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Want to be confident in Wordpress? BE a WebMaster! Use your PLR, Sell, Blog, Make Money Let me help!
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Become a Wordpress wizard, and put up as many money making sites as you want.
Don't let the techno-babble put you off, really, anyone can do it

I've helped other technically challenged newbies learn their way around site building, I can do it for you... GUARANTEED.
Not just a PLR video course covering Wordpress from 2009, real up to date one on one hand-holding tuition.

Whether you just want your own blog, an Amazon site, CB affiliate, product sales, whatever it might be you can do it with my help.
Or maybe you have the basics down, but then you are sat there wondering what comes next?
I can help with setting up your affiliate links, adding your opt-in box, anything from the simplest task to the most complicated, don't be shy to ask!
Whenever you need an answer I'm just an email away.

We all have to start somewhere, and it's particularly hard for those of us who didn't grow up with a mouse in our hand
It's all very well loading up on all the great info in those WSOs on your hard drive, but without the simple technical knowhow how are you supposed to implement it?
You can get lost in Google for hours and come up none the wiser.
Or you could buy some generic video course that makes huge assumptions about what needs to be shown and what doesn't!

This is where I come in, having been through it myself I understand the difficulties. And the problem of being embarrassed to admit to needing help, while youngsters fly through it all
Let me be "virtually" at your side, ready to offer individual help at every hurdle.
I can't guarantee millions of pounds earned every 2 weeks or anything ridiculous like that but if you want to build a website that you have total control over so that the money making side of things is easier, that I can do.

How long will it take to have your site up and running?
That depends partly on you, but I'm available for as long as it takes, until you feel confident to go pedalling solo.
We can cover everything from choice of niche & keywords, right through to ongoing SEO strategies, and anything inbetween.
You are in charge, we will go at your speed, and you can choose to opt out at any time.

Think of us as your own private technical support. In fact if there's any stage that's just too troublesome we can always do that one for you!
So getting your first site up and running should happen in the first month.
In fact if you don't feel we have done everything we could to help, just ask for a refund anytime in the first 60 days, no problem!

And cost?
When this becomes a fully fledged membership site, we will be charging $47 a month, and that will still be a bargain.
But right now I'm looking for testimonials from as many happy clients as possible so it's available right now for $17 a month.

How much do you currently spend?

Buying readymade sites?
Having someone else do every little tweak for you?
Collecting PLR that never makes it live?
Paying for the simplest SEO packages?

Why not invest in discovering how simple it is to do it yourself, over and over again, no other costs!

Let me help Click here to contact me - let me know what stage you are at and what in particular you'd like help with, and we'll get started!

Speak to you soon, Jillian
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