How do I stretch a smaller pixeled image into a banner?

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I was wondering if you can actually stretch an image so it doesn't look distorted. For an example:

Let's say I have a wordpress banner requirement 500px x 250px but have a picture that is only 200px x 100px. Is there a way in photoshop or pixlr (the one I use) to stretch the small photo into a banner size by using these tools. I know that this is a simple question to you professionals, but I'm more of a SEO guy with programming experience that struggles on web design - but hey, I'm learning!

Thanks for your help!
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    You can simply resize the image, since the dimensions are the same and then use whatever tools are there to make the image sharper. Might not work very well.
    Could you create a new banner for the size you want and copy paste elements/layers into new one?

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    Since the width/height ratio of those images is not the same you cannot simply resize the smaller image because it ends up looking stretched.

    You could try creating a new 500x250px image, create a new layer and paste the smaller image and then scale it so that it's 200px in height (while keeping the ratio the same). Then fill the remaining space with a solid color or a gradient to make it look better.

    Might be a lot of work, and probably won't look that great either.

    Personally I would just pay someone to recreate the banner.
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