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HostWind 15th October 2014 08:51 AM

Hostwinds Premium Linux VPS's | 1 Gbps | 24/7 Support | Fully Managed | 45% OFF

Special Promotion -- 45% OFF first month! Order Now! -- Special Promotion




Special Promotion -- 45% OFF first month! Order Now! -- Special Promotion

















Special Promotion -- 45% OFF first month! Order Now! -- Special Promotion


Q: Are There any resource limits of any kind on these plans?
A: No, Please try and break our servers , the only activities that can result in rate limiting, or asking to be moved to a dedicated server are Coin mining.

Q: Where are these servers located?
A: Dallas Texas

Q: Can these servers be upgraded?
A: Yes! You can upgrade your VPS at any time with 0 downtime. So if you need more power you are just 1 click away

Q: What kind of CPU's do these servers have?
A: We run only the latest model Intel Xeon Processors, we do not run any substandard CPU's such as the i7 series like most of our competitors

Q: How many IP's do I get?
A: Each server is given 1 IP to start, however you can add additional IP's easily.

Q: What is the difference between budget and premium VPS's?
A: Our budget VPS's use OpenVZ virtualization, which is a OS-level virtualization. The premium VPS's use KVM virtualization which is hardware based and provides a fully isolated linux kernel. They are generally more stable, and offer much greater security of resources. When you buy a Linux VPS from most providers and they don't talk about the virtualization type, then it is most likely openVZ as openVZ allows for overselling, and is much more economical for the host.

Q: Can I get cPanel?
A: Yes, we will install and setup cPanel and your nameservers. So if you have never used a VPS before, this is the perfect way to transition from shared hosting to a VPS. We do all the work, we will even transfer your website for free.

Q: How fast are the hard drives?
A: We use only the highest quality Western Digital Enterprise Grade Hard Drives, they are a lot more expensive than the desktop grade versions, but the extra performance is worth it.

Q: Do you have SSD Plans Available?
A: We are currently beta testing our new SSD VPS offerings, we invite you to try it out. Please open a ticket or live chat, and one of our technicians will help get you setup. Please note these servers are NOT free, and you will get much less disk space than in the plans offered above.

Q: Can this promotion apply towards a Windows server?
A: Yes! Simpy use coupon code warrior45 during checkout for your Windows server.

Phone: 1-855-467-8946
Email: Sales@hostwinds.com
Livechat: (On Website)

If you prefer Skype, Here are some Skype ID's of some of the Hostwinds Sales Team, if you have any questions or wish to request a custom setup, then please contact us using the skype ID's referenced below.

Skype (Peter Holden CEO): Hostwinds.Peter
Skype (Michael Brower COO): Hostwinds.MichaelB

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