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Unread 9th Jun 2014, 02:20 AM   #1
The Baby-Faced Copywriter
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[EMAIL COPY FOR 1 WARRIOR ONLY] Finally! Email Copy That Gets Your List Handing You Cash!
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Clients Happily Pay Me Mid-High 4-Figure Fees to Produce their Marketing Campaign... Now I'm Dusting Off a Steal For One Lucky Warrior...

From Chris Wright, Bristol, UK.
Direct Response Copywriter & Marketer

Dear List Builder,

“Why the hell am I not making as much money as the gurus?!”

That’s the niggling question at the back of your mind.


You’re making some money, but not nearly as much as the gurus who promised you that you would be hitting 4-figures monthly with their course.

At first you thought that your list wasn’t big enough… but then you saw how TOP marketers are making a killing from lists of just 1000 or less…

So it’s clear that the problem is not with the list size… but with your marketing.

Let me rewind for a second…

You’ve Played The Numbers Game… Focusing On New
Customers To Hopefully Make A Few Purchases

And it didn’t seem like a bad strategy at first…

After all, you do need some kind of list to send your offers to.

But you fell into the most dangerous list-building trap around. You believed that…

“More Subscribers = More Sales.”

The truth is…

Not Every Subscriber Is Wants to Hand You Cashl

And chances are, if you’ve been offering a free report in return for their email address, you’ve built a list of freebie seekers who have no interest in reading your offer…

Especially offer’s that only have “11 copies left to sell.”

Sure… they’re freebie seekers, but this doesn’t mean that their BS detector is blissfully unaware of the persuasion techniques you’re trying to fool them with.

In fact, they’re offended by it…

And the only reason they haven’t unsubscribed from your list is because they don't want the hassle.

You’ve essentially created a list of couch potatoes who idly stare at whatever’s on, but can’t be assed to change channel.

And what’s worse is that…

You’re Caught Up In A Whirlpool Which Sucks You Down
Further And Further, Until You’ll No Longer Be Able To Keep
Your Head Above Water

You’re in a catch 22.

You rely on your list to make money, but with every offer you send their way, you’re met with unsubscribes.

Sure… you’re making a profit, but no where near where you want to be.

And even worse, a huge chunk of your revenue is being eaten away by the continuous lead generation process…

Paying for solo’s…

Media buying…

Forum marketing…

And however else you’re sending traffic to your squeeze page.

You may have fooled yourself that this is how “business is done.” But it isn’t… Sure, you need to keep pulling in leads, but you don't need to break the bank to do it.

Yet wouldn’t it be nice if you could…

Stop The Mass-Migration From Your List And
Instead Create Loyal Customers Who Buy From
You Over And Over Whilst Singing Your Praises
From The Rooftops

Hi, my name is Chris Wright and I’m a direct response copywriter. We’ll get to the results I can produce in a second but first…

I want you to know that the secret to building an army of loyal customers are the words you use… But if it was easy, then everyone would be making 4 figures+ per month.

The truth is…

Like all marketing, email copy is an art-form that can be the key to your success.

But right now, it's not doing jack for you.

Your emails should be persuasively written to build a relationship, promote your offers and create action - all in the name of hope.

Right now your emails only cover one base… promotion.

And this isn’t good enough if you want to earn 4 figures+ a month.

But heck…

Who Can Blame You?

We have all found ourselves out of depth at some point. Hell… I still get shudders from only being able to spit out three mumbled words in my Spanish speaking exam (and that was over 8 years ago…)

But you’re on this page because you want to solve your problem.

You know that your marketing just isn't cutting it, despite your ‘guru’ education.


They taught you how to add numbers to your list, but they neglected the strategies which turn people into cash.

A huge hole in a marketers arsenal.

Picture it this way…

It’s like having a brand-new blood-red Ferrari, but no petrol to take it for a spin.

Lucky for you, your marketing can be (and should be) outsourced to a copywriter who knows how to get results like…
“A Very Healthy 3.4% Conversion Rate”

Chris was brought on-board to write the sales copy for a new product we were launching.

Of course, what really matters is conversion. Having had thousands of clicks through to the sales page our final figure sits at a very healthy 3.4% conversion rate, which we were very happy with.

We’ve since worked with Chris on other campaigns and he continues to produce high converting copy and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

Michael Wilding
Anonymous Ginger Ltd.
Is recommended by elite-level marketing consultants...
“Chris is Already Making His Clients a Lot of Money”

Chris is already making his clients a lot of money, bringing in more customers, and encouraging customers to spend more money, more often. Moving forward, he's only going to continue making his clients even more money. The only question is, will YOU be one of those clients?

I seldom actually write recommendations for folks, and especially not for copywriters. But Chris gets my recommendation - and deserves it!

Roy Furr
Sales, Marketing and Business Growth Expert
And even coaches fledgling copywriters...
“I Can Confidently Say that Chris is a Good Copy Coach”

Chris worked with me as a copywriting coach and really helped me get through a tough project I was working on at the time.

As a newer copywriter, I really needed the help because while books are great to study, practical action steps tailored to your needs can only come from a good coach...

And I can confidently say that Chris is a good copy coach.

If you're looking for someone to help you along in your direct response copywriting journey, I'd say talk to Chris. He's very easy to work with and knows his stuff. You WILL get better.

Kyle Hale
Direct Response Copywriter
Let Me Create You A Killer Sales-Sucking Auto-Responder
Sequence Which Changes Your Deadbeat List Into An ATM
Which You Can Freely Withdraw From 24/7


When you have the right marketing, you’re able to create a predictable process which will allow you to make consistent profit.

It’s the difference between you and the gurus…

The ability to consistently pump $1 into their machine and churn out $1.25.

The backbone of this machine?

Their auto-responder sales series.

And today I offer you the chance to grab…

6 Sales Seducing Emails Which Make Your Customers Lust
After What You Have To Offer

But first you need to picture exactly what that means to you…

If your emails were pimped out… and sales were flooding in like a tsunami…
Would you be able to quit your job?

Would you be able to buy that special 'treat'? I’m talking a new car… holidays… day trips…

Or would it mean that you’re able to see your family’s face’s light up with the sheer joy of you ‘making it’?

It’s well known that you have to spend money to make money…

And my usual rates are $100 per email…

But I want to help you jump out of uncertainty and become the list-builder-extraordinaire you go to sleep dreaming of.

So I could cut my $600 fee for 6 emails down to $500…

But I know that might cut a few, legitimate marketers out of the equation…

So you can grab…

6 Sales-Sucking Auto-Responder Emails For $347

If you understand the value of great email copy then you’ll know this is a steal.

And you’re right…

So for this reason only just 1 Qualified Warrior will be able to take advantage of this almost-incredible deal.

And that’s not BS scarcity…

I've got a lot coming up on my plate this year. I'm building out copy packages with various publishers, launching a new business and possibly taking on more coaching clients. So I can honestly say I don't know if I'll be able to open this offer again.

But right now, I've pencilled in time this week and next week to craft your autoresponder sequence.

Of course, I don't want to take just any warrior..

I want a marketer who...
  • Realizes that his/her marketing isn’t up to scratch and needs a facelift.
  • Knows the value of copy and understands that persuasive writing is an art form which moves and inspires people to hand over their money.
  • And has a burning desire to implement my copy into their marketing efforts.
To put it short, if you’re not serious about making a living online, don’t contact me.

But if you meet all the points above then…

Here’s How You Can Become One Of The Warriors Who Will Be
Blown Away As My Emails Turn Your Deadbeat List Into The
Marketing Machine You Expected It To Be…

It’s simple…

Send me an email:

Let me know about your market, your product and your list and I’ll reply within 24 hours.

If I like what you’ve got, I’ll send over my PayPal address to get the ball rolling. Naturally, an offer like this requires 100% payment upfront.

If you’re ready to make your list lust after you, and your sales explode then get in touch today.

To your success,


P.S. How many times have you tried to write an email sequence which works? Of course you could try to do it again, or better yet, hire a clueless newbie on Elance. But trust me when I tell you that you’ll be in the exact same place 6 months from now… you need to do better and the only way is to hire someone who knows how to write emails that convert.

P.S. I write sales-emails every day, but this might be the last time I ever offer my email services for such a discounted price. My client’s happily pay mid-high 4-figure fees for their marketing campaigns. You can get an auto-responder sequence at a steal. Email me now. :)
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Unread 7th Jan 2016, 02:04 PM   #2
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Re: [EMAIL COPY FOR 1 WARRIOR ONLY] Finally! Email Copy That Gets Your List Handing You Cash!
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Do you have any samples and open rates that you can share?

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Unread 8th Jan 2016, 12:45 AM   #3
The Baby-Faced Copywriter
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Re: [EMAIL COPY FOR 1 WARRIOR ONLY] Finally! Email Copy That Gets Your List Handing You Cash!
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Thanks for reaching out.

I do - but before I share, please follow the steps outlined in the sales letter so I can see if we're a fit first.

Cheers! :)
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