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I am not a pro Web developer. I have built maybe twenty sites for myself. On the same token however I probably have troubleshooting and programming skills that are above the average employee at a seven eleven store, I hope.

I have had the following issues at Green Geeks recently.

On my account jpeg images for two different sites at two different times of the year just seemed to vanish.

On my friends account, I built a site for him and it got hacked by some mother ******* from Turkey according to their message that was displayed by changing index.html and other changes also.

I have never experienced these issues in the past when hosting with other companies. Green Geeks reply was that my problem was a design error. That the site could not find the jpeg images.

Really ? design issue ? It worked perfect for a month and I did not even log in for a period of time when this happened. It's not a design issue, the ******* files are not in the directory anymore.

Any feedback would be interesting to hear. Thanks in advance.

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    Site hacking is almost always related to the site code -- not the hosting.
    Let me guess ... WordPress?

    That said, there are better hosts.
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      Ok good to know thank you. Now I know, I never have experienced that yet. But the other question is the missing files, my guess is that is not hacking. The hacked site was one account. The missing files was another account. Yes Wordpress, I made the mistake of leaving the default login info since the site was still in the development stage. Now I know to setup a good password right away. Any suggestions
      on making WordPress sites secure ?

      Thank you for your reply
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