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Unread 8th Mar 2013, 06:23 AM   #1
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Convert More Website Visitors into Buyers - This Low Investment WILL PAY FOR ITSELF Many Times Over
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He struck the match. Fire flickered. The fuse lit and
an explosion of emotional trigger words emanated
like lightning through his fingertips...

Want to see your sales, profits and revenues spike?

If so, you're in the right place because...

When you hire a copywriter y
ou want this individual to give you the best possible return on your money invested.

When you hire a copywriter
you want this individual to give you a very good return on your investment. Otherwise what is the point of hiring them in the first place?

When you hire me to carry out your copywriting for you, you’ll be given a license to virtually print your own money. (Excuse the cliche but it's true).

You better be hanging on to your seat.

Gripping it for all you're worth.


Because right now...

I'm quivering with
high octane energy raring to get started on your copywriting project.

You need a fantastic copywriter on your side...

Ready to command and direct the action.

Now I'm going to make this the easiest decision ever for you.

Forget the newbie copywriters, they're not going to give you the return on investment you demand.

For this very small investment you simply cannot afford to pass up on this amazing opportunity. What other copywriter with many years of copywriting experience is going to offer you an amazing deal like this one...

Short form sales copy from just $297

If you want your target audience... feel heat, hunger, desire, life, death, heaven or hell, stoked up, on the edge of their seats quivering with excitement to get their hands on what you can offer them...

Contacting me today will be in your best interest.

When you need
your target audience feeding in a frenzy from the palm of your hand, whipping out their credit cards to order goods, products and services from you

You need Mark Andrews Copywriter fighting in
your corner. Delivering to you the best possible conversion rate for the money.

You want in?...

You're going to have to act fast. As in instantly.

Meaning you need to take action right now. If you do not act instantly...

Chances are somebody else will book your slot.

First come. First served. No Exceptions.

Bear in mind...

My copywriting
rates start at $2,500 therefore this represents a sizzling
$2,200+ off my normal copywriting fees.

Call me a fool.

Call me stupid.

Tell me I'm off my rocker. Whatever.
I've heard it all.

The fact remains, if you want a highly proven copywriter writing your sales copy...

You need to act on this without delay.

Website sales copy. Sales letters. Homepage rewrites. Whatever you need...

The investment asked for is all yours from just $297

And guaranteed - there is just one EXCLUSIVE open slot per week available.

Has it got your name on it? You tell me.

A few of my client reviews...

"Mark has done some work for me in the past and I can assure you he is one of the most attentive copywriters I've ever come across.

Timely, efficient and writes superb copy - he is my go-to guy when I need copy quickly for my own ventures...

Get on this while you can - super service which is an investment and well worth your time.

A superb creative, ready to take action and always on the pulse of what's happening in the marketing world. A naturally hard worker, Mark delivers on all levels - from his compelling copy to his extensive marketing knowledge.

Working with Mark has allowed me to take my own marketing knowledge up a gear and really see results with my own business.

I highly recommend Mark if you want solid, actionable advice and high-converting copy.”

Arfa Saira Direct Response Copywriter - October 27, 2011

"Mark went above and beyond to produce great sales copy and to give excellent advice on how best to use it."

Onaje Johnston Ph.D. - November 11, 2009

"Mark Andrews is one of the few copywriters who combines creative acumen with business savvy and brings a great deal of passion to the table. He is very devoted to each client, and his work ethic is commendable.

If you are looking for a copywriter with extensive business expertise, effective communication and customer service skills, and a sense of humor...Mark maybe the solution you have been looking for."

Angela Kambarian
President, Essential Communications - May 28, 2011

"Mark made a tremendous difference to our bottom line. Our website just wasn't converting and Mark provided a new copy that saw instant results.

Out of a handful of copywriters we engaged, Mark was the only one to deliver a copy which could be put straight into production and just worked first time."

Christian - 21 December 2011

“Wow! Mark Andrews completed my copy project professionally and with supreme speed! (Took him ½ the time!) He rewrote my squeeze page with ease and skill. Gave me some excellent advice and pointers on how I could improve my own writings as well! You’d be crazy if you didn’t hire him.”

Best regards,

Danny Tang

From Warrior Forum member Rach72:

I just have to pipe up here and add my .02 to this offer of Mark's:

If you think that you can save yourself some dosh by doing your own sales copy then think again - NOT taking this offer is going to cost you dearly.

Now I wouldn't normally say that, because everyone IS capable of doing their own copy, but here's the thing... when you have a bonafide expert in any field offer their services to you for less than what it would cost you to try to do it yourself you take it don't you?

Mark Andrews is without a doubt one of the geniuses of sales copy.

I had the good fortune to have the benefit of his advice and experience which has lead me to create articles that have a consistent CTR of 40% plus. His tweaking of my sales copy lead to a conversion rate of well over 40% (prior to his input it was less than 1% eeek!)

The fact that he is practically GIVING away his services speaks volumes about the type of guy he is.

Take it from me...

Mark Andrews IS the real deal and this IS one hell of a deal!

You'd be bonkers not to take advantage of his insanity - however temporary it may be!

As I said, just my .02


For the record...

I think it's absurd that Mark is giving away his ability to make you a residual fortune for practically NOTHING.

If you can't afford a mere $300 to invest in your financial success....

...get out of the Internet Marketing Game straight away.

The bottom line is...

Take advantage of Mark's (hopefully brief) lapse of sanity RIGHT NOW!

That is...

If you want to make money!

Mark Pescetti

From Warrior Forum member Ben Doyle:

We've sold over 500 copies in the last two weeks at £77 per sale - which amounts to just over £40,000 ($63,300+) in sales in just 14 days from your sales copy!

From Warrior Member JonoC:

When I received Mark's copy I was blown away by how persuasive it was and I have no doubt it will convert a hundred times better than what I could have ever come up with.

Mark was very professional and quick to answer all questions I had after receiving the copy. I will use Mark for any future copy-writing that I use and I couldn't recommend him highly enough.

Thanks Mark

- Jonathan

And all from just $297...

  • I helped one Warrior earn $21,000 plus in just 1 day
  • Plus a whopping 50% conversion rate for a Chicago businessman's website - $1.2 million revenue raised to date on the back of my sales copy supplied
  • $30,000 ROI for another fellow Warrior
  • Over $100,000 profit from a single eBook within 4 weeks for yet another Warrior
  • Plus many more superb success stories from countless other confidential private clients

To your success...

Mark Andrews

Post Script 1 - This Copywriting Special Offer includes everything formatted for you in advance ready for you to use instantly.

Post Script 2 - This $297 copywriting offer is for short sales letters only not long form sales letters.

If you want a long form sales letter contact me and I'll be happy to give you a separate quotation.

Post Script 3 - Terms and conditions apply. Notably as soon as work has commenced on your project no refunds can be considered. Time is money and I do highly value my time.

As soon as you receive my copywriting questionnaire, at this point work has commenced on your project. If you decide to back out for any reason after this point under no circumstances will
a refund be considered.

Post Script 4 - Full terms and conditions can be found at IMCopywriting - Please make yourself familiar with these terms of service before you send any money to me.

Also because of the nature of this
copywriting special offer as with all of my clients, it is 100% payment upfront no exceptions.

My normal minimum copywriting fees start at $2,500 so this offer available only here at the Warrior Forum, at this significantly reduced rate of $297 represents one hec of a good deal.

Post Script 5 - If you're looking for long form sales copy or emails for your autoresponder series or any other copywriting - please contact me for a FREE quote.

Your direct call to action...

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Unread 9th Mar 2013, 12:55 AM   #2
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Re: Copywriting Special Offer
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Unread 13th Mar 2013, 07:39 PM   #3
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Re: Thunder Roared & Lightning Flashed - EXPLODE Your Business Profit Potential Right Here Right Now
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Sell your wife!
Sell your grandmother!
Auction off your kids if you have to.
Whatever price Mark is charging is peanuts compared to the results you WILL experience.

I know from personal experience that Mark is the real deal!
He doesn't B.S. He tells it like it is and his skills are incomparable.

If you don't take advantage of his special offer, you're not serious about your business!!!

Cheers, Laurence.
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Unread 14th Mar 2013, 11:59 AM   #4
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Re: Convert More Website Visitors into Buyers - This Low Investment WILL PAY FOR ITSELF Many Times O
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Mark, Mark, Mark...

Are you nuts?!?!

Seriously, are you?

$297 for copy that can produce thousands upon thousands of dollars, virtually overnight?

I understand doing it once to help people out.

But again?

You're certifiable.

Ladies & Gentlemen...

Boy & girls...

Children of all ages...

Do you grasp WHY proven copywriters, like Mark Andrews, get to charge big investment prices for copy?

Because it makes YOU money that would NOT otherwise exist in your bank account.

You've just found a slot machine that keeps hitting triple 7's, like clockwork.

This is a calculated investment in making your business successful.

If you walk away from this truly ridiculous offer to HELP you become massively financially successful, you don't belong in the Internet Marketing game.


That's just reality.


I'm ranting.

Take action.

Get on Mr. Andrew's waiting list - so you can enjoy the profits you deserve.

Mark Pescetti.

P.S. I wouldn't write copy for $297 under ANY circumstances. The amount of time that it takes to collaborate, research, write, rewrite and polish a sales piece can be epic. Take advantage of this offer BEFORE Mark realizes how insane he is.

Do you want a 9 figure copywriter and biz owner to Write With You? I'll work with you, on zoom, to help write your copy or client copy... while you learn from one of the few copywriters to legit hit 9 figures in gross sales! Discover More
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Unread 16th Mar 2013, 06:28 AM   #5
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Re: Convert More Website Visitors into Buyers - This Low Investment WILL PAY FOR ITSELF Many Times O
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errrrmmm.... are you feeling ok Mark?

Why on earth should an excellent copywriter like you be THROWING your talents away for mere peanuts?

Warriors, take note, as a copywriter myself, I don't spend anything less than 40 hours PER letter...

I wouldn't even consider taking less than $2,500 for a simple sales letter...and that's at the LOWER end of the spectrum... by my calculations, Mark is literally throwing himself off the sanity wall!

You'd be mad not to jump on this offer!

Get in now before he raises his prices...

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