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[$147 SALES LETTER COPYWRITING] - Limited Time Low Pricing! - Get The Words That Close The Deal
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Attention Warriors: Tired, Unsure and Need Killer Copywriting? Get The Words That Close The Deal!

“Discover How You Can Get WSO Of The Day Copywriting and Generate Cash Siphoning Sales Without Robbing A Bank To Pay Your Copywriter!”

Dear Warrior,

I’ll give you a sales letter that’ll get more attention, get you more money and sales, all while making your customer love you.

You’re here, that tells me you know the power a product with a great sales letter commands.

But let me guess
1. You need help getting others to perceive the value your product offers?
2. Maybe you can write a sales letter and have them saying “I must have this now!” as they reach for their wallet but you’re too busy putting the final polish on your new product?
Either way, you’re in the right place. I will help you unleash a cash siphoning sales letter that will convert your visitors into buyers.

Lets face the ugly truth. Your sales letter is the ABSOLUTE most important piece of your product.
A few questions for you to think about…

What is the overall, lifetime value of your product?

Are you able to make your customers: listen, purchase and enjoy the process?

How much money can you lose with a bad sales letter?

Do you know the words that will enhance the right thoughts, induce the right emotions, and create the right reaction; the reaction to buy and enjoy the process all at the same time?

Let me help you get THAT. You know, the feeling your gut gets when it can’t live without buying.

The truth is: I could hype all day about how great I am and how that serves you but why?
The story of how I was once called the
“Copy Hero” from Sally herself!

The story of Sally, from Sally:

To say that I don’t enjoy writing sales copy is rather an understatement.

I hate it!

I spent weeks struggling with my sales letter for WP Theme Igniter. It had already taken at least as long as the product itself. I desperately needed to get it finished, so I could launch my WSO, but finishing it seemed an impossible task. And it was stressing me out big time!

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not too bad at writing; and completing the “story” part of my copy was easy enough for me but when I got to the actual selling part, I was lost.

I studied sales copy from other WSOs and copywriting templates and copywriting manuals. The theory seemed simple enough, but putting it into practice and coming up with an attention-grabbing headline and bullet points and benefits seemed virtually impossible. I became extremely frustrated and felt like giving up.

I procrastinated. I did anything to avoid getting down to the sales copy, so even more time passed and I still hadn’t launched the product that had been completed over a month ago! I began to doubt that it would ever happen and I was beginning to lose faith in my product too…

Whoa! Let me cut in here and say:
“Oh man, do you: Feel. The. Pain."
We need to stop here and rub that pain and fear in

Do you feel like Sally? You might even hate the thought of copywriting. It really is terrifying in some ways. You know your sales letter is the one thing that has to stand up, speak well and do its job or you miss out.

If your copy doesn’t “do it” then you don’t make sales. Not only that but you may burn the bridge with affiliates promoting for you. You may tarnish your reputation among the community.

Worst of all, you miss the one chance to launch. Yes, the launch is the one thing that makes all your hard work in your product pay off big and quick… and your sales letter is the one crucial piece that plays the “pay off roll”.

This is where I cut in and help you… and Sally.

Sally continues,

"Then Karson came along and offered to help me with my copy. It was such a relief to finally have help from someone who was an experienced copy-writer and who knew what they were doing. I could finally relax and let Karson take the strain.

All my stress melted away.

Karson really spoke to my audience. He pulled out the benefits of my product and laid them out clearly for everyone to read. He helped me write the headline and helped me to take the focus away from myself and onto my customer’s problems, where it belonged. He made buying the product sound like a no-brainer.

And what he did must have worked, because I got WSOTD and grossed $5,151.95 with sales still trickling in! How cool is that?!

I was absolutely overwhelmed when I heard. I even became quite emotional for a time. Karson helped me to reach a wider audience for my WSO and get it the recognition that it deserved. It was truly incredible!

It’s an absolutely indescribable feeling to get WSOTD! I had gone from massive self-doubt to massive success in the space of about a week. I no longer doubt myself - the increase in my confidence has been huge! And I now know that don’t need to struggle with my copy any more - Karson is always there, when I need him again.

I Want You To Experience Sally’s Success…
My name is Karson and over the past 5 years I’ve written converting sales letters.

I’ve been around the block a few times and worked with some great people but I continue to see great business owners, product creators and warriors alike make the same mistakes.

I decided it’s time to make these “Cash Siphoning Sales Letters” available to you, my fellow warriors.
You’ll get a Cash Siphoning sales letter that makes a critical impact on your customers. Making sure that no matter what you sell, it sells like HOTCAKES at the North Pole.

Isn’t about time you had a sales letter that:

 Makes You The Authority In Your Niche

 Emotionally Connects With Your Target Audience

 Defines Your Unique Selling Proposition

 Give’s a Clear Concise Call To Action

 Uses Powerful Psychological Sales Principles

…Bottom Line – Makes You More Money. Period.

My experience in learning copywriting started over 10 years ago and has taken thousands of hours of study & work.

I enjoy every minute of creating these sales letters and I want you to enjoy the success your hard work deserves. I want you to make lots of sales too. Your success is my success.

Wouldn’t you like to have a similar success to Sally’s first WSO? Here is what Sally said:

"I highly recommend Karson’s service. Copywriting is one of the most important parts of a product launch, probably even more important than the product itself. And it’s pretty hard to do yourself.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, your product can easily end up as a complete flop, affecting both your income and confidence along the way (I’ve been there myself). You could have the best product in the world, but if the copy sucks, then so will your sales.

Karson can take the headache and stress out of writing copy for you. He is a copy hero. His knowledge and experience means that he knows how to connect with your potential customers to get them to hit that buy button. My WSOTD is proof of what can happen when your sales letter is worded so well that it converts like crazy.

Don’t leave things to chance. If you want your next launch to do as well as mine, then you need to check out Karson’s copywriting service! He is the

You’d have to take out a small mortgage to afford what most copywriters charge. Karson is offering the same service for a fraction of the price. Grab your chance now before he comes to his senses!
Okay, So What’s The Cost For
A Cash Siphoning Sales Letter?

There are many people who spend $3000 or more for big name copywriters to create their sales page. The guys going strong charge $1000 at least. However, I’m here to be YOUR HERO.

I don’t want you to spend countless hours banging your head against the wall creating your own sales copy, only to be unsure when finished. Thats a waste of time and energy.

I know you can buy other products that try and teach you how to create sales copy but how long will it really take to learn. And again at the end of the day will you really know if your copywriting is nailed down and ready to really pull sales in?

I know it's tough, believe me, I used to be there!

But I’m not going to charge you an outrageous fee. You can get everything you need to have your cash siphoning sales letter that does all the work for you for only $147.

WHAT!… $147? Yeah, I know, I’m crazy! Besides, I don’t cost you any money; I make you money.

So what’s the catch? Why am I practically giving this away?

Most of my copywriting has been for offline businesses and for sales letters outside of the warrior forum. Frankly, I need reviews and a nice portfolio so $147 isn’t going to last long.

It gives you the opportunity to afford a top-notch sales letter that sucks happy paying customers in.

Limited Time Smashing Prices For Your Cash Siphoning Sales Letter Deal
I guarantee the first 5 people will get a Cash Siphoning Sales Letter For $147, after the first 5 my rates will likely increase fast. The only way to guarantee you get the low, low price is to order today

I look forward to working with you,


P.S. You know you can’t afford to miss this “steal” of a deal. Book me before I fill up!

I know “the gurus” want to charge you big $$$ you can’t afford but those “gurus” once wrote killer sales letters for less too. Just because you’re getting a “steal” of a deal doesn’t mean the quality will be less. Now is your chance to take advantage of a crazy low, low introductory offer.

P.P.P.S. If you have any questions, concerns or want to talk to me about your particular copywriting needs you can contact me directly anytime through:


Or by email at: Karson[at]

What, you’re still here?

Naturally you want to know more or have some questions. Check out the FAQ below.


What does your process for writing my copy look like?

Upon payment you will be emailed a questionnaire. (Directions provided) Fill this out with as much detail as possible and send it back to me.

Next we will jump on a quick Skype call or chat so I can verify and go over anything additional I may need to complete your letter.

I will write the letter and send you the copy to finalize.

You get up to 2 free revisions.

What do you cost?

For a limited time – introductory rate here - $147.

Can I add an OTO Sales letter?

Yes, you may get an Additional OTO Sales Letter – Contact me for rates.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Due to the nature of my work I can’t provide a money back guarantee, I’m sure you understand.

Will you critique my copywriting?

You need great sales copy and can’t afford to spend much? Perhaps you are a beginning copywriter and want some insight and pointers on your current projects?

For a limited time you can get a Critique and 30 Minute Consult for only $97. Contact me on Skype for this.

What is your turn around time?

The total time it takes me to complete your sales letter depends on a few things.

1. How much info you can provide me. The more I know about your product or service the better and faster I can write your cash siphoning sales letter.
2. How many current sales letters I have in the waiting list. Contact me to find out.
3. Please note, I don’t work on holidays. I have a wonderful wife and family that get my time on holidays.

What format do you deliver your sales letter in?

Your sales letter will come in a Microsoft word doc. It will have all the usual elements from Headline to bullets and a P.S.

Do you do the graphics?

No, I don’t offer graphics at this time. Ask me and I can likely give you a good recommendation though.

What Are You Waiting For? Get Started On Your Sales Letter Today By Clicking The Buy Button Below!

Limited Time: $147
Get The Words That Close The Deal

Clear, Concise and Compelling.
Making Your Sales Letter Work For You.

Last edited on 30th Jul 2014 at 10:30 AM. Reason: Title was cut off.
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Re: [$147 SALES LETTER COPYWRITING] - Limited Time Introductory Prices! - Get The Words That Close
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Reserved for later use.

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