Raise your hand if this has happened to you too (Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde WP themes)...

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The WP theme beckons + seduces you with PROMISES of,
"This is gonna be really EASY to work with, all INTUITIVE,
no-no, NOT like all the others!"

Then you TRUST the sales page + buy the damn thing.

Moments later, the "great new, INTUITIVE-TO-USE" theme
turns into a friggin' MMA champion, trained by Mr. Gracie himself.
It quickly turns ANGRY -- kicks you directly in the nuts, then (while you're doubled over), swings a LARGE cast iron frying pan into your temple.

Then it jumps up and down on your head.

Nope -- no intuitive interface here.
Just the same old UN-FIGURE-OUT-ABLE baloney!

Forcing you to ABANDON all hope of ever using a WP theme...
and wait around for the next seductive sales page's PROMISES that
"this time" it's gonna be different.

Helpful hint: Don't let that catastrophic-event health insurance lapse!

-- TW

PS: In other words, I have YET to see ANY WP theme that IS intuitive -- or even one that follows ANY kind of SANE LOGIC when it comes to the interface.
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