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[NEW POWERFUL] Professional SEO PR1+ Pyramid Backlinking At a FRACTION of Cost Only $25...
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Warning Warriors: Don’t Put Your Online Business Into The Hands of Inexperienced People Claiming To Be SEO’s Who Do Nothing But Get You Terrible Results

Maverick SEO Genius Helps Ordinary Website Owners Turn Failed Rankings Into 1st Page Dominating Monsters Within Weeks!

Hello Warriors,

You know the feeling when you’ve put your hard earned money and online business into the hands of people that claim they know what they’re doing in SEO, but the whole time you’re wondering what they’re up to, then…

You end up finding out a couple weeks later your website is nowhere to be found in the search engines, when you Know before you ordered the backlinking campaign you were floating around page 2 or 3.

Even worse, when you’ve put a client’s website into these services and you get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach knowing that you’ve just destroyed your reputation and all the hard work you’ve done to rank, for a measly $20 Low-quality BLASTING campaign.

Old Outdated Backlinking and SEO Strategies Are Over – The Search Engines Are Smarter And Ready To SLAP Your Website Into Oblivion

The days of blasting your website to bad link neighborhoods and 100% keyword anchor text are over.

The search engines are smarter and faster than they were just a few months ago, and if you don’t keep up on the algorithmic changes you’ll end up getting left in the dust and penalized.

One Week 1st Page Rankings After The Dreaded PENGUIN 2.0 Update Took Place…

I wanted to test my skills after the dreaded Penguin 2.0 update to see what would happen, I wasn’t surprised by the results, because I know how the search engines work (They will never take away their underlying algorithm that keeps the whole machine running) and here’s how it all went down…

Now, this is done consistently by me time and time again, no one-hit wonder here. I’ve dedicated the last 5 years to figuring these search engine beasts out, and over 12 years in the Internet marketing trenches so…

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen To Me?

Nobody can claim to be the best out there, there are other great SEO professionals on this forum and in the Internet marketing space so you won’t hear that coming from me, but…

I do know what I am doing when it comes to SEO and Internet Marketing and have the certifications and proof to back it up.

My name is Phill MacDonald and I own a company named Fast Flip SEO. You can check me on LinkedIn Here to see my past results and endorsements, but you’re not here to look at me, you’re here to see Results.

Here’s what one of my clients say and their results after a couple weeks of working with me:

and this one…

With the proof out of the way, let’s start getting results for your online business you came here looking for in the first place…

Introducing: Fast Flip Backlinking & SEO Services

If there’s ever been a time to get Explosive Results, Cash and Traffic with SEO to command page 1 rankings this is IT.

There are no Secret Sauces, Dog Jumping Loopholes or Secret Hermit Marketers divulging their hidden SEO secrets here, just transparent died-in-the-wool SEO strategies that GET RESULTS FAST!

Now, if you’ve come here to see pretty Warrior Forum graphics and arrows for my service, then maybe you should go to the next Warrior down the list, but…

If you’ve come here to get MASSIVE Results from an experienced SEO that knows what he’s doing, then read on to see the 3 services I have to offer…

The New Website Infant Ranker That Will Explode You Up The Ranks

This campaign is designed for new websites less than 6 months old and no link profile, but can also be used for older websites that want to balance out their anchor text from previous Penguin penalties.

Here’s what you get with this:

All links are PR1+ and trusted by Google (No PR 0 or under links are used that get you slapped)

• Anchor text will be a ratio of 33% target keywords, 30% generic terms and 37% brand terms (As you know Google is starting to give ranking points based on a higher ratio of branded terms in link campaigns)

Links are from my own list of researched sites, so they will stick better and won’t be spammed to death by other marketers. (Other linking services use the same sites used by every other marketer and their mothers, hence leaving a huge footprint and labeling your site as SPAM)

• This is lovely tiered linking at its best. Tiered linking is the ultimate way to filter the coveted link juice to your new or old site safely…Here’s how it works:

Tier 1 Links from
High PR Blogs, PDF Sites, Articles sites (my own & Unique), Social Bookmarks (Fast Ranking), Wiki Articles and another set of PDF sites – Total of 10-15 links per day for 7 days on this Tier

Tier 2 Links from
High PR links of 3 sets of Web profiles and Social Bookmarks, then all Tier 2 links will be pinged and put through an Indexing service for faster crawling of all your links. – Total of 50 links a day for 7 days on this Tier.

To all the Tier 2 links I add in an extra High PR blog commenting punch, from my own list of blogs to help you rank faster (As you know blog comments are still very Powerful for ranking, as long as they’re not on spammed up blogs)

• An extra indexing service of all links to make your links crawl at a rate of 80% instead of 5%

The whole campaign is dripped over 7 days for maximum stick rate and in a slow & safe no penalties kind of way.

Just take a look around the Warrior forum and you'll be hard pressed to find a service that delivers this much quality and expertise, in an organized tiered linking campaign, on Non-Spammed sites that is done right the First Time, Every Time.

For all this you’re just putting out $25 and getting back peace of mind in knowing that you won’t incur any penalties or crappy linking strategies. (My strategies are tested, and Mother Google approved

The Full Professional On-Site SEO Audit

You could throw quality backlinks at your website all day and still get nowhere on the big G, simply because your on-site optimization is wrong on so many different levels, so that’s why…

I've decided to give you the ultimate SEO professional on-site optimization audit, to give you the head start you need to KILL your competition before you even begin your backlinking campaign.

If you have an older website I can audit those as well, before I begin the service above, so the spiders at least know what your website is about and know where to index you.

Here’s what you get:

• A full on-site optimization strategy report to give you the direction you need to make the changes necessary to hone your money making machine.

I check over everything, from metas and keywords to site structure and relevance.

• You get a 30-minute Skype consultation with me to clean up any loose ends not outlined in the report or clarifications on things you’re not too sure of.

A Guarantee that you will see a great improvement in your site’s crawl and indexing rate OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

• 2 day maximum turnaround time (not including weekends & holidays)

Advice from a degreed professional SEO that does this stuff every day and gets results for his clients every time.

This is not a cookie cutter service run by outsourcers, but personalized 1-on-1 consultation that is custom to your website and business.

Normally you could expect to easily pay $100 to $500 for service like this for a consultant’s time, but I won’t charge anywhere near that

I’m giving Warrior pricing today for this service for only $37, less than a night out for dinner and a movie with your girlfriend…

If you’re not sure whether your site is optimized or good to go, I would get this service before I have to pull it for lack of time on my part.

You can order this right here:

Full SEO from A to Z Package

If you’re racking your brain to figure out how to rank your money site or even having trouble climbing up the ranks for new or older websites, then this service is definitely for you.

Every client who signs up to my services always have a horror story to tell about past SEO Agency dropouts that have done nothing but suck their wallet dry and leave their websites in Sandbox Hell, praying that I’m the answer to their SEO problems…

As you will find out if you work with me is that I HATE to disappoint, and I especially don’t take failure as an option. I am known for my quick responses to questions my clients might have, and I stay as transparent as I possibly can throughout the whole SEO process.

You can’t say that for too many other services or SEOs who you have to wait 2 to 3 days to even get a “Hello!” let alone an answer to your pressing questions.

That’s not happening with me my friend, and I am not going to stake my reputation on it, so I just had to get that out of the way before I told you about my ultimate package…

With this package you get:

Full Skype Voice and chat support, my business phone number and SEO training the whole time you stay on with me. (I don't care if you learn my "Secrets" as there's plenty of work to be done and help to give to website owners)

• Up to 4 keywords you’re trying to rank (Very competitive keywords will incur a slightly higher charge for extra effort)

Full on-page optimization from A to Z to fine tune your money making machine (Max 15 pages per site, can do extra but I would have to chat with you about it first)

• Full PR1+ backlinking campaigns Twice a month (Thousands of high quality and diverse Backlinks pushing you to the top of Search)

Social profile setup and optimization for G+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with the ultimate Internet marketing mix (Talk to me about extra social content management pricing)

• And Explosive 1st page ranking High PR 3 to 5 contextual links acquisitions (This is the ultimate finishing move for your competition and is guaranteed to give you the final boost)

If you want Local SEO done on top of this service, we can chat over Skype for special Warrior pricing.

If all that doesn’t get you to the 1st page of search, then I’ve failed to build a good on-site and off-site foundation, hence not doing my job, so I would be happy to give you half your money back in my Satisfaction Guarantee!

I don’t have the fancy Money Back Guarantee seal, but you have the public proof right here to show to your lawyers just in case I don’t pull through my end of the bargain (This scenario will never happen by the way).

So, you can hold my feet to the fire on your results, but as you and I both know that using this type of High PR Diverse SEO you can get nothing but Great results.

For my Warriors here today, and for this whole package I am going to discount my prices heavily…I normally charge a no-haggling $800 to $1,500 per client in my business, and won’t take them on if they don’t pay this much, but I am not going to ask for that today because this is the Warrior forum…

Today it’s only $397 per month and a 2 month 1st page ranking Guarantee (I don’t give this guarantee to my clients either)…

The only thing I will say is I am a professional that does most of his own work, I love this business and wouldn’t trust the high tech stuff to an outsourced person who might end up messing up my reputation, and result getting track record, so…

I am offering this service to the next 7 Warriors Only, after that I will have to give my full and undivided attention to them to give the 1st page ranking results I’ve promised, so jump on this quick before your competitors do.

No Hocus-Pocus, Secret Sauces or Short-Lived Loopholes, Just Pure SEO Website Ranking Results

I am not here to blow smoke or run away with your money like other services have done, but I am here to build my reputation as a professional SEO that gets website owners Pure Results.

I don’t have Big Mama’s secret SEO sauce, magic tricks or short-lived loopholes here…I am a Zero, Null, 0 BS kind of guy that is sick of the SEO theories being thrown around the web…

When you invest in my services you’re putting your business into the hands of a veteran that has been here since the early days of IM, not some 2-year hack that gets his SEO advice from useless software hustling wanna-be “Gurus”.

So, stop sitting on the fence with this and at least try my backlink package to see what I'm all about, and get the Fast Results you’re looking for…

Honestly, I wouldn’t want to give my full A-Z SEO package away at the cost I am giving it here, because I know I can get referrals from past clients and business today, but just wanted to offer it so I could at least build my reputation on the WF and possibly get the attention of higher paying clients in the future…

I am not kidding, once all 7 spots are gone I can’t take on anymore clients. Anymore and I would be sacrificing the quality of my service, and that AIN’T Happenin!

Here’s signing off, and wishing you the best of luck in your online business.

Phill MacDonald
Fast Flip SEO

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Re: [NEW POWERFUL] Professional SEO PR1+ Pyramid Backlinking At a FRACTION of Cost Only $25...
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Do you have any review copies?
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