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Unread 26th Jan 2016, 01:27 AM   #1
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Truly Premium Aged Domains For Marketers at a WSO price, 1st Come 1st Served.
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Premium Aged Domains For Marketers, 1st Come 1st Served.

Is Your Website Hosted On A Domain That Matches The Quality Of Your Content?

Will people be able to remember your domain name to find your site? If you were to buy a car, would you be more likely to buy it from or from Your domain name is still an important factor of any business.

Over the years, I've registered a LOT of domains. My first ones I got in 1994. Today, it's gotten pretty hard to find a great domain name for a new project. The best names are long gone. Back when I started, it was pretty easy.

All these domains were registered with a project in mind. They aren't the half-assed names you'll find on domaining sites where people think there's gold in a name just because they own it. I don't know about you, but I go cross eyed trying to look through all the junk in those lists. These are the real deal, often exact match, often memorable, with some great ones and, ok a few not so great ones but those are cheap. It's pretty much a random sampling of over 200 domains I plan to sell off this year.

These are all aged domains which give an extra umph to your seo efforts. I've listed the date of original registration with each domain. And some have been ranking in the search engines for years!

Many of these could go for a lot more than I'm asking as part of this WSO. Some of them I never built anything on, some I created sites for. As an example, the first one,, I built as a spec site to sell after it was ranked. And it was at the top position in Google for a while, but I got lazy and it's dropped in the rankings. I think it still may show up for some terms on Bing and Yahoo, but I'm not guaranteeing ranking on any of these. Still, it should be a lot easier to get this one back to the top than a new domain that has no authority.

A site like that should sell to a business in the Albany area for around $1500-2000, but I'm charging you under 25% of that. I've changed my business model and I'm not building and selling those types of sites anymore. So, I'm listing it here at a price where you can make great money on it either with a straight flip, leasing it out, or using it to generate leads which you can then sell. It's up to you.

If these domains sell and there's demand, I'll do another sale with more. I've held back on a lot of the best names. Just as an example, remember the Rich Jerk? He made a killing with that character and name. I own Cheap*******, and I may list them in a future ad. Write me if you are interested and you may be able to convince me to sell those also. Of course, there was a lot of thought behind his campaign, so there's no guarantee of your success, but, how much less successful would that have been without the name?

As I said, all of these domains are at least 6 years old, some are over 12 years old. I'm not listing stats. If you want the website that's on them, if the licensing allows, I'll throw that in also, but will likely have to charge you an extra $50 to have my guy strip out my phone numbers and other contact info. And there may be a plugin or two that I'm not allowed to resell, but, for the most part, these should all be fine to give to you. Then again, some have nothing at all on them. You can have that at no charge!

I'm not making any traffic claims, etc. These are being sold for the value of the name. Yes, some will get type in traffic, some are getting some traffic from the search engines, but the main value is the domain itself.

I've set these up in paypal so that if one sells, the next person will not be able to buy it. I'll also come on here to delete some names as they sell. On the chance that the Paypal inventory system doesn't work (we all know there are almost always problems with WSO carts), I'll give a prompt refund.

Once purchased, I'll contact you within a day to set up the transfer. These are all registered at Godaddy. If you have an account there, I can 'push' them which is the fastest and easiest way to do it. If you want them to go somewhere else, you'll probably need to pay to extend the registration for a year and we'll do a transfer. If you aren't sure how to do this, I'd advise setting up an account at Godaddy and letting me 'push' it (which means it's transferred from one godaddy account to another).

Questions? Contact me at Again, whoever pays first gets the domain. There's obviously only one of each.
This one is a package deal.... These 9 Fencing related sites for just $2497 Fencing has been surging in popularity. It's an Olympic sport, and there are tons of meets and tournaments. The equipment is costly and often needs to be replaced. It's a great niche. was created on 1/11/2007 was created on 1/11/2007 was created on 1/11/2007 was created on 1/11/2007 was created on 1/11/2007 was created on 1/11/2007 was created on 1/11/2007 was created on 1/11/2007 was created on 1/11/2007
Click here to purchase all 9 Fencing domains

Unlike most WSO's, this is in many ways an investment.
While prices may fluctuate, in general, the price of domains, especially 'dot coms' has risen. If your project doesn't work out, you'll be able to resell the domain, and you may very well get more money than you put in. Due to the nature of domains, once it is transferred to you, I have no control over getting it back. So there are no refunds unless, as stated above, the domain is already sold or if there is some other error from my side. But that shouldn't happen.

Yes, you can use
For any of the domains over $497, we can use to run the transaction. But, you will need to purchase a reservation/Escrow fee for $25, and note which domain you want, along with an email to the above address to let me know which domain(s) you want along with your contact information so we can get the process going. As soon as I see your email, I'll hide the buy button. It's possible that someone else will buy the domain between when you send in the deposit and when I kill the buy link. If this happens, I'll refund your deposit right away.

If you don't reply and get your details and payment to within 24 hours of my response, I will put the 'buy' button back online and you will lose your deposit if someone else buys or you never finish the transaction. I don't really want to bother with these deposits, but without them, I'd get reservations that never follow through and I do want to give the escrow option. The deposit will be used to cover the fees from They charge a 3.25% fee that you with a minimum charge of $25. But I'm going to set it up that I pay their fees, using your $25 deposit, then I'll cover the charges over $25. So, you will get an invoice from for the full amount of the domain as the $25 will go straight to cover their fees. So, just be aware that if you want to use for this transaction, it's going to cost you $25 more than a straight paypal purchase. And, of course, if someone buys the domain before I get your message and deposit, I'll return the $25.


Questions? Contact me at

And yes, I know this may be the ugliest WSO you've ever seen.... deal with it! The value is in the names.

Bill Shor
Assured Profits

PS Just to make the offer even more special, I'll throw in 3 months of hosting so you don't have to change everything at in the whois. This is a small hosting account, so if you use it to create a large site with a lot of traffic, you'll run out of space or bandwidth. But, it should be enough for most users.

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Unread 26th Jan 2016, 12:07 PM   #2
HyperActive Warrior
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Re: Truly Premium Aged Domains For Marketers at a WSO price, 1st Come 1st Served.
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This is for the FAQ if needed. After submitting, I noticed my 'list' function wasn't working properly. I'm going to try to fix that... fixed!
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