counter Acne Treatments You Can’t Live Without (542 words)
8. 5 Pimple Fighting Solutions Found At The Drugstore (601 words)
9. 5 Ways To Cure Acne Scars You May Not Know (516 words)
10. 6 Ways To Cure Your Pimples Naturally (496 words)
11. 9 Household Products That, Believe It Or Not, Cure Acne (491 words)
12. An Article Written For Men With Acne (494 words)
13. An Overview Of How Laser Acne Scar Removal Works (582 words)
14. Everything You Need To Know About Cystic Acne (496 words)
15. I Had Acne And Now I Have Scars… Why? (499 words)
16. Steps You Must Take When Breaking Out With Pimples (490 words)
17. The Best 3 Acne Products For Those With Dry Skin (497 words)
18. The Root Causes Of Acne And Probably How You Got It (532 words)
19. What Blackheads Are And Why They’re On Your Face (503 words)
20. What Nodular Acne Is And Why You Have It (499 words)
21. Extra – Wonderful Tips On How To Cure Acne Scars Naturally (511 words)
22. Extra – You Can’t Miss These Acne Scar Removal Tips (495 words)

Teeth Whitening

1. 4 Super Simple Ways To Get Whiter Teeth At Home (583 words)
2. 4 Ways You Can Get Pearly Whites Overnight (503 words)
3. 5 Teeth Whitening Mouthwashes That Work (482 words)
4. 6 Extremely Affordable Ways To Whiten Your Teeth (499 words)
5. 6 Of 2012’s Highest-Rated Teeth Whitening Toothpastes (503 words)
6. 6 Types Of Food To Avoid After Teeth Whitening (504 words)
7. A Comparison Of Professional Vs. At-Home Teeth Whitening (511 words)
8. A Short Guide To Veneer And Tooth Bonding Whitening (533 words)
9. A Summary Of How Dental Bleaching Works (566 words)
10. An Overview Of How Britesmile Teeth Whitening Works (518 words)
11. An Overview Of How Cosmetic Laser Teeth Whitening Works (503 words)
12. Do Teeth Whitening Strips And Trays Actually Work? (602 words)
13. Do Toothpaste Whiteners Really Work? (498 words)
14. Getting Whiter Teeth Isn’t As Hard As You Might Think (511 words)
15. How Does Custom Fit Tray Bleaching Work? (543 words)
16. How Does Teeth Whitening Work Anyways? (513 words)
17. The 4 Best Teeth Whitening Strips In 2012 (502 words)
18. The Top 4 At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits Of 2012 (495 words)
19. Tips On Sustaining White Teeth After Undergoing Whitening (503 words)
20. What You Need To Know About Laser Teeth Whitening (523 words)
21. Extra – Whiten Your Teeth In The Comfort Of Your Own Home (498 words)

Stop Snoring

1. 2 Nasal Strips That Help Even The Loudest Snorers (495 words)
2. 3 Nasal Dilators That Will Defeat Your Snoring (489 words)
3. 4 Non-Invasive Snoring Products That Work (624 words)
4. 4 Of The Highest-Rated Snoring Chin Straps In 2012 (495 words)
5. 5 Of The Most Common Snoring Surgeries (497 words)
6. 6 Alternative Remedies To Cure Your Snoring (487 words)
7. 6 Highly-Effective Tips To End Snoring Once And For All (492 words)
8. 7 Odd Snoring Tips You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (514 words)
9. 7 Tips To Help Your Partner Stop Snoring (489 words)
10. 9 Less-Known Ways To Prevent Snoring That You’ll Love (539 words)
11. 14 Main Causes Of Why People Snore (506 words)
12. Anti-Snoring Products Don’t Have To Break Your Bank (500 words)
13. Common Issues That Lead To A Snoring Problem (515 words)
14. Is Snoring Really That Common? (574 words)
15. Leading Determinants That Cause Snoring (620 words)
16. Lifestyle Changes May Be All It Takes To Stop Snoring (548 words)
17. There Are So Many Affordable Methods To Cure Snoring (530 words)
18. These 5 Stop-Snoring Mouthpieces Will Change Your Life (517 words)
19. Why In The World Is Snoring So Common? (488 words)
20. You Will Love These 4 OSA-CPAP Machines (493 words)

Muscle Building

1. 3 Important Yet Overlooked Muscle Building Tips (499 words)
2. 3 Tips For Women Looking To Build Muscle (505 words)
3. 4 Creatine Protein Powders That Actually Work (496 words)
4. 5 Bench Presses That Will Change Your Life For The Better (502 words)
5. An Article For Women On Sculpting And Toning (511 words)
6. A Short Guide To Defining Your Workout Goals (519 words)
7. Building Muscle Is Hard But Easier Than You Might Think (504 words)
8. Don’t Give Up On Building Muscle Because You’re Overweight (510 words)
9. Efforts To Increase Muscle Only Succeed With A Proper Diet (550 words)
10. Grow Your Biceps With Ease Through These 4 Exercises (495 words)
11. Helping You Create The Body You’ve Always Wanted (513 words)
12. If You Don’t Want Calf Muscles, Don’t Do These 3 Exercises (597 words)
13. If You Need A Home Gym In 2012, Look No Further (502 words)
14. Is There Really A Right Number Of Times Per Week To Work Out? (530 words)
15. It’s Not Easy For Thin Men To Bulk Up (508 words)
16. The 3 Most Important Food Compounds For Your Body (502 words)
17. The 4 Best Selling Isolate Whey Protein Powders (493 words)
18. Why Men And Women Have Such Different Muscle Structures (512 words)
19. Your Chest Is Craving These 4 Highly-Effective Exercises (469 words)
20. You’re Bound For Failure Without The Right Supplements And Equipment (558 words)

Yes, I have an affiliate program. Please join it! 75% commission on all sales!

Signing up for my affiliate program is super easy. I use e-Junkie to do all the tracking, I have some super sweet affiliate banners for you, and there’s not one of those annoying minimum thresholds for me to send payout out. You make a penny in commissions… you best bet you’ll receive that penny!

Firstclick here. You’ll opt-in to my affiliates list. The only reason I want your email is for in the future (when I have all sorts of promotions and prizes and all that cool stuff). Trust me when I say you won’t receive an email you don’t want to read. Instantly after signing up, you’ll receive an email.

Second… in that email you’ll find the several steps it takes to join my affiliate program through e-Junkie. Easy as that. You’ll then get an affiliate ID (a link to track your commissions), and you’re set. You can also view my affiliate banners which you can use at your disposal if you so wish once signing up. These banners rock.

These are the rights to all of my articles...

[YES] You can edit the content as much as you’d like.
[YES] You can post them on your websites or your clients’ websites in any form: articles, blog posts, newsletters, e-Books, or otherwise.
[YES] You can claim them as your own.
[YES] You can re-bundle, repackage, and give them away.
[NO] You can not sell them.

* Some article packs have been previously sold as $1 WSO's (none of the product review packs, though). If it WAS, I've said so on the "Learn more" page. If you're unsure, message or email me!

I know... there's a lot of text above. Here are the 3 most important takeaways.

1. As a Warrior, you get 25% off of EVERYTHING. You better use the promotional code "warrior25" or I'll be very mad.

2. I understand if the current article packs for sale you don't need... but in the future I may come out with some you DO need. To be informed of new releases first thing, subscribe to my mailing list on's homepage (on the right hand side). I promise not to spam you.

3. If you like my PLR so much you can promote my site OR this WSO and get paid 75% of all sales - no minimum payout - straight to your PayPal. Click here to get started (it only takes a minute).

Questions? Comments? Email me at, send me a message, or post here.


Ross Cohen

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[Insert witty user title]
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Thanked 334 Times in 145 Posts
Blog Entries: 2
Re: Ross Cohen's PLR... ALMOST as Delicious as Triple-Chocolate Brownies & Cold Milk!
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Originally Posted by Shane Dolby View Post

I just Picked these up and I have to Say they are some of the best articles I have seen written. They come in both word and notepad format which i like as alot of people just supply word and they was formated really nice in notepad easy for copy and paste into your favorite rewiter.

You are Missing out if you do not order these. I expect to make some nice mola with these on sites i will build.

Thanks for some great work

Originally Posted by pavionjsl View Post

Ross I got your email and I already have bought most your stuff I needed. I should have stopped back and thanked you for the quality of your work. With so many pretenders out there selling rehash PLR it is your quality of the articles that made me buy them in the first place. I was offered a code for a discount but did not use it, being I own the ones I need here. So this review is based purely on the happiness with the product offered. Seems to be a lot of crap out there right now and the good providers need our support. Take care Ross.
Originally Posted by Tina Golden View Post

I've bought from Ross when he had those incredible $1 article packs out as WSOs and he quickly rose to the top of my short list of the best PLR creators out there. I've been eagerly awaiting his grand launch of his PLR store.

I grabbed the Make Money Niche article pack from this WSO, as I had bought a previous pack from him in the same niche. Both sets are going on a site I'm building about home business success.

The hardest part of using the stuff Ross writes is that it's so darn good, I'm afraid I'll actually hurt the quality by rewriting it! What I'm finding is that it works better if I add to his content instead of changing it very much, and then dividing the pieces into several posts.

I think what floored me the most is his pricing. I typically charge $1 per page and I figure a page every 500 words when I put together a package. I just added up this package and I would have charged $29 for the twenty articles I just bought - his REGULAR price is only $14!!

With the discount above, that brings this down to 55 cents per page for some of the best PLR content I've ever seen.

Seriously, if you work or want to work in any of the niches he has so far, do yourself a favor and pick it up now. This gets the full five stars from me.
Originally Posted by lstoops View Post

Your writing is great! I can tell you put a lot of effort into your PLR...which is a great thing for those of us who use PLR! Great deal Ross!
Originally Posted by Mary Greene View Post

Ross, Tina Golden sent me and even posted your WSO link in a Skype chat where members rarely post links. She was pretty impressed.

With all the phony reviews around, I avoid reviewer discounts or free review copies unless I already know the Warrior to be top quality, customer-oriented, and completely trustworthy. And I this is the first time I've seen your name--my fault, not yours.

But after reading your sample articles, I decided to take you up on that reviewer's discount. I'm never going to promote payday loans, but I bought eight other article packages.

Nobody will be disappointed with your PLR quality, Ross. What a relief to read a human instead of a humanoid! You know what buyers want and fear. You motivate readers by talking to them one-to-one not at them like your personal bank. Pinch me, but your articles actually made me think, too!

Tina's got a point: the biggest challenge will be rewriting or spinning with a great spinner. (Oh please, dear Warriors, do not publish Ross's articles without changing them substantially. These articles are WAY too good to end up in Google's duplicate content trash heap.) If you read your rewritten or spun results out loud, you'll make them sound good.

I'm a happy buyer. Thanks.

Mary Greene
Originally Posted by Dennis Gaskill View Post

Tina skyped me about this offer, so I quickly bought three of the article packs. I don't know Ross, but I know Tina and trust her judgment when it comes to PLR.

The articles are well-written, better than most PLR to say the least. Probably all you need to know is that I bookmarked Ross' PLR site. That means I plan on buying more when he releases it. Some of the "coming" stuff looked like something I could use.

I only found one small inconvenience. While Ross provides the PLR in both Word and text format, at least with the ones I bought, the text format was pasted in from Word. The trouble with that is Word uses single and double "curly" quotes in place of straight ones, and true elipsis in place of three dots and a few other formating characters that most browsers won't display.

I rewrite any PLR I use, but one still has to make sure those characters are replaced for online use. It takes less than a minute with Search and Replace, so like I said, it's only a minor inconvenience.

All in all it's a great deal. If you use PLR and see something you like, I recommend buying.
Originally Posted by lkpub View Post

Lots of great PLR here and of course I grabbed what I wanted... I've used PLR from Ross before with great's not often you can find well written PLR amongst all the garbage out there, but Ross' PLR clearly stands out from the rest. If you're looking for some well-written, quality PLR then you've come to the right place. You won't be disappointed. =}
Originally Posted by scottparat View Post

Hey Ross .....thanks for more great PLR!

I purchased plr from your first wso and was once again very impressed by the quality of writing.

When I got an email notifying me some new stuff up I flew over here to see whats up.

All I can say is these are great topics for my niches/blogs. The writing is superb! When articles are writing as well as yours it makes it easy to create spintax automatically for a nice readable unique article. Furthermore, your writing makes it super easy for me to rewrite the article sentence by sentence for spinning.

These articles are composed of true substance....they actually make a point, in fact you get an introduction, a couple paragraphs of content and a conclusion. Point being the article takes the reader through a logical progression of discussion or disclosure of the topic at hand. Not something you find in 95% of most articles claimng to be PLR.

There are 2 very small negatives.

I copyscaped some of the articles and found results from your and the articles were in pdf so I assume they were samples. If you have adobe you can convert the pdf into an image and it won't get picked up by google or anyone else.

The second negative is that I purchased a pack twice Just my 2 cents but it would have made much more sense to me if you grouped the articles in this wso as "These are New Articles" .....and "These were from my Past wso"

Anyway, love your work.....look forward to more!

Take care,

Originally Posted by tsgeric View Post

Hi, on the first day of this WSO, Ross ran a great deal to buyers who agreed to leave an honest review. I was one of them, and here goes.

I'm generally a stickler for good writing, and make sure that anything with my name on it is something that I would be proud to admit to. This is not the case with much of the cheap PLR out there, for which I really do often feel a need to edit heavily for grammar and flow.

This is not the case at all with Ross's PLR. Like others have mentioned, it is very good writing. It is conversational without losing economy. It is structured well. It is both easy to read and informative. Any necessary editing would merely be for personalization or uniqeness.

I purchased 5 packages and am looking forward to see what comes in future packs.

He's also done something I think is really neat. In each pack, 5 of the articles are tips. These are designed to build up your credibility as an authority. The other 5 are reviews. So, hopefully once the reader sees you as authority, your reviews will be better received, with a higher probability of the person clicking through on your affiliate link. That's a clever one-two combo.

Tell me a little about your articles.

I take great pride in my articles (maybe even a little too much). With endless amounts of competition out there, I knew providing sub-par content would not be beneficial for you nor me. You can expect the following from every article you receive:
  • Unique, un-spun content only sold on my website.
  • Written with SEO in mind as ranking well in search engines is key.
  • An easily-read conversational tone for readers of all sorts to completely understand the information being told.
  • Grammatically correct every time.
  • Well-structured to drive people’s eyes, to have them eventually make the click, and finally, conversion.
How do I make money with your product review articles?

The product reviews I write are for four main networks: Commission Junction (focused on currently), ShareASale, Clickbank, and Amazon Associates. These are affiliate networks that aggregate many affiliate programs into one database, making it easier for you, and absolutely free to sign up for. The exception is Amazon Associates, which is a program that allows you to promote products sold on Amazon. Joining these networks has many advantages compared to applying to affiliate programs individually. You hit payout thresholds more easily, and applying for the programs is extremely easy: it merely takes a single click.
This of course saves you a great deal of time. I review products and services that are very affiliate-friendly, as in their programs are easy to get accepted into. All of the programs show clearly what their payout schemes are, making life that much easier for you. I don’t want this part to appear complex, though it may. If you find yourself with any confusion, just contact me – I’m here to help.

Why do your product review packs have 5 review articles and 5 blog posts?

I promise I do this on purpose. Let me explain. First off… example. When it comes to hosting, payday loans, email marketing, whatever it may be, there aren’t 7 “best” options. For that matter there certainly aren’t 10 “best” options either. There are only a couple. The reason for this is that option A may be best for someone (perhaps it’s the cheapest option and the individual is on a budget), whereas option B may be the absolute best overall (though it may be more pricey, thus not for the person on the budget).

When it comes to the reviews, I choose the best options on the market which happen to also be, for the most part, the most heavily searched for. In regards to the blog posts, these are extremely important. When creating a product review site or a niche site in general, you need to appear as a guru or expert in the niche to be trusted. You need to prove that you know what you’re talking about and once this is accomplished you’ll see your conversions skyrocket. With the blog series I include with the reviews (generally a “buyer’s guide of sorts), your visitors are going to absolutely love you.

Will I find your articles sold anywhere else?

Never. I’ve never given rights for any of the articles packs I sell to be sold elsewhere. They are exclusively sold on my website and this will never change.

How many copies of your PLR do you sell?

As HighConvertingPLR is rather small and unknown to the masses as of yet due to our short period of existence, I am not placing a cap on sales right away. Do be assured that when first placed on our site, the articles have never been uploaded past my Word document. Further, as stated in the note above, due to their slightly-higher price, the “bargain hunters” are kept at bay and I can guarantee my articles will remain fresh for a long time to come.

Do you have an affiliate program?

I do! And it’s a great one. Promote my article packs and for every sale you cause, earn 75% commission. Cookies last for 60 days and payment is sent via PayPal within 30 days in case of charge-backs or refunds. Plus, there is no threshold you need to reach for payouts. Refer to my Affiliates page for more information.

Do you have a return policy, or money-back guarantee?

Yes. If you’re unhappy within 30 days of your purchase, contact me. I’ll do whatever it takes to make you a happy customer and have no problem processing a refund if that’s what you desire. I’m not here to provide you with sub-par content so I believe you’ll have a wonderful experience and be a return customer. If this isn’t the case, don’t hesitate to reach out to me immediately.

Is my payment for your articles secure?

Absolutely. All payments are handled through PayPal. This is to ensure that you’re provided with the highest degree of financial security possible.

How and when will I receive my articles?

Instantly. Once your order goes through, you’ll receive an email instantly or within several minutes for your download. All of your articles will be in a zipped file and individually in .txt (NotePad) and .doc (Word) formats.
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Re: Ross Cohen's PLR... ALMOST as Delicious as Triple-Chocolate Brownies & Cold Milk!
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Do you have PLR articles on iPads?
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Re: Ross Cohen's PLR... ALMOST as Delicious as Triple-Chocolate Brownies & Cold Milk!
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Thanks for the question. At the moment I don't, though my friend Nathan does (click here). I can let you know if I release anything of the sort... though I'm working on other packs at the moment that AREN'T related to the iPad, so I wouldn't hold my breath.

Originally Posted by iknowhow View Post

Do you have PLR articles on iPads?
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Re: Ross Cohen's PLR... ALMOST as Delicious as Triple-Chocolate Brownies & Cold Milk!
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Hi Ross, just a note that you need to update the bit in all your sales letters that say:

"Will I find your articles sold anywhere else?
Never. I’ve never given rights for any of the articles packs I sell to be sold elsewhere. They are exclusively sold on my website and this will never change."

... since you have since then this year sold the resale rights of these articles to some people, including myself.

No biggie, but it will likely confuse future potential customers of PLR resellers, like myself, if they see a statement like this in WSO and other places, and I don't want to be seen as selling stock that I don't have the reseller rights to.

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