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Hi Fellow Warriors,

I'd like to request 2 minutes of your time. My new site ( -online since 6 weeks) ranks in google results completely different on my own computers,tablets,etc. It goes from Top 5 result to page 8 on the different devices at the same time That is slightly confusing for me.

Interesting, the page 8 is when I am logged into my google account.

However, I would ask you to search for -Dumaguete- and check where is ranking on your list.

Please post rank and your country (if not too private) here.

Of course any kind of other feedback and suggestions are also welcome.


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    Your site position is 15 (USA). You should log out any page of google before checking and clearing your browser cookies.
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      Thanks a lot. for your reply. (hopefully others will join)

      I tried different variations, even from brandnew computer in 2 different shops the same day and it was a huge difference in the results. page 2 is ok for the short time the site is online. I am actually expecting page 4-5 at the moment.

      Thanks again :-)
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    Your site is on page 3, position 28. btw, your site looks great.
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      Thanks you for your time and feedback Member8200 :-) Are you also from US ?
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        Page 3 position 39 West Virginia USA
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    Check yourself in
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      with all respect, this answer is total nonsense and totally irrelevant to my OP. The site you suggested was maybe interesting 4-5 years ago. nowadays outdated and overtaken by many. However also this many show complete different results.

      this is exactly the reason why I ask fellow warriors here for HUMAN results, and what they actually see when searching. My site visitors are humans which type the words into Google like the fellow warriors above already did. They are not weird algorithms of machines.
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      Originally Posted by Member8200 View Post

      DINS, may i ask, are you from dumaguete, Ph?
      A kind of. Living and working out of Dumaguete since 11 years or so.
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