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[SEO Using LEVERAGE ZONE] > Auto-Improves Based On Previous Month's Data < Complete #SEO > High Qlty
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Wow. Can't believe. It's only 7 days and my ranks are already up by 5 positions.Will definitely recommend. - kukloo
"I had some query before placing the order and I got excellent follow up support. Report was also delivered ahead of schedule. 2 thumbs up!" - ndbk
"I have been doing SEO myself for more than 3 years - but had never looked at things this way. The X-ray report was phenomenal. Very professional and detailed report given. Can truly recommend this." - maula
One of the best wso I have bought till date. This didn't only improve my ranks but I also learnt new ways to look at keyword research - using leverage zone method alone improved my ROI 250%, new ways to look at link building and completely new way to understand how seo works. If you need any kind of seo service - this is first thing I'll recommend to you no matter whether you just need to outsource your seo work or your are already doing seo for years. - binson
"I got a big penguin slap few months back and have tried lots of strategies to overcome it - I tried adding more links, not doing any links for few months, adding high PR links etc. - but nothing seemed to work. I was just doing anything and everything which I was reading online. At last I thought of giving kumar a try as his service looked promising. And that was the best decision I had made in a long time. The first report that I received from him hit me on my face. I couldn't believe I was just doing opposite of what I was supposed to do. My backlinks were adding to my penalty filter rather than overcoming it. Once we knew what was wrong - things were easier there on. He provided excellent support, answered to all of my doubts and most importantly got my site back to page 1. He's my go to guy for anything SEO now. I can recommend him with eyes closed now. - adrian

SEO is not only all about creating backlinks to your money site, but it’s all about creating "minimum links for maximum revenue" by adopting a leverage zone based super powerful link structure.

Everyone knows that if you add millions of links from high authority sites, you can dominate any niche - no matter how competitive that is. Everyone knows that if you look for maximum search volume keyword and start getting consistent links for it - you'll ONE day be there on page 1.

But no one knows how much time will it take. No one comments how much is the effort-to-reward ratio. That's why it's critical to work on leverage points and align your SEO strategies based on what you have got NOW.

So to succeed, you must have a well thought out plan based on this "leverage zone method" - which no one else is talking about.

Where most people fail is – they use various seo tools to create links – not to execute a well thought out plan. And this leads to disappointment.

That’s why some people make a killing with same seo tools while others fail to realize the importance of these tools.

If you don’t track –
1) which keywords are ranking for you now and what should be their assigned priority
2) which anchor text has most no of backlinks and how's anchor text diversity working for you
3) which type of sites – blogs, article, forum or something else - you need links from to create platform diversity

4) which keywords are in “leverage zone” and pushing them a little bit more can turn things round

5) which anchor texts are approaching danger zone and if used any further for link building, can cause you penalty anytime
6) which kind of link profile you are building – what’s their citation flow and what’s their trust flow

If you are building links without keeping track of all of above and just using hundreds of tools – just to build links – you are destined to fail.

To succeed in SEO, the only thing you need is – a well thought out plan which takes care of all of above and some good seo tools which can let you execute your plan.

...Any seo tool is only as good as the seo plan which you are executing with it.

You just need a good tool which can create variety of backlinks on various platforms and you should know how to use it to create a strong backlinks network based on YOUR SPECIFIC NEED.

Also, if you have a new site which is less than 6 months old - you need a different kind of link building structure.

You should not use the tools in way everyone else is recommending it you to use - you should customize it for your needs. Even for tools like SENuke, I have created my custom templates which are specifically created considering the existing link profile of website I am trying to rank.

If you create a SEO plan for your site which factors all of the parameters listed above and then execute this plan with any one good seo tool, you can have the last laugh – your ranks can explode while your competitors will still remain perplexed as what has suddenly happened to their rankings.

I know it’s not possible for many of you to do all of above – as analyzing things in right perspective needs very costly link analytics tools, understanding of the latest SEO strategies inside out and then link building tools.

That’s why I’ve come up with this unique monthly SEO service – which takes care of all of above.

In this service, I just don't go ahead and blast your site with a standard web link structure.

Before I start building even a single link, I will -
  • analyse your existing backlinks
  • check their authority
  • anchor text diversity
  • current position
  • domain age
  • And many other ranking factors
...before creating a well thought out link structure which will be executed with the help of seo tools.

I will use my team and some tools to create a powerful link structure for your domains which have been custom made keeping your site in mind.

$79/m Only

What My Service Offers:
1. Analysis of your website and creation of link building plan
I will go through your URLs, keywords, their rankings, check which all are in their “leverage zone”, check diversity and then create a custom SEO plan specifically for your website. Based on this plan, I’ll help you select the right set of keywords we should start with and also prioritize them for link building.

2. Custom Web Link Structure - Made for Your Site
As you know, every site and niche has different need. Some sites can rank just by some web 2.0 punch whereas some need .edu backlinks. Some might need forum blast whereas some might need mix of various links.

..And if you don't know this upfront - you can end up building unlimited links, wasting unlimited time and not getting any improvement. Rather, your site might end up with some penalty because of skewed matrix.

So, I’ll create custom templates and web link structure – keeping in mind the plan created above in step 1 – which creates a super-powerful back link network and works post Panda/Penguin or any other algorithm change. Many of my sites and my customer sites have got 1st page ranking because of these unique back link building templates.

In this service, I will use custom web link structures consisting of the following sites which are a great mixture of Low-High PR of Domains:
Wiki sites
 Web 2.0 profiles
Article Directories
 Web 2.0 sites
Social Bookmarking Sites
 Forum profiles
Press Releases
 RSS Feed Submissions

3. Article Generation For Content Sites
I will spin articles for your keywords/niche to be submitted to the Article directories, Wiki Sites and Social network sites. If you want us to write unique articles specifically for you, just let us know. We'll create a separate package for you and will take care of that as well.

4. Pinging and Indexing
I will ping and index all the tier 1 and tier 2 links created.

5. Multiple Proxies
I use private proxies and in addition I use VPS which has dynamic IPs those keep on changing. Hence, proxy is never a concern.


How many backlinks per month?
There is no fix figure - it depends on what we need to push your rank and traffic. It'll be based on your site's report. In one order, you can give us 1 domain/site with any number of URLs(inner pages) and keywords. We'll prioritize it based on X-ray report which we'll create for your website.

Will the same backlink structure be used every time?
No, the same template won't be used for every blast. Link structures are chosen based on the website age, their current ranking position and some other ranking factors which we use internally. For e.g. if it is a new website like(less than 6 months old) then the template used will be different than a website which is quite old.

How many keywords to be provided?
You can send me 10 keywords based on your preference. We will sort these keywords based on our internal ranking factors and give them a link building priority. Every week along with the link building, I will keep a track of the keywords which are ranking well. Based on that, in the next week's link building run, I will re-prioritize those keywords so that the SE rank can still be improved. But if you want the priorities of all 10 keywords to remain same throughout the month then we can do the same too. You can just let us know if you want any customization in prioritizing the keywords.

What's the Reporting Time?
I will provide access to live reports consisting of the tier 1, tier 2 links in a shared xls. You can access the XLS site anytime you want and see the latest links that we've built up for you.

For Users Who Need Customized Service
I also provide customized services for the new sites(less than 6 months old). In this service, I'll create Web 2.0 network as tier 1, where I put content relevant to the domain, backlinking these to the your money site i.e. main domain. Then I create B2B links backlinking to the tier 1 web2.0 links. This web 2.0 network creates a good buffer for new sites and help you get link juice via them without getting penalized.

Here are some of the results that our customers have got:

"Traffic increased 325% in 30 days flat" - george

"My site recovered from the penalty in less than 60 days" - sniperman

For more details about this service/package, you can contact

$79/m Only

P.S: If your site is already penalized, adding more links will not help. You need to see what's working against you, clean those hurdles and then create proper links. So if your site is penalized, we offer separate custom packages for same. Contact our support desk with your query regarding this and we'll create a suitable package for you.

Need trial before going ahead? Try our 7 Days Trial Package @ $20.
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Q:Can I Use it for Non-English websites?
A: In short - yes. The principle of ranking and prioritization remains same - no matter what's the language. So it can be applied to any language. It's just that - we'll customize our work to suit your language specific content and audience.

Q: How many URLs/Keywords will it work for?
A: The one package is suitable for 1 main domain - with any number of internal pages i.e. any number of URLs per domain. Also, we don't limit in terms of keywords or pre-define any upper/lower limit. We decide which and how many keywords based on your specific site's need - which will be based on our initial analysis report.

Q: Will I get any report or idea regarding what's the ranking plan?
A: Yes, the first thing we do after receiving your order is to do the profiling of your website, diagnostic check of various ranking factors, current position etc and then come up with an X-Ray report which shows you where does your site stand and what we need to do from here on. We'll give you this report within 7 days of receiving your order. Many of our clients say that this report is eye-opener and is at least 10 time more worth than what we charge.

Q: Can I use this on a new website (less than a year old)?
A: Yes, you can. But for new websites, we recommend to create web 2.0 buffer network to cushion your site from penalty. Our team will create this private buffer network for you. This will cost you $50-$150 based on your specific need. Please get in touch with our support team regarding this. If you already have this web 2.0 network - we can reuse the same if it meets our criteria.

Q: I have some specific query. How can I get in touch with you?
A: You can reach us at or pm me as well.
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Re: [SEO Using LEVERAGE ZONE] > Auto-Improves Based On Previous Month's Data < Complete #SEO > High
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Here are some of the results that our customers are getting.

These are the results - only 3 days after we started working on WSO order:

Here's another rank change screenshot:

What are you waiting for now? Place your order above and see the results rolling in for your site as well.
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