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I've generated over $100,000 in creating content for my clients. Taking on new clients.
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Content Creation has taken a rapid change over the last 4 years. Gone are the days of keyword lists and bum marketing. Now more than ever, you need to have a strategic approach when creating your content.

Hello Warriors,

My name is MJ and I’m here to get your content creation business. Your time is important, so let me show you how my writing is superior to any other article marketer available to you.

Before I begin, have you ever had an experience like this?

Your business is getting to the point where you’re stretching yourself thin in trying to create good quality content. You feel overwhelmed, and you decide it's time to outsource your content to a third-party.

You heard about outsourcing overseas and how much money and time that you can save by the prices they charge. You ask yourself, "how hard can it be to create a 500 word article?” You think this is going to be a walk in the park. Finally, you decide on a writer to outsource your content to.

You give them precise instructions on what you need. Send the keywords that you want to rank for and agree on a deadline for the work. You wait patiently, as the deadline approaches and then pass. Nothing is sent and you become more frustrated with each day missed.

You’re frustrated and demand a refund via email. You get the reply and you finally receive your content. Instead of being well written articles that where promised you receive utter crap. You feel like banging your head on the wall and ask yourself how hard was this project was.

Has this happened to you?

First let me ask you a few questions

What Makes You Want to Read an Article?

1. It solves a problem


2. It’s interesting/entertaining

If your article doesn’t do any of the first two then you have already lost. Readers on the Internet have an extreme case of A.D.D and if you can’t grab and hold their attention quickly then you fail.

When I write articles I believe in using an inverted pyramid style of writing. This style of writing presents the most relevant information quickly, and hooks your reader into the article.

Once the hook is implemented, it's imperative that the writer starts writing the content with related keyword phrases that support the original keyword that you're trying to rank for. An example of this is:

Keyword – "paleo diet problems"

Supported Keywords – “diet problems” “lose weight” “raw” “caveman diet problems” “paleo solutions”

The supported keyword phrases strength in the article include other relevant information. This is looked upon favorably from Google and helps rank your articles higher compared to your competitors.

This is how I can guarantee all my articles that I've written in the past and future survive all Google updates. It's all about creating amazing content and building yourself as an expert in a niche.

Why You Need Me

100% unique and informative content
Been writing online content for the past 4 years
Experienced in keyword density, and LSI
Quick turnaround time usually within 24-48 hours*
Hold a Master’s Degree in English
Write to inform your readers
Build your reputation as an expert in your niche
Native English Speaker

Bottom line is I’m going to MAKE YOU MORE MONEY.

Are you starting to get it now? If so, I have created a very attractive offer for you today.

Services Offered:

Ezine Articles $1.00 - 100 Words

Highly researched articles
Guaranteed to pass Ezine Articles Submission
Use of the inverted pyramid writing style to engage your readers
No filler introductions or words. Getting to the meat of the article in a quick professional tone.

Blog Content Creation/Websites $1.00 - 100 Words

LSI created Articles for creation of websites with themed content
100% Unique and Copyscape/Plagiarism Advanced Detector passed
Guaranteed keyword density between 1-3% *Please email if you require a different amount.

Product Reviews $1.50 - 100 Words

Researched and solid positive buying review of product.
Themed written content for higher relevancy in internal/external spidering of reviews.
Written to include the most relevant information in making buying descion's for your customers.
Reviews written in first person

Email Responders $1.50 - 100 Words

In depth business research to write emails according to your products sales funnel
Strategic approach in creating a relationship within the emails
Build brand value within each email
Interactive emails (Help increase click-through rates.)

Article Re-Writes

(Please See Ezine Articles Above.)

What You Get

Let’s recap the benefits of working with me for your writing.
You get the following:

· Articles that perform and get ranked in search engines because they are relevant and contain LSI geared content and relevancy
· Quick turnaround time that’s within 24-48hrs
· More sales and less wasted time concentrating on content creation. Instead allowing you to focus on growing your business on what really matters.
· Increased brand awareness and becoming an expert in your own niche
· Freedom from not having to worry about editing articles, or publishing stolen content

The bottom line is I love what I do. I love to write and create amazing content for people on the internet. I believe in providing the best and highest quality articles for you.

I want your repeat business and referrals from your friends, and fellow Internet marketers on the warrior form.

To your long-term success!

P.S – Any Referral Business you recommend you will receive an added bonus when that client signs up for my services

Skype: wolfrecruiting
Email: mitch@fast-articles:dot:com
Contact: 1-403-648-9009

Need a reliable professional article writer? Hire me for a trial of $3/article Get Your Trial Offer Now!
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Re: I've generated over $100,000 in creating content for my clients. Taking on new clients.
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