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KaplanT4 18th February 2014 12:26 PM

WANTED: Businesses That Need Persuasive Copy Written

"Tim delivered what he said and when he said and beat our previous sales letters conversion rate by 4.8% which has made a BIG difference to our bottomline. Highly recommended." - Hugo Vistelsky

"Reader engagement up. Profits up and we're now building a backend set to bring in more revenue, all built off of the foundation that Tim created for us with his copy." - Tom Hardy

His communications suggestion and support even after doing the job have been a tremendous help. Great guy." - Mumtaz Rajput

We hired Tim to write a sales page and 3 autoresponders. He delivered work that told us he just "got it". He clearly knows how to get to the essence of the message. Will definitely be calling for him again! - Brian Fu
"You Are In A War My Friend, Whether You Like It Or Not"


The legendary Claude Hopkins, author of the classic ‘Scientific Advertising’ said;

”Advertising is much like war, minus the venom.”

Well, if I may, I’ll slightly modify that. Advertising IS war + the venom. It’s a dog eat dog world out there. It’s survival of the fittest and you my friend are no exception. If you don’t have copy that brings in rivers of response, I can almost guarantee someone else in your market does.

And they’ll always end up with the lions share of the profits to reinvest in more traffic, more sales, more customers, more product development…

…and in the end you’ll just slowly fizzle out.

Dear Warrior,

Getting people to give you cash ain’t no easy task. If you’ve tried, you know. The investment in good killer copy grounded in fundamental salesmanship principles has never been so mission critical...and the spread of so called copywriters full of hot air and no proven results has never been so widespread...however you want to market, good copy, words that persuade people to do what you want them to do, is still king. No getting around that. It's why a good copywriter can routinely command $xx,xxxx for his services.

They know the power they possess is rare and valuable.

In this attention deficit world we're roaming, you best make sure your words hook your reader the moment those eyeballs gaze upon them, or they're gone.

Attention is the currency you gotta shoot for.

The 'A' in the ol' AIDA copywriting formula has never been so hard to obtain.

(You know AIDA right? Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.)

Just focus on keeping those eyeballs reading what you have to say, weave a smooth story, tell your reader why they'd be better of WITH what you sell, prove it, justify the expense and close.

The sales message clicks with your reader and the desired action naturally follows.

That’s what I’ll do for you. I write sales copy that can hold its own weight and rise to the top of the vicious struggle in your market. I’m going to take out every weapon I can from my armory to ensure your success and give you that critical edge.

With the stakes being ever higher, with the gap widening between the winners and the losers, you have to make sure your sword is kept sharp and leapfrog the competition.

The first business to make the prospect think “Yep, they understand my problem, this is what I need, and I need it now” wins.


That’s the thought your copy has to trigger off in your prospects mind...

...and that’s where the black magic of copywriting lies. It seems easy, but just try sitting down and writing a sales letter or an email that elicits that line in your prospects mind. You’ll know what I mean. There are just so many underlying persuasion mechanics to good copy that are naked to the invisible eye, all elegantly working together in unison.

You have to know this stuff to the core

It’s damn hard, unless you practice this evil stuff of persuasion day in day out.

I do. I put in the reps everyday. I'm immersed in this stuff. I write everyday, I deconstruct winning pieces everyday. Some people collect rare coins, others collect comics. I collect ads. My brain forms instant connections and marketing solutions where others miss them. My mind has been trained with the timeless sales principles taught by legends like Gary Bencivenga and Eugene Schwartz.

I've put in the 10,000 hours.

I can do sales letters, emails, landing pages, rewrites – just let me know what you need. I can write in markets stretching from real estate to goldfish food, shipping services to security cameras.

I only take on a maximum of 3-5 (depends on the workload) clients a month to not spread myself thin and produce haphazard rushed work. You’ll notice that I won’t guarantee my copy will bring you buckets of good cash from the get go. I cannot, since there are far too many variables like source of traffic, relation with your list, past marketing promotions and so on (be wary of anyone that does). It’s an ongoing process that needs testing and refining.

And I'll be there for you in the process. I'll give you the support, suggestions and revisions until my copy produces results for you. What will results producing copy do for you and your business?

I treat this stuff with the seriousness and precision of a surgeon. If you've trusted me with your money, I expect you to expect nothing more than quality professional work from me.

If you're ready to take the plunge, here's what to do:

So what’ll happen is;

1. You’ll contact me telling me what you need done, the results you're looking to get and what's currently preventing you from getting them. Your number one requirement in your current situation might not even be a copywriter. It might just be a tweak or change to your marketing. I'll quickly clarify this upfront.

2. If I believe your project warrants my services, I’ll give you a quote.

3. If you accept, I’ll send you a payment link.

4. Upon payment, I’ll send you my Client Copy Brief which you will answer as detailed as possible.

5. I’ll get to work on your copy, asking questions where needed, and you’ll receive it anywhere from 5-14 days (depending on the size of the project)...

...And if the copy doesn't perform, I’ll also provide you with future revisions until it does.

Get in touch now to see if we can work together: kaplankopy@gmail.com

PS:If you DO decide to write your own copy, here's a 6 point template of mine to get you going for a sales letter. Well, anything that requires you to persuade and influence really. It's not voodoo, you can do it. Just infuse the below points into what you write to to jump your copy up a level:

1. Start off with a headline that pinpoints your reader. Just the same way you'd turn around in the street if someone called your name. They've got you. You've gotta be specific like that and pick them out in the crowd.

2. A common skipped part of the AIDA formula is the 'C' which stands for conviction. So, it's more like AIDCA. Straight in the opening, you want people to be convinced they should be reading what you have to say. So tell them why.

3. Slide into a story that makes them think you was like them. Or that you simply understand them. You can sell a product without necessarily having had the struggle of the prospect. But a neat origin story is always a plus. A discovery you made. Something you read or someone you met. A story that justifies why you're telling them what you're telling them. Sometimes the product itself can be the story.

4. Prove why what you're saying is true. Find gaps in the competition so you can grant yourself automatic uniqueness. Find unrelated problems in your prospects life and make them related. Make your product the solution to those problems - this way, you're product will feel like the only solution. This works as a form of proof in and of itself.

People like it when the unrelated becomes related and the related becomes unrelated. It's fun.

5. Jazz up your offer. Build it up. Make them an offer they can't refuse. Reveal your price and take away all the risk. Remind them of the frustrating uncertainty of their future if they don’t purchase your solution. Emphasize how stagnant and stuck they’ll remain.

6. Make all the above readable and easy on the eye. Ask for the sale multiple times and repeat the same message in different ways to get through to every possible prospect.

That's one way to go about it. If you take just the above advice, you'll have done more than what most can be bothered to.

Or if you feel you can't be bothered, lack the time, energy or talent, and would prefer a pro to work on your copy, get in touch. PM or email: kaplankopy@gmail.com

PPS: I don't do $47 sales letters. There are other places for those.

MaryMillroe 19th February 2014 05:17 PM

Re: Copywriting That Packs A Punch. [4 SPACES FOR FEB/APRIL]
I like your style of writing. How much do you charge for landing page copy, sales page and 3 autoresponders? I can email you the link if you want, the landing page copy will be a rewrite, the others from scratch.

KaplanT4 19th February 2014 05:41 PM

Re: Copywriting That Packs A Punch. [4 SPACES FOR FEB/APRIL]

Originally Posted by MaryMillroe (Post 8969133)
I like your style of writing. How much do you charge for landing page copy, sales page and 3 autoresponders? I can email you the link if you want, the landing page copy will be a rewrite, the others from scratch.

Mary, PM sent.

KaplanT4 20th February 2014 09:42 AM

Re: Increase Conversions And Pull $$$ With My Copy
Gmail may be having problems for those of you who have emailed me. If my reply has not reached you, either PM or email me at my alternative email: kaplan_t3@hotmail.com

EDIT: Gmail is working fine now!

KaplanT4 21st February 2014 06:29 PM

Re: Copy That Converts, Or Your Money Back!
2 slots opened for February...If you need sales letters, autoresponder sequences, landing pages then get in touch...

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