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Unread 14th May 2014, 07:56 AM   #1
Des Vadgama
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How Much Money And Time Are You Losing Every Single Day - By Struggling In The Wrong Niche?
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How Much Money And Time Are You
Losing Every Single Day - By Struggling
In The Wrong Niche Or Business?

As a start-up entrepreneur or business owner, have you ever bothered to work out how much you personally make on an hourly, daily or weekly basis?

For most of you, it’s best NOT to do it, because the answer will likely embarrass you!

Turns out that over 85% of business owners barely make minimum wage, which is surprising when you consider how much time, effort and money they invest or input into their business on a daily basis.

My name is Des Vadgama, and over the past 27 years, I’ve worked with or spoken with hundreds of entrepreneurs from around the world. Some were just starting a business, so they were making zero money – whilst others were pulling in 6- or 7-figures, in businesses across multiple industries.

This short report will highlight the difference between real success – and failure.

Fancy being crushed by huge competitors?

Just imagine launching a new business, for example, selling music records and CDs. What are the chances of making any money?

Answer: close to zero.

The reason for this is fairly obvious – you’d be up against huge competition from online retailers like Amazon and hundreds of others. Another reason is that digital music sales have been increasing for at least 10 years, with ever-thinning profit margins, but far less people are buying CDs, etc.

In short, you’d be nuts for launching a business in this niche.

Sadly though, there are millions of businesses around the world – across thousands of niches – that continue to operate in a declining industry, along with a fast-disappearing profit margin.

I just hope this doesn’t apply to you.

So what’s the big secret?

You see, whether you’re thinking about launching a new business, or you’re already running your own business – there are TWO key things you MUST get right, otherwise the chances of failure are very high. The ‘magic’ two are these:

1. Your commercial niche

2. Your business model

That’s it. Once you get these two right, you can afford to make a whole bunch of mistakes, and your business will still survive – and then continue to thrive over time.

But if you’re currently offering a low-margin product or service, even one mistake could pull your business into a downward spiral.

I could give you over a hundred examples of this, but here’s just one:

Close to where I live, three guys have been running a printing shop for the past 20 years or so, offering a quality range of printing and related services. I know that they’ve been working hard in that time, and looking around their shop, they have invested well over $200,000 in printing machines, systems and technology.

Guess what? They CLOSED their shop recently.

With ever-increasing competition and aggressive marketing from online brands such as Vistaprint (and dozens of others), these local print shop guys just could not remain profitable, nor get enough business through the doors.

I’m sure you’ve seen or heard of many, many cases of real-world businesses going under, probably just in your local area. Aside from all the competition, these types of businesses are under EXTRA pressure – from maintaining product stock, hiring employees – and more.

So you want me to start an online business?

Hence, does the answer lie in launching – or building – an online business?


Bear in mind that almost every online business will still have plenty of competition, and downward pressure on the profit margin.

More accurately, the success of your business will depend on the two factors I mentioned earlier – your commercial niche and your business model.

Let me give you one example…

During the 1990s, a friend of mine called Barry, had made very good income by selling conservatories and sun-rooms to homeowners in the UK – ie. offering a physical product in the real world, etc.

At the end of that decade, and as the Internet was rising in use and popularity, Barry launched a website, with some good content on conservatories and related subjects. With this online business, he focused on capturing new leads and enquiries, and these were then sold to companies who were happy to follow up with these (enquiries), and then to sell, supply and install the product.

Last I heard, Barry was making good 6-figures in annual profit, and subsequently received a large payment for the sale of his business a few years later. All from selling leads that were generated online.

His commercial niche stayed the same, but his business model changed completely – to enable him to reap a far larger reward for his effort, time and input.

How to waste hundreds of hours online…

In stark contrast, I have also spoken with dozens of individuals who have made very little or no money online – for many months, or even years. Most often, they ‘keep busy’ doing things like:

> Blogging…
> Making and posting video clips…
> Promoting products via affiliate marketing…
> Building a list…
> Doing social networking…
> Writing multiple articles…
> Email marketing…
> Learning new methods and techniques…
> Researching products online…
> Getting Facebook likes…
> Tweeting every day…
> And 37 more ‘busy work’ routines…

BUT doing all of the above has NOT worked for them, and they end up being very POORLY PAID.

The reason, once again, is BAD selection of a profitable, commercial niche – and a POOR business model. The RESULT: little or no income.

Here’s one way of making real money with a simple website…

A few years ago, I launched a new online business, which started with a simple 10-page website. The focus of the site was to secure incoming bookings for freelance contractors in a specialist niche. Back then, I worked with another guy who mainly worked on generating traffic via SEO (search engine optimisation) to this website.

After just 3 months, this simple business was making 5-figures PER MONTH, not in revenues or turnover, but in PROFIT. And yes, we achieved a 6-figure profit in our first year, and then continued to build this business.

Looking back, we made a whole bunch of mistakes, and the website could have been improved substantially – to convert more visitors into revenues, etc. But guess what?

I really didn’t care!

Sorry, no 4-hour workweek here…

OK, I never achieved the 4-hour workweek – and I’ve never met anyone who really has anyway. But I did achieve the 4-hour workday – and my wife and I enjoyed a lifestyle which would make 99% of all people – including many millionaires – rather envious.

So why am I telling you this?

Simple – the KEY to this business success was all to do with SELECTING a good niche, along with a practical and highly-profitable (and simple) business model.

How to make money from lawyers

A lady called Karen contacted me a few years, as she had recently finished her legal training course, but she wasn’t really interested in being a lawyer – commuting daily and then working every day in an office, etc. At the same time, she LOVES the legal sector. After a few discussions, I showed her a simple way of generating enquiries online for lawyers, and how to receive a commission (up to 15%) from every referral that became a paying client. Considering that many legal cases run into 4-figures in costs, I’m sure that you can understand that this is a very lucrative commercial niche. In fact, there are large sites like ContactLaw, which are making a small fortune.

As a leading authority on exponential business growth, I’ve met thousands of high-performance entrepreneurs. Des Vadgama stands out as one of the few who delivers results – consistently…”
Dan Pena - built a $400 million company in 8 years. Author of Your First 100 Million -

How to get paid by property buyers

More recently, a young man called Mike approached me about starting a new business. He’d been working as a personal fitness trainer, but really has a passion for property, which he knows quite a lot about as well. Once again, I’ve helped him identify a specific niche within the multi-billion dollar property sector, and he has quickly launched his online business – to target affluent property buyers and investors, who will pay Mike a very nice fee for helping them to locate a suitable well-matched property. For example, in the USA there are thousands of real estate agents, who act on behalf of the buyer (but not the seller). In the UK and Europe, this is a fairly young (and growing) sector.

The service is excellent. With the back-up and help, I’ve been pointed in the right direction every time. The advice and support that I have been given is excellent, and the strategies will reap big rewards. The system is methodical, consistent and VERY effective.”
Mark Burnett

Are you still working in a low-profit niche?

For whatever reason, if you’ve purposely chosen to work or operate in a poorly paid niche, and you’re comfortable with putting in more and more time, for less and less income or reward, then good for you.

But if you’re really FED UP, and want to make a change – and to finally make some real money with your business, then we need to talk right now.

If you really want to know the most direct way for you to achieve your income or business goals, here’s what I will offer you:

1. Two coaching sessions over the next 1 to 2 weeks
2. Each session will take about 60 minutes, via Skype or phone
3. Unlimited support via email, for up to 3 months
4. A personalised and documented Plan of Action for you

Over the last 10 years that I’ve been fortunate to know Des Vadgama, he has always focused on direct solutions and results. Along the way, this has added new-found revenues of over $3,000,000. Extremely high level of performance, commitment, dedication and professionalism. If Des chooses to work with you or your company, then get ready for aggressive, sometimes uncomfortable, business growth.
Martin Welch, leading seminar speaker

However, in order to reserve your slot, you’ll need to be QUICK – as I currently ONLY work with FIVE new clients each month.

During this powerful process, here’s what you’ll discover:

1. The fastest, most direct steps to accomplish your income target – whether you want to make just an extra $10,000 this year – or $100,000 or more
2. Where possible, how to leverage from your current skills or experience
3. Which 2 or 3 specific commercial niches (out of hundreds) are well-matched to YOU personally
4. A proven step-by-step method of launching and building your highly-profitable business, for the long term


My guarantee is simple: After our FIRST coaching session, if you’re not 100% convinced, for whatever reason, that this high-value program is for you – then just let me know, and I will immediately send you a 100% refund.

From deals and introductions made by Des Vadgama, I’ve generated an additional $500,000.”
Stuart Goldsmith. direct mail expert and entrepreneur

Previously, I have attended many wealth development seminars and events, where thousands of people have paid or invested from $3,000 to $10,000 or more each. For sure, we all learned a lot of useful information, methods and knowledge.

However, almost no one was provided with a SPECIFIC business niche, along with a simple plan or process to follow.

…And this is EXACTLY what I’m offering to you today – for a one-off fee of just $297.

Just think about it – you could ALREADY be losing this amount of money on a daily basis, or more, by working in a low-profit niche and using the wrong business model.

Alternatively, let’s get started TODAY on the fast-track to a high income, along with a great lifestyle – all for just $297.

As a FREE bonus for taking action now, I will also send you a copy of my detailed 110-page manual, called Massive Income Growth, which has been sold previously for $147 – and you’ll immediately receive a downloadable copy completely free of charge.

Just click here to order and book your Niche Coaching Program:

If you'd like to pay via bank transfer, just send a brief email to:
- and you'll receive bank details.

Any questions or comments, just let me know.

Otherwise, I look forward to helping you to connect with a great niche and business model!

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Unread 15th May 2014, 10:17 AM   #2
HyperActive Warrior
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Re: How Much Money And Time Are You Losing Every Single Day - By Struggling In The Wrong Niche?
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Interesting !! Good luck with your sales .

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Unread 15th May 2014, 01:22 PM   #3
Des Vadgama
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Re: How Much Money And Time Are You Losing Every Single Day - By Struggling In The Wrong Niche?
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Originally Posted by sssworld View Post

Interesting !! Good luck with your sales .

OK, many thanks.

Discover a simple and proven way of making a six figure income. Get more details here:

Are you in the WRONG niche or business?
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