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IPing 5th July 2013 02:14 AM

Web Design/Development/Copywriting/Branding/Content Marketing
Hi everyone

My name is I-Ping.

I used to be a lawyer for 7 years but these days I have found my passion in TurnkeyRocket.Com. I gave up law because I believe that are greener pastures in a career I love and have true passion for.

I now run a full service online marketing firm that specializes in web design, development, copywriting, branding and digital content marketing services. If you are interested in building a branded web business for yourself, then you must read on…

My firm works with companies around the world to create compelling, user-driven websites that positively impact sales. And, we don’t stop at the website. We also incorporate digital content marketing and branding strategies to ensure your compelling branding is consistent across all online platforms.

Our team has collectively more than a decade’s experience in graphic design, illustrations, web design and development, copywriting and online marketing.

I would like to extend my team's services to online marketers/entrepreneurs like yourself.

When it comes to establishing an online presence, many online marketers/entrepreneurs don’t know where to begin. With this in mind, TurnkeyRocket.com has launched new service offerings to help you jumpstart your web empires.

Our current packages include web design, web development and copywriting packages and other useful branding/digital content marketing services to help online marketers/entrepreneurs build user-centric websites to jumpstart your web empires.

Based on detailed research and our market experience, our packages are assembled around what it takes for a site to be successful and effective.

Through our team's research and experience, we realized that a lot of online marketers/entrepreneurs are failing online. But it’s not because you aren’t trying hard enough or putting in enough effort. It’s that your energies aren’t focused on the right issues, or you have been misled by fraudulent online ‘gurus’ trying to sell you a myriad of useless services.

Turnkey Rocket’s special blend of packages and services contain everything you need to overcome the technical and emotional barriers to launching an online presence. Our team provides ready solutions for web design, development, copywriting, branding and digital content marketing to take your web ideas from inception to realization.

Please do note that our prices are definitely not the cheapest on Warrior Forum or anywhere close to cheap. But we can vouch for our high quality of work and we strive to be affordable.

If you need verification of the kind of site/branding we can build for you, the best verification is our website at TurnkeyRocket.com.

If you need further proof of our credentials, visit and connect with us at sg.linkedin.com/in/ipingyeo/ or add me on Skype for a chat (Skype ID = ipingyeo).

For more information or to set up a free consultation on our services, contact admin@turnkeyrocket.com or visit: Turnkey Rocket

You will not regret placing your faith in us. We are highly professional in what we do and we will work with you to attain the great branding your web empire deserves.

Let's speak soon, thanks...


p/s: As our services are new in Warrior Forum, we are offering 50% discount on our world class sites for the first 5 Warriors who take us up on our services.

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