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BlazingSwitch 7th September 2015 06:46 AM

Unblockable Verizon IPs 4 Social Media | Virgin Clean IPv4 Available
Verizon RDP for Social Media!

We have upgraded our Verizon Wireless product offering with additional geoip locations, and functionality that is perfect for social media and alike uses.

* Unlimited IP Pool
* High IP Anonymity
* High Connection Speed
* Chrome, Firefox Plug-Ins 2 Configure Proxies 4 You
* One-Click IP Change Application
* Squid Proxy Hand Off Available
* U.S. Based Wireles RDP IPs
* Ability to Switch Between Multiple Cities GEOIP

This is an excellent service for:
-- Google AdWords
-- Craigslist
-- Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc)

- Atlanta
- Dallas
- Los Angeles
- Milwaukee
- Minneapolis
- Phoenix
- San Diego
- Washington D.C.

In the past when you would get a line set up, you were locked into one of the geoip location. We have upgraded this product offering so that you can now move around ALL of the geoip location pools where available. You can do this through a Chrome browser plug in (squid proxy also available).

The Verizon wireless works great for our clients who are doing social media, or corporate research checking out the competition, where you require anonymous browsing. However, if they are throttled at any point, you can change your ip as many times as you like within the platform. Including changing your geoip from one city to the next. For those doing social media, or alike applications, this is a awesome solution that is working well for clients since we rolled this out 18 months ago.


Clean IPv4 Available for All Uses!

If you have special needs for SEO, digital marketing, such as 1/ip on 100 Class-C's or 16 x 28's, geoip in different regions, or Verizon wireless we have those available as premium services. Allocations range from /24 up to a /16 in multiple RIR's available.

Contact me directly with your specific needs and budget.

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