Alternative CMS similar to Xsite Pro?

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I have a few fairly small and simple web sites that I use to advertise our business (selling and hiring walkie-talkie radio equipment).

They are currently done in Xsite Pro. They are:

UK Walkie-Talkie Hire Centre - Walkie Talkie Radio Hire Centre UK

Walkie Talkie Radio Centre - Home Page

Entel Walke Talkie Sales

Kirisun Two Way Radio Centre - Kirisun Walkie Talkie Radio

The first two are the important ones, and rank very well on Google for the key-est phrases (like "walkie talkie hire" for example).

But, Xsite Pro is not being developed any more, and it doesn't cope well with Ipads, phones etc.

I want to choose an alternative. But: I want a CMS that works in a similar way:

That is to say, lets you design the site and change themes etc on your PC, and then you just "publish" the HTML pages.

So, no database in use on the actual web server - just the uploaded HTML pages.

Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations please?

Thanks in advance!

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      Originally Posted by mintaras View Post

      Thanks for the reply. I think I am right in thinking that both of these things involve your web site being hosted by these companies.

      What I am seeking is something that generates straightforward HTML pages that can be uploaded and hosted on any web server.
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    Some possibilities:

    Dreamweaver or Adobe Muse
    Xara Web Designer
    Serif WebPlus
    Coffee Cup
    Netobjects Fusion

    Any particular reason you don't want to use something like Wordpress?
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      I have to agree with Jeff Hope - Xara Web Developer and Serif WebPlus are great tools for building small, static websites.

      I would also include Kompozer. It's free and open source, but hasn't been updated since 2010, however, it seems to run well on Windows 7.
      KompoZer - Easy web authoring
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        Any other suggestions? I am also using XSite Pro and looking for a new platform. Thanks
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