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Need a Benefit-crammed Profit-boosting Persuasive Sales Letter?
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Hey Internet Marketers/Direct Marketers!

Show me Your Product or Service, Watch me Skillfully Turn it Into a Need for Your Prospects, Using Feature-Driven Benefits and Profit-Boosting “Psychological Techniques” and “Marketing Strategies.”

Frankly speaking, to be a successful Internet Marketer or Direct Marketer doesn’t depend upon hard work only.

--- You might have been toiling hard day in day out.

--- You might have been denying yourself sleep because of the hard
work you do --- I commend you for that.

But first a warning:

If your product or service doesn’t excite hungry crowds, your toiling might be in vain.

That means your hope might be shattered --- your hope of being a respected successful Internet Marketer/ direct marketer might remain stuck in the
rusty pipe line.

You see, it’s not only production of goods that you should seriously consider but also effectivelyand consistently marketing them.

Now, that is where I come in for you.

How Can I Market Your Product or Service Effectively and Consistently --- Turning it into a NEED?

I’ll come to your question in a minute.

I’ll explain how exactly I do it.

But before I do that let me tell you ---

How I Create Strong Belief before I Close a Sale

I know the destructive power of skepticism in turning away prospects.

So, ---

--- I figure out which areas in the sales letter I write could cause doubts and objections in the prospect’s mind.

To do so I imagine I’m a prospect. I get into the prospect’s mind and guess what she is thinking about at every stage of the sales letter, as I write.

And you know what ---

I then---

research and educate the prospects to create belief in what I am selling in order to enable me to sell with minimum resistance.

Now, to answer your question, about how I can effectively and consistently market your product or service, I put to use ---

A Technique I Rely Upon to Build Burning Desire

With your input, I will turn your product inside out. I’ll thoroughly examine it --- extracting even the smallest and deepest hidden features.

Skillfully, using a technique some copywriters never use to the full, I’ll extract
almost all the benefits, some of which, you hardly know could exist in your product or service.

It’s a technique that is exhaustive in nature. Not only does it extract benefits from features but also ---
benefits from benefits.

In bullet form and highly persuasive language, I’ll use these benefits to build burning desire for your product or service.

Remember, we buy things
mainly for their benefits.

But that is not the only reason why people buy.

So, what else?

This is what some copywriters ignore. Top copywriters gain an edge over the competition when they utilize this strategy.

What is it?

There are
deeper reasons why people buy.

Now, find out ---

How I Use Psychological Techniques and Marketing Strategies

Deeply rooted in benefits are bigger reasons
only top copywriters use.

These are feelings and emotions associated with benefits --- feelings of accomplishment.

For example ---

You’ve bought that expensive car. You are able to move from home to work easily and quickly. That quick movement is a benefit.

On the other hand ---

There is also a different reason your neighbor bought that expensive car when there were many cheaper ones available.

The deeper reason is ---

--- he wants to
feel important and respected in your community.

Similarly, ---

--- I will figure out the right feelings and emotions for your prospects. I will, then, vigorously stir them.

How do I do that?

I’ll get your prospect to imagine what it will be like for them to own your product.

Then l will pick a few of the strongest benefits figured out earlier.

I will ask them to imagine themselves enjoying the benefits of the product they may have bought.

This can stir
an irresistible powerful desire for the product because they own the product in their mind.

Once they own it in the mind, they will want to
physically own it.

This is a powerful technique which opens the gate to their subconscious mind --- the storehouse of their vast memories.

Past experiences will come flooding into their conscious minds with an irresistible force.

The memorable exciting experiences will quickly forge a link with what is yet to come --- igniting a spark of desire.

Like a huge waterfall that drives turbines to generate
needed electricity, this technique will build burning desire for your product.

This force will compel your prospect to grab her pen inorder to write you that check you have been holding in your hands --- but in your imagination!

This is how I can turn your product or service into a

Now you must be wondering.

Who am I?

I’m a freelance Copywriter.

There are many self-taught copywriters. Some of them have learnt copywriting from text books. They have knowledge about the subject.

But that isn’t the best way to learn copywriting that brings clients big checks.

Here is how I did it:-

ü I’ve been taught by, what most of the world’s top copywriters say, is ‘the best copwriter in the world’ (though retired.) This man mentored most of the greatest copywriters we know today.

He resides in the USA.

Like a sponge in a basin of water, he absorbed, from the best copywriters of that time, the techniques and marketing strategies of crafting
control after control. He has more than 40 years of copywriting experience.

I can’t compare myself to him, he is my teacher.

Truthbe told, like others he mentored, I’ve had a share of his vast and invaluable copywriting knowledge to enable me to craft highly persuasive copy to increase your profit significantly.

ü I’ve also been mentored by one of the top copywriters in the U.K. He is my coach too. He has taught me the techniques of persuasive writing. His techniques and marketing strategies makea solid bedrock of my copywriting knowledge.

With this knowledge I can compose a sales letter that you could cherish for a long time --- copy that could well be a turning point for your business.

Why cherished?

Because it could effortlessly spin you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in profits while you are relaxing at home over a cup of coffee.

ü I’ve learned copywriting at American Writers and Artists Inc. This is one of the earliest established colleges of copywriting in the USA.

It has successful businessmen who run their own freelance copywriting companies. These copywriters are the teachers.

Hiring me means, taking my invaluable knowledge to transform your product features into money-making benefits --- the main reason prospects will buy your product or service.

If you want to earn more money, grow a lucrative business quickly and live an
exclusive prosperous happy life, grab yourself a slot for my sales letter writing servicetoday.


You might find that I’m booked for weeks or months.

Think about it this way ---

Every day that passes without that persuasive sales letter in your hands, you are losing money.

For example, if the sales letter was supposed to make you $1, 200 per day on average, how much will you have lost after 30 days?

That’s a whopping $36, 000.

That is why I’m urging you to
take action now.

Ok. You might be asking ---

What Benefits can my Copywriting Service Offer You?

ü I’ll write your sales letter with you. You know your product better than I do. I’ll ask you some questions about it. I’ll, ideally ask, for example, about your target market and your competition.

With this vital information blended with my research findings, I’ll then craft you highly persuasive copy.

Attention-grabbing copy.My copy starts with a headline that demands attention. The importance of doing so is to raise your prospects’ curiosity. If this is done well, the copy will compel prospects to read on.

Within the copy, I use other alluring techniques to give the reader an irresistible urge to continue reading.

The longer prospects stay reading your copy, the higher the chances of converting them into buyers.

ü Building belief. I realize that there are certain difficult-to-understand points in your sales letter. So, I take time to research them and educate your prospects. This education builds their belief and trust before they can be sold.

ü Saturating your copy with benefits. It’s a very well-known fact that people buy mainly because of benefits. So, I will saturate your sales letter with benefits.

Once I’ve figured out your product features, I will
translate them into powerful selling benefits.

ü Analyzing the competition’s sales letters. During my research, I’ll look at what your competition offers. This is important because I could position your product strategically to beat the competition hands down.

I can transform a competitor’s strength into weakness. In everything there are advantages and disadvantages --- strength and weakness. I’ll look for
disadvantages in their advantages over you and use them to punch holes in your competition.

Now, let us find out---

Are You the Right Internet Marketer/Direct Marketer Who Needs this Sales Letter Writing Service?

ü If you want to make your Internet marketing/ direct marketingbusiness to earn you more money using“direct marketing strategies and techniques” which have been proven to work over and over, this is your sales letter writing service.

ü If you want to beat your Internet Marketing or direct marketing competitors handsdown, use my service that transforms their strength into weakness.

ü If you are an Internet Marketer/ direct marketer who reaps low profits, this is your sales letter writing/copywriting service. It could boost your profit remarkably.

You may not beat every competitor, but I can assure you that you will
gain an edge over many of them.

My sales letter writing service will enable you to earn more money, make your business grow quickly and empower you to feel the joy
exclusively experienced by only a few successful Internet Marketers/Direct Marketers.

Let me share with you a few more benefits you’ll enjoy if you contract me.

ü Seductive promise. With a strong promise, I’ll make your prospects look for proof in the copy. Like I earlier indicated, it’s important to persuade prospects to read the copy in its entirety.

A strong promise and psychological techniques will do precisely that.

Understanding your prospects’ problem.
There is no way I can compose a strong promise, if I don’t understand the problem. And I need this to provide a solution.

By problem I also mean your prospects’ needs, wants, fears etc.

So, I clear the fog to get a clear view of your prospects’ needs, wants, fears, frustrations etc.

ü Getting into a prospects mind. To be highly persuasive, I need to get into your prospect’s mind. I find out what she is thinking at every stage of the sales letter --- as I craft it.

By so doing, I’m able to see where objections could arise. I prevent them from surfacingusing a psychological technique called ‘objection eliminator.’

Now the ball is in your court!

You could continue using the same old sales letter if you have one. This means you may continue earning those
frustrating low profits.

This, also, means you may not see remarkable business growth --- denying your family a happy, prosperous lifestyle they have just been envying.

Or ---

You can take action
right now by sending me a Private Message or an e-mail at the address I have indicated below.

Remember, you need this sales letter writing service if you want to earn higher profits, grow your business quickly and live a wealthy happy lifestyle.

Send me a
PRIVATE MESSAGE or an e-mail at ---

I’ll respond to your e-mail within 48 hours.

Before I forget ---

I’m interested in how you will be doing after getting your profit-boosting sales letter. Use the forum or an e-mail to give me some feedback.

John Lisimba

Freelance Copywriter

P.S: I have a short report on Preselling --- ‘How to Dramatically Increase Your Conversion Rate.’ It is a FREE document but strictly reserved for my clients. It is worth $29. This report will, doubtlessly, enable you increase your
conversion rates.

P.P.S: Place your order
today --- the longer you delay the more money you lose --- by ignoring a sales-boosting writing service.

P.P.P.S: Need samples of my work? Send a private message.

Last edited on 19th Jan 2014 at 02:39 PM. Reason: Paragraph spacing, bold letter use and sample offer
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Unread 2nd Jan 2014, 10:45 AM   #2
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Re: Need a Benefit-crammed Profit-boosting Persuasive Sales Letter?
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Good afternoon 2014!

Good afternoon Warriors!

This is a new year. As usual I found time to be in solitude. I set my goals and meditated on them. I visualized myself having attained my copywriting goals.

I also reflected on invaluable benefits I have enjoyed on the best forum --- warriorforum. I've learned a lot of things.

I thank both adept administrators and fellow warriors whose threads have been highly inspirational.

I feel indebted to all of you.

Now, in recognition and appreciation of this up-building service allow me to give the fortunate ones(those who need my service) a one time offer.

For 7 days from now I am offering my copywriting service at incredible low rates.Contact, as earlier indicated, should be by PRIVATE MESSAGE.

I wish all of you a productive and prosperous 2014!

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