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Pre-Tested Clean IPs Available | 50% Discount Ranges | Free IP Rotations | NO IPJ!
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We have a batch of allocations looking for a home, the discount works as follows:

* Rack Rate Month One
* 50% Discount Starting Month Two
, and Continuing Life of the Range(s). Discount Applies to IPs Only. Server Additional.

These are NON-ARIN straight ranges or allocations (/22+) used for this discount sold on a first come basis. These ranges are grandfathered. Meaning, if you should lose them for abuse/non-payment, you would not be able to get a replacement with the same promotion, so plan accordingly. Port 25/SMTP traffic is BLOCKED! No mail of any kind is allowed on these ranges. Server expense (varies by selection) is additional to cost of the IPs on discount offer. Your final IP cost will vary by quality needed (blacklisted, best effort, clean). If you require ARIN or mixed prefix allocations, those are available as a premium service. We have inventory available in many regions for any realistic budget considerations. Please contact sales directly with your needs and budget.

We prefer term commitment, or long term clients versus the flash in the pan single month churn and burn. Our pricing appeals to that clientele.

================================================== =======

Buy IPv4:
If you are looking to purchase IPv4 addresses for your ISP, we have some available for transfer in different RIR's.

Sell IPv4:
If you are an ISP selling off old assets, including DNR/DROP/SBL/SBL'd allocations, we can purchase them. Ideally we are looking for ARIN /22's or larger, LACNIC /19's or larger, and a combined /17 worth of RIPE. However, if you have ranges in other RIR's that were not mentioned, we will review them all as demand arises. Transfers are completed via ESCROW.COM for easy transfer.

Lease IPv4:
We both lease out and lease in IPv4 for our client demands. We require a lot of different geoip, as well as diversity in allocations. We have something for almost any realistic budget. If you require something, please contact us with your budget and server specs. Often times, assuming it's a realistic budget, we have or can find what you are looking for.

================================================== =======

* Pricing varies from 50ct - $2/ip depending on any number of factors (clean, used, BL'd, mixed). Contact sales via ticket with needs and budget.[/QUOTE]

These are listed this way because they are different class-A/B/C, ASN's and prefixes. These are very large netblocks for lease, and ideal for long term ISP deals under contract. We manage roughly ONE MILLION IPv4 addresses in total across many different ASN's and RIR's around the world. If you have a realistic budget, we can pretty much do anything needed in IPv4 including 1000 x /29's or 1/ip across 100 different class-c's, etc etc.. If you have something specific you need, please open a support ticket. You final price will depend on the quality of the ip space needed, and term commitment. Lowest prices are reserved for contract and term commitment clients.

================================================== =======

For customers requiring anonymous VPN services. We're providing a LTE-Advanced (XLTE) connection to a VPS. Unlike most RDSL solutions, you connect to RDP through our high speed, low latency network that is accessible in any country. Browsing and other internet traffic will go outbound via the LTE connection. With the click of an icon, you could change your residential IP address in a matter of seconds. This service is great for SEOs and anonymous browsing solutions. Because this is LTE-Advanced, you get to reap the benefits of an extremely high speed connection that is much faster than DSL and Cable connections.

Locations: Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, Las Vegas Now Available!

================================================== =======

GEO IP LOCATIONS: (based on available hardware)

-- Atlanta
-- Bend, OR
-- Buffalo
-- Charlotte, N.C.
-- Chicago
-- Dallas
-- Detroit
-- Houston
-- Jacksonville, FL
-- Las Vegas
-- Los Angeles
-- Miami
-- Monticello, IA
-- New York/New Jersey
-- Orlando
-- Pasadena, CA
-- Phoenix
-- Portland
-- San Jose
-- Seattle
-- South Bend, IN


-- Australia, New Zealand
-- Austria
-- Belgium
-- Bulgaria
-- Cyprus
-- Estonia
-- Finland
-- France
-- Germany
-- Greece
-- India
-- Israel
-- Italy
-- Latvia
-- Malta
-- Netherlands
-- Portugal
-- Romania
-- Sweden
-- Turkey
-- Ukraine
-- United Kingdom
-- Vietnam

** NOTE: Limited IPV4 in Certain Locations Sold on First-Come Basis

================================================== =======


* 1200 x /29's ARIN/U.S.
* 125 x /29's RIPE/E.U.
These are available as a premium service with dedicated server only. If you require similar on a vps, please check our website for options available. There is a limit of 100 x /29's per server by long term lease. We will not provide monthly IPv4 rotations on this sort of service. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact our sales team via support ticket. Port 25/SMTP traffic is disabled by default.

================================================== =======

What Makes Us Different?

* Clean, Used, Discounted IPv4 Available for Any Realistic Budget
* Pre-Tested Premium Allocations for Social Networking Needs
* Verizon RDP Lines for Social Networking Needs
* We Control Roughly ONE MILLION in IPv4 Inventory Around the World in Different RIRs.... ARIN/RIPE/APNIC/etc!
* GEOIP/SWIPs Updated for Your Needs
* Hundreds of Class-A/B/C Ranges (250+ Class-B, 5000+ Class-C Available) @ Different Data Centers/ASN for Maximum IP Diversity
* Knowledge of the SEO Industry as Developers
* Focus on Long Term Relationships. Not Churn & Burn Clients or Resources.
* Willingness to Work with Your Unique Needs
* IPv4 Rotations 3/6/12 Month Intervals


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Re: BLOW OUT SEO Servers | Cheap IPv4 | Mixed Class-a/b/c | GEO IP --> NO IPJ Req'd
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