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* Virgin Media/AT&T/CenturyLink/Cox/Sprint | Residential IPs As Low As $0.25-45/ip
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2 x Clean /20's of Residential IPv4 Addresses
1 x Best Effort /20 Residential IPv4 Addresses (not good for sneakers)
** Limited Stock Residential IPs As Low As $0.25-45/ip -->Terms Apply. Carrier Specific.

Contact sales /@/


We have an OCEAN of data center space available for LOA leases if you have the matching budget. These are all to be considered "best effort" and there will be no guarantees of any kind for sneakers or other websites. They are good for scrapers and secondary uses, including ISP long term leasing deals. Six month minimum term for any LOA range. NO MAIL/SPAM/ABUSE permitted. Your final price will be determined by the size of the allocation, commit and payment terms.

================================================== =============

Residential Broadband Carrier Proxy IPv4 Addresses:

** Multiple ISP Carriers IPv4 Available
** Low Latency Ashburn/BWI Locations
** Minimum /22 Allocation
** Your Final Cost is Based on # of IPs.
** 10GE UNMETERED Included
** Bulk IP Discounts Available
Residential Broadband IPs Uses:
-- Data Scraping
-- G/YT Properties**
-- Limited Product Releases (Sneakers, Tickets, etc)
-- Shopify**
-- Social Networking
If you require a special set up, server costs would be additional. These are STATIC IPv4 Addresses delivered on a dedicated server(s), they are not rotating dynamic RDP. Your final cost of Residential Broadband IPs will depend on the size of the allocation(s), term commitments, and payment terms. A sliding scale bulk discount(s) are available for larger B2B customers leasing a /19 and higher allocation(s). The residential IP's are delivered on a dedicated server and we hand it off to you. Residential ranges are not available by LOA. *

Contact sales /@/

================================================== =============

================================================== =============
================================================== =============

** U.S. GEO Residential AT&T/Century Link/Comcast/Sprint IPv4 Addresses
** ARIN/RIPE IPv4 Transfer Available Below $20/ip
** Clean TLD Email Marketing /22's. RDNS Provided.
** 10/30/50k Scraper IPs with U.S. GEO IPv4 Available
** Verizon RDP IPv4 Available Multiple U.S. GEO
** SEO 1/IP x 1500 U.S. GEO Class-A/B/C's
** 16 x /28's Different Class-B/C's, 1200+ x /29's available in the U.S.,
** 130+ x /29 available in the E.U., 5000+ Class-C, 250+ Class-B
Premium services are not available for any discount purchase or promotions unless advertised. These are available at added cost. Not Available in All Data Center Locations & Limited by Inventory. Additional Configurations Available in ARIN & RIPE. If you require mixed subnet class-a/b/c or GEOIP Dedicated servers, we have those as well in both VPS and Dedicated. Sneakers sites are only guaranteed on premium residential ranges. Data center IPs are considered best effort with no guarantees.

================================================== =============


We have upgraded our Verizon Wireless product offering with additional geoip locations, and functionality that is perfect for social media and alike uses.

* Unlimited IP Pool
* High IP Anonymity
* High Connection Speed
* Chrome, Firefox Plug-Ins 2 Configure Proxies 4 You
* One-Click IP Change Application
* Squid Proxy Handoff Available
* U.S. Based Wireless RDP IPs
* Ability to Switch Between Multiple Cities GEOIP
This is an excellent service for:
-- Anonymous Market Research
-- Craigslist
-- Google AdWords
-- Limited Release Tickets/etc.
-- Shoe Stores
-- Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc)

- Atlanta
- Dallas
- Los Angeles
- Milwaukee
- Minneapolis
- Phoenix
- San Diego
- Washington D.C.

Additional Locations to Launch in 2019:
Chicago, Miami, Seattle!
In the past when you would get a line set up, you were locked into one of the geoip locations. We have upgraded this product offering so that you can now move around ALL of the geolocation pools where available. You can do this through a Chrome/Firefox browser plug in (squid proxy also available).

The Verizon wireless works great for our clients who are doing social media, or corporate research checking out the competition, where you require anonymous browsing. However, if they are throttled at any point, you can change your ip as many times as you like within the platform. Including changing your geoip from one city to the next with a single click! For those doing social media, or alike applications, this is an awesome solution that is working well for clients since we rolled this out 18 months ago.

================================================== =============


If you need pristine clean virgin IPv4 we can offer /20's up to /16's in ARIN and RIPE (depending on inventory @ time of your order. These are delivered on a server(s) and monitored for abuse. Virgin clean ips are a premium service, and priced accordingly. We do not provide anything smaller than a /24 allocation, nor are these ranges available via LOA. If you have additional questions, contact us directly with your requests.

================================================== =============

What Makes Us Different?

* Established SEO Web Hosting Company & IPv4 Broker Since 2008
* IPv4 From Around the World in Different RIR's for Maximum Diversity
* Hundreds of Class-A/B/C Ranges @ Different Data Centers
* Knowledge of the SEO Industry as Developers
* Focus on Long Term Relationships. Not Churn & Burn Clients or Resources.
* IPv4 Addresses for Any Realistic Budget & Terms
* Willingness to Work with Your Unique Needs
* Verizon Wireless RDP Lines with Unlimited Rotations YOU Control!

================================================== =============

Contact: sales/@/*


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Re: AT&T/CenturyLink/Comcast/Sprint Clean Residential IPs | Good 4 Sneakers/Social/Scrapers/Proxies
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Hello, i would like buy a residential static proxy, how can i contact you? I tried send a ticket in the page that you have, but i cannot doing.
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