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Coleen.Young 30th June 2014 12:17 PM

FULLY ANIMATED EXPLAINER VIDEOS With Script And Voiceover: ONLY $57 per minute

When it comes to internet marketing, content is king.

It still is.

However, in recent years, there has been a shift from mere textual content to more engaging and stimulating alternatives. Leading the pack are videos.

Let’s take a look at some 7 significant statistics (courtesy of DigitalSherpa.com) regarding the power of videos in today’s internet marketing landscape:

1. Videos increase people’s understanding of your product or service by an average of 74%. This means that you have almost twice as much chance of making your audience realize the value of what your business can offer.

2. 33% of online activities are spent watching videos. Correlatively, this would indicate that of the 80 million (at the average) people who are concurrently online at any given second, 27 million of them are watching videos. Yes, 27 million people are watching online videos as you read this sentence!

3. 3 out of 4 internet users visit the marketer’s website after viewing a video. That’s a click through rate of 75%!

4. 1 out of 4 internet users look for more information after viewing a video. That’s a potential conversion rate of 25%!

5. 1 out of 8 people make purchases after visiting a video ad. That’s an average conversion rate of 12%!

6. Click through rates increase 2 to 3 times when marketers include a video with their emails. They say that gold is in the list, but videos guarantee that such gold is harvested as efficiently as possible!

7. 90% of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision making process. Videos are your new 24/7 salesmen!

Clearly, your business NEEDS videos.

Not just any kind of video, mind you, but good, high quality video that people can enjoy and digest with satisfaction and enjoyment.

This is where we come in.

Whether you need a promotional video to create hype for your product, service or business, or a cartoon-type explainer video to effectively inform your audience about what your business can offer, or a sales video to catch the attention of your visitors and transform them into willing customers, we are the PERFECT partners for you!

We offer the following types of videos:




You can have any of these fantastic digital marketing content for the low, low, LOOOOWWWW price of...

That’s right, one uniform fee, no hidden charges whatsoever!

You have been in this field for quite some time now, and YOU KNOW that this is the most affordable deal in the market today for videos of this quality. Yup, that’s right, the BEST DEAL for animation explainer videos, even better than Fiverr!

$57 per 60 seconds, plus $30 per additional 30 seconds thereafter!

The rate includes the following:

- A script and storyboard. The most effective videos start with the most effective scripts, and we know how to create effective scripts. We determine what you want your viewers to do after watching your video, and we break down such an objective into sub-objectives which we will tackle leading to your call to action.

- A voiceover. American, British, Australian... you name it! We have voiceover talents that will suit your needs for your video! We have amazing voice talents that will make your presentation shine and your video wanted by your audience!

- Royalty-free music.

- Your video, delivered in 1080 resolution that will provide the best experience... even if you’ll watch it on an 80” LED TV! The original output is .mov and we will always deliver in this format for the best results, but we can also deliver your video in any format you require!

Script, storyboard, voiceover, video... ALL FOR JUST $57 per 60 seconds!


To GET YOUR HIGH QUALITY ANIMATED VIDEO, kindly send us a PM or email us at powpowvideocreation@gmail.com with the following details:

1. Nature of your product or service, or just your URL if all the information needed is there;

2. Type of video you want (promotional, explainer or sales video);

3. Length of video you desire (i.e. 60 seconds, 90 seconds, 120 seconds, etc.);

4. Voiceover needed (American English, British English, Australian English, etc.);

5. Special instructions you want us to follow.

That's it! Once those are submitted, we will work on your script and storyboard. After 24 hours, we'll submit your script and storyboard for your approval. Once approved, we'll send you a payment link, and your video will be delivered within 5 days upon payment!

It's that simple!

And it's that affordable!

Again, fellow Warrior, BOOKMARK THIS PAGE NOW because at some point, you will need a great animated video, and you won't find a better deal than this!

We have been providing videos for Warriors for the past 4 years, and here's what they have to say about our service:


Originally Posted by Ricky Parker (Post 1104730)
These videos are great quality and the turn-around time is nuts.

Video is a great way to drive traffic and trust me these videos are nicer than 99% of the stuff (junk) I see out there now.

Great job Coleen.


Originally Posted by jan roos (Post 1152258)
Colleen did a great video for me. I highly recommend you guys hire her asap.



Originally Posted by Phnx (Post 1152365)
Coleen is awesome, she's just done a fabulous vid for me and I'm thrilled! *beams*

She's even got a little woman walking on at the end and it's all far groovier than I hoped for!

I'm now going to show it off (I'm like a kid with a new toy! ;) ). Hasn't she done great?

Hire her, even at full price it'd be a steal!


Originally Posted by dom4biz (Post 1153262)
Coleen YOU ROCK!


Originally Posted by barry dixon (Post 1191455)


from John Yeo (Warrior ID: Jhongren)

Hi Coleen,

I feel what really amazed me is your positive attitude in wanting to serve your customer to the best you can. And you really work fast and you are very open to feedback and improvement of the videos so as to fit the customers' needs.

I personally recommend you to anyone who wants good quality videos
done fast. Two thumbs up for Coleen! =)

John Yeo
Blog Cash Mentor

from Andy Henry (Warrior ID: Andyhenry)

Wow, Coleen - what can I say?

You seriously over-delivered. I expected to wait longer and need several revisions to get something I was happy with, but you nailed it first time and delivered a perfect video lightning fast. I was really impressed with the way you integrated my domain name and theme into the phrases you used in the video.

It's hard to find good people to rely on when outsourcing and you're definitely now on my 'go to' list.

Great job, others will love your work so I hope they find you.

Warm regards,

Andy Henry


from Kevin AKA Hubcap


Great video. Please send the MP4 file to me at xxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com.
Again..it looks really good.


(Coleen: He's a man of few words :D)

Originally Posted by rhj12345 (Post 1205914)
Just wanted everybody to know what great work Coleen will do with your videos.

Coleen you ROCK!

Customer for Life


Originally Posted by jmerc (Post 1266828)
Thanks for the WONDERFUL video you made! It is exactly what I wanted.
I'm looking forward to the other two!


Originally Posted by Neil S (Post 1300785)
Just wanted to add Coleen delivered some outstanding videos and really went above and beyond what I expected.

I could not be happier with the results!


Originally Posted by jmerc (Post 1351993)
I just want to say that Coleen has done a fantastic job with my videos. She produces quality projects and she truly captured the right mood to fit the theme we needed.


Originally Posted by sumbu (Post 1372626)
Hi Coleen,

Thank you so much for working on this project for us, you have done a wonderful job and I cannot wait to release this video to our audience.

I sent you an e-mail regarding this also however I just wanted to say that I sincerely hope you increase your prices on the next round of videos that you promote here on the forum. The quality that I have seen you produce would cost over a thousand dollars if it were to be created for a television commercial. In fact, Ian was keen to take this and see if we could make it the basis for a TV commercial for our product. I would be happy to pay more than double, even triple what you charged. Let me know when you have some sensible pricing in place and we will order another one :)

Best Regards,


Thank you so much for reading and we hope to work with you very, very soon!

Very Truly Yours,
Coleen & Company

Coleen.Young 1st July 2014 07:08 AM

Re: FULLY ANIMATED EXPLAINER VIDEOS With Script And Voiceover: ONLY $57 per minute
Reserved for FAQ and future offers. =)

joe0074 1st July 2014 10:09 AM

Re: FULLY ANIMATED EXPLAINER VIDEOS With Script And Voiceover: ONLY $57 per minute
OMG, Finally you are back.
Your video creation service is the best in the forum !
I have been waiting for you for 4 years now.
Hopefully, I will place my order again soon.


Coleen.Young 1st July 2014 10:16 AM

Re: FULLY ANIMATED EXPLAINER VIDEOS With Script And Voiceover: ONLY $57 per minute
Hey Joe! I remember you, Sir! Thank you for your kind words ever since day 1. :)

HouseOfHalo 2nd July 2014 01:04 AM

Re: FULLY ANIMATED EXPLAINER VIDEOS With Script And Voiceover: ONLY $57 per minute
I am looking to get someone make me a 90 seconds explainer video in the American accent. How much? Also what if I give you the script, can you do just the voice over and the video creation?

Coleen.Young 2nd July 2014 01:57 AM

Re: FULLY ANIMATED EXPLAINER VIDEOS With Script And Voiceover: ONLY $57 per minute
Hi HouseOfHalo.

Please pardon me if I'll answer your questions here as I do not know if you can receive PMs or not, Sir.

That will be $87, Sir. $57 for the first 60 seconds plus $30 for the additional 30 seconds.

If you'll provide the script, no problem, we can have the voiceover prepared. American accent, check. We just need to know the gender of the voice you want.

However, please be informed that for a 90 second voiceover, the script should have 225 words maximum. The general rule is that, at normal pace, 1 minute of voiceover is equivalent to 150 words of text.

For further discussions on the matter, Sir, please email us at powpowvideocreation@gmail.com .

Thanks and have a nice evening!

P.S. Sending this message via PM just in case you can receive it. :)

aWebPro 2nd October 2014 09:39 PM

Re: FULLY ANIMATED EXPLAINER VIDEOS With Script And Voiceover: ONLY $57 per minute
Is this offer still available?



SuperDee 23rd April 2015 05:43 AM

Re: FULLY ANIMATED EXPLAINER VIDEOS With Script And Voiceover: ONLY $57 per minute
I'm not seeing much action on this thread does that mean the service is no longer available?

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