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Unread 11th Aug 2014, 03:49 PM   #1
Stories that SELL
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I Can Help Ramp Up Your Sales Using This One Easy Secret...
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How to Become Someone's Old Friend in 10 Minutes or Less...

From: D.J. Gelner, Empathetic Copywriter

Dear Fellow Warrior Looking For an Edge in Your Marketing Materials,

What if I told you that there was a powerful marketing tool out there that’s currently being underused, or even ignored completely by thousands and thousands of unsuccessful marketers?

A tool so compelling, so universally accepted, and yet so utterly taken for granted that countless copywriters struggle with employing it…

...never realizing the gold-filled rooms that await should they be able to harness its awesome power?

A technique that reaches out and touches prospects on a very primal, emotional level, and shakes them up like a washing machine in an earthquake, guiding them all the way to the yellow “Buy” button?

Making them powerless against its allure?

Implanting the idea that your product, right now can solve their specific problem?

One simple thing that can make you seem like a prospect’s old friend, laughing with him over a pint at a bar, in just a few short pages?

How Can It Be So SIMPLE In Concept, But So HARD TO EXECUTE?

I’ll get to that secret in just a minute.

But first, I’m sure that by now you’ve heard the old marketing adage that prospects buy based on emotion and justify that purchase with logic.

And yet when it comes time to close the sale, way, way too many marketers make a fatal mistake:

They haven’t made any kind of a real, true, deep emotional connection with the prospect.

Sure, these marketers might hire a copywriter with the “right pedigree,” someone who has written hundreds of sales letters before...each one sounding just a little bit more like the last one…

But what they end up with is a letter full of hollow benefits that could’ve been pulled from any product in that niche.

When those letters that cost thousands don’t convert, those marketers are left stumbling around in the dark, stubbing their toes, wondering what went wrong…

...when with a simple flick of a lightswitch, they could see for themselves what the few ultra-successful marketers already know:

To truly connect with prospects on an emotional level…

To push their hot buttons and make them wild with desire for your product

To make your product seem like it was written precisely for them, to solve their problems and improve their life...

You NEED to harness the persuasive power of stories that sell.

The Modern Marketer You DON’T Want to Be!

In fact, no less of an authority than master marketer Frank Kern once said that a whopping 80% of our communication with friends is in the form of stories!

What better way to quickly become a prospect’s trusted friend than by connecting with him in the same way that friends do?

I mean, we’ve ALL seen those kinda slimy sales pitches, right?

The one where the sleazy snake-oil salesman twirls his moustache and lures unsuspecting prospects into his over-hyped, over-the-top pitch for a product he knows doesn’t work?

Sure, he might promise the world and deliver a globe once…but once word gets around...

No one will ever want to do business with him again.

Instead, wouldn’t you rather be seen as the prospect’s trusted friend?

The one who can relate to her through an emotional bond created by a riveting story that has her on the edge of her barstool?

The person who can absolutely shake her up when the need arises, but who’s also genuinely trying to help her solve her problems, and who achieves great personal satisfaction from doing so?

Which one sounds more appealing to you?

Which one feels right?

By focusing on stories and the emotional responses they can generate in the minds of prospects, you can connect with your prospects much more quickly than rival product creators.

Not only that, but you’ll find yourself making deep, meaningful connections with prospects in a way that will bring your product to life in their eyes that will make it crystal clear that your product is the right way to solve their problems--right now!

That means higher conversion rates, more sales, and more satisfied and repeat customers…

...Anything else I can do for you…?

The Burning Question You’re Probably Afraid to Ask…

“So, D.J., What Makes YOU Such an Expert on Storytelling?”

I’m so glad you asked…

I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember. I started by creating picture books about dinosaurs and runaway flying trains, and built up to the two novels I’ve published, dozens of shorter novellas and short stories, and the short story anthology I edited.

Along the way, I’ve learned tons of techniques designed to immerse the reader in another world, let their imagination whisk them away to a place that’s so vivid they will have sworn that they came up with it!

I’ve received rave reviews for the immersive worlds I create. Don’t believe me? Here are just a few:

“[O]ne of the funniest, most intriguing and entertaining books that I have read in quite a while. The further I got into the book, the harder it was to put down, sometimes causing me to stay up reading until the wee hours of the morning and dropping my [e-reader] as I finally dozed off…Overall, the book was unbelievably fun and a fantastic read.” -Dennis Berry,, on Jesus Was a Time Traveler

“D.J. Gelner has some magic in his writer’s fingertips, because beyond the appeal that underdogs hold for me – and in spite of (or because of) Hack’s cantankerous tongue – I remained riveted by his story…a rip-roaring read , exciting, engrossing, and with many surprise twists.” -J.M. Ney-Grimm, Author, Troll-magic, Skies of Navarys, and “Serpent’s Foe,” among other works

“The writer here is terrific. He is cracker-jack paced and his descriptions are vivid. He doesn’t flinch from powerful images. Hack is a disgusting, foul-mouthed old man, at least at the start, and the writer lets you see him in all his glory.” -“Mira” on Hack: Innings 1-3

“But what gives the story depth are the characters, especially the main character, Joe, who will sacrifice anything so that his son can have a shot at getting on the ship … I definitely want to read more about Joe and what happens to him, and about Mason (Joe's son) and his future. This is excellent pre-apocalyptic SF that entertained me and made me think.” -S.D. Beallis on Rogue

Combine these riveting storytelling skills with the powerful copywriting and NLP techniques I’ve studied from giants like my mentor, master copywriter Paul Hancox, and before you know it, you’ll have prospects looking around the room, wide-eyed, wondering how they’ve gotten so far without your product.

That’s because I write sales letters containing stories that sell.

This is incredibly powerful, potentially life-changing stuff we’re talking here--not your grandma’s sales letter.

It’s like a skeleton key that unlocks the minds of thousands of prospects so that you can interact with them on a deep, emotional level, see their highest hopes and darkest fears, and convince them that your product (and only your product) is the one to solve their problem.

Picture it Now...

You roll out of bed at a comfortable hour, maybe awakened by a cool mountain breeze, or the surf gently lapping up on the beach.

You stretch, rub your eyes, and sit down at your computer to check your product accounts. You smile.

The sales just keep piling up, you think. You shake your head--after banging it against the wall for so long, who would’ve thought that professional sales copy could make such a difference?

You laugh as thoughts of the day’s activities seep into your mind--wonderful ways to spend all of that newfound cash on formerly “once-in-a-lifetime” experiences and adventures that you now get to call “day-to-day.”

Of course, you could continue down that same old cold, dark, dangerous road you are now.

A path littered with the shattered dreams of countless internet marketers before you, too lazy or proud to make sure that their own life-changing products reached people that desperately needed them--if only they could’ve found them before they gave up in vain!

Don’t be that internet marketer!

Instead, let me do the heavy lifting for you.

Let me tell your story to others in a way that makes them understand exactly what your product will do for them.

Let me show prospects exactly what kinds of hardships and tough times you went through that led you to create your life-changing product, and how all of the knowledge inside can unlock their potential and lead them to the promised land of a better life.

Let me bring your product to life. Let me make it a living, breathing character that can defeat the prospect’s demons and become so real that they simply have to click on the buy button.

Fast, Professional Service That You Can Count On

On top of all that, I also spent several years as an attorney at an AmLaw Top 100 Law Firm. What this means is that in addition to my storytelling ability…

In addition to my creativity in painting convincing, imaginative scenes to whisk prospects away...

Above and beyond my penchant for making prospects feel how rich and full life will be with your product...and how cold and empty it will be without…

I learned a lot about how to interact with clients in a courteous, professional, and prompt manner, things that will put your mind at ease and let you rest assured that your project is being handled in a professional manner by a professional.

Combined with my storytelling ability, you’ll immediately notice:
  • I became a master of writing a lot in a short amount of time, which means that your project will get done on deadline.

  • I was forced to get things right the first time--otherwise, I would’ve been fired quicker than you could say “typo.” I produce clean, readable copy without you needing to hold my hand along the way.

  • I worked with all kinds of people, from workers in machine shops to CEOs in designer suits, in a professional and courteous manner. I promise to extend you the exact same professional courtesy while working on your project.

  • Perhaps most importantly, I learned to solve clients’ problems with creative solutions. If you’re willing to work with someone who thinks “outside the box,” then I’m your guy.

  • Rich, vivid stories tailored specifically to your product that push prospects’ hot buttons, move them emotionally, and practically hypnotize them into hitting the “Buy” button.

  • Pro-level story and character development honed through dozens of works of fiction, with enough detail so that prospects will be effortlessly caught up in the copy, imagining themselves in your shoes, and your product as the only solution to this problem.

  • Excellent value for the price: While I’m no stranger to copywriting, I’m still building the sales letter arm of my business. I’ve studied under master sales letter-writer Paul Hancox, and for a very limited time, can offer a very low price for those who act quickly.

Speaking of Price…

Now I know what you’re thinking:

“That all sounds great, D.J., but how much is all of this storytelling and individual attention going to cost me?”

Great question!

Normally, a sales letter of this quality, specially and carefully-tailored to your unique product…

...a sales letter that will paint a picture of your product’s story, and have the prospect hanging...on...your...every...word…

...would run you thousands of dollars. Maybe into the five figures.

And that’s fair. After all, if the copy works, you stand to make far, FAR MORE than that in sales.

Let me ask you this: how much would you be willing to pay to have a seemingly never-ending stream of customers lined up, fighting each other to buy your product?

How much is it worth to have order after order after order filling your inbox AND your bank account with cold, hard cash?

How much is it worth to you to drastically increase your conversion rate, and be known as one of “the greats” in your field?

It’s worth all of that...and then some...

But because I’m still building the sales letter side of my business...

Because I’m looking to build long-term partnerships with brilliant, up-and-coming product creators who are passionate about their products…

Because I’m so excited about showing the world your product’s singular story and getting it in the hands of people who need it desperately

I’m going to give you one heck of a deal:

Right now, I’m going to give a HUGE DISCOUNT to the first 3 forward-thinking product creators who purchase a sales letter from me.

This sales letter won’t cost you $10,000...

It won’t cost you $5,000...

It won’t even cost you $1,000…

...or $500

Be one of the first three product creators to act now, and you will get a personally-crafted, persuasive sales letter that will have prospects eating out of your hand for the low, low review copy price of only:


That’s 67% off my normal sales letter price of $1497, giving you a fantastic, limited-quantity value

But ONLY if you’re one of the first 3 people to ACT NOW and P.M. me or send me an email at!

BUT WAIT--There’s More!

Act now, and I’ll also throw in a free editing consultation of the first five pages of your product. Make sure your ebook isn’t turning readers off with bad grammar, poor structure, or annoying typos.

Decrease your return rates dramatically with a clean, organized, nicely-flowing ebook that sucks readers in, and doesn’t let them go until they’ve finished the very last page.

I’ve edited everything from a short story anthology to complex legal briefs, each time with demonstrated, concrete, measurable results.

Don’t believe me? Here are some of the folks I’ve worked with on editing projects:

“When editing my story, D.J. went to depths that I never expected, making dozens of suggestions for improvements both major and minor, and helping me to tease out every nuance. He was highly professional, responsive, and had a great eye for detail. The resulting story ended up being far better thanks to him. There is no question that I will use D.J.’s editing talents in the future should the opportunity arise.” -Ken Furie, Author, “The Most Dangerous Lies”

"I believed in the story I submitted in response to the call for submissions for the anthology Quantum Zoo, but the attention it received from anthology editor D.J. Gelner in the form of story editing and suggested revisions made it a much stronger story, in my opinion. I was very proud of the final result, in large part due to D.J.'s editing skills, and I also learned a lot from the changes that I implemented upon his suggestion." -Scott Dyson, Author, “Playing Man”

Keep your account from leaking sales like a rusty old bucket with a hole in it--this editing consultation is 100% free with absolutely no obligation on your part.

The Two Paths Forward...With Two VERY Different Results…

So now, the ball’s in your court.

If you want to keep paying copywriters who employ the same, tired old benefits from product-to-product…

If you want your product to languish in the bowels of Clickbank, banished to live out its days in obscurity forever…

If you don’t care about making more sales and helping more people

Then I’m not sure I can help you.

But if you desperately want to help more people and solve their problems

If you can imagine the joy at checking your dashboard and seeing more sales than you ever dreamed of…

If you can taste the freedom that a successful location-independent business can provide…

Then I’d love to bring your product to life. Be one of the next 3 people to P.M. me or email me at and reserve a sales letter for this incredibly low introductory price today!

(And you can always P.M. me or email me at to discuss your project and make sure that we’re a good fit for one another, risk-free, money back before we get started on the letter).


D.J. Gelner

P.S.--As I mentioned above, I would love to forge long-term partnerships with bright, up-and-coming internet marketers. Don’t waste this very special, limited offer and miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

D.J. Gelner
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Unread 13th Aug 2014, 06:48 PM   #2
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Re: I Can Help Ramp Up Your Sales Using This One Easy Secret...
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Hey DJ,

I want to discuss your WSO with you. Hit me up on skype using my ID: Louisken20 for a chat.

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Unread 23rd Sep 2014, 07:52 AM   #3
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Re: I Can Help Ramp Up Your Sales Using This One Easy Secret...
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Great stuff. Interesting

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Unread 14th Oct 2014, 06:16 PM   #4
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Re: I Can Help Ramp Up Your Sales Using This One Easy Secret...
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Hey DJ,

Just wondered if you also do Autoresponder series.

If you do, can you please PM me your pricing

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Unread 21st Jul 2015, 11:00 AM   #5
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Re: I Can Help Ramp Up Your Sales Using This One Easy Secret...
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This seems promising will send you a pm once i get my job done!
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