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[Professional Webinar Recording Service] $40 per hour
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What is this all about?

I will attend a webinar on your behalf and will record the session to video. At the end of the webinar I will upload the video file to a cloud file system and email you confirmation that your webinar is ready for download with a link to that shared file. The minimum charge is $40, if your webinar exceeds 1 hour then you will be charged in 15 minute intervals @ $10 per 15 minutes.

For example:
1 - 60 mins = $40
1hr 15 mins = $50
1hr 30 mins = $60
1hr 45 mins = $75
2hr = $80

Why is this service needed?
I am a fellow Internet marketer/entrepreneur but I also have a day job. I have spent the past year missing out on many good webinars - ones that likely could have helped me improve my business processes & income. With our industry being 24-7 I often find that important webinars would be held during my work day where I was unable to attend the webinar.

This was even more annoying for WSO's I purchased which had additional training webinars - ones that are truly valuable during the early days of a product launch. I also started seeing a trend over the last year where webinars were no longer made available after the webinar had finished.

After a year of missing out on so many webinars I decided enough was enough and I'm now starting my own service to record these webinars for myself and those that have the same need!

Who would benefit from this service?
  • Webinar owners who need an additional backup of their webinar in case their own video backup fails
  • Those who are on the road during webinars
  • Those who have a busy schedule and are unable to attend a webinar
  • People who work a day job and are unable to do personal activities such as attend webinars during the work day
  • Those on completely different timezones to the webinar
  • and many more....

How to pay:
All webinar recordings need to be prepaid via Paypal using the Order Now button below.

Prepay for the number of hours you think you will need, if your recording comes in at less than you pay for then we will use that balance towards any future recordings you make.

If the webinar ends up going longer than expected you will need to pay for the additional time prior to retrieving your download link.

Once your webinar has finished recording you will receive an email if additional funds are needed to account for the longer video, once those additional funds are received you will receive an additional email with the download URL.

Here's what you need to do next:
Send your payment using the Order Now button below:

Please contact me via email at: including the following information:
  • URL of the webinar you wish to record
  • Your Webinar login info (username and maybe a password)
  • Time of the webinar (please include the timezone of the recording) e.g. 7:30PM PST
  • Expected duration e.g. 90 mins
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